23 June 2018

Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water SPF 30 | Review

For me sunscreen isn't an option - it's a must have. I wear it all year round under makeup ( yep, even in cloudy England) as sun damage is a big factor of skin ageing such as wrinkles and dark spots. I'm that girl on holiday who lives in a hat and sunnies whilst seeking out shade.

Trying new, innovative sunscreens is a love of mine so I was delighted to see that Garnier have just released an UV Water. This clever sun protection is formulated to be hydrating, refreshing and transparent. No more greasy or sticky skin!

I tested this out for a week in sunny Bulgaria and what a treat it was to use. The lotion absorbed quickly, left my skin with velvety finish and feeling hydrated thanks to the Aloe Vera. The water-like texture was refreshing and light upon application and the spray pump made it super easy to apply. I don't know if I'd go back to using heavy sun creams after testing this out!

Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Water SPF 30 | £8.00 available from Boots here. You can purchase this nifty bundle online which also includes Aftersun and the new Aftersun Tissue mask for just £15.00 here.

Have you tried this yet?

5 June 2017

Are Vegan Make Up Brushes Any Good?

We're more aware than ever of the provenance of the items we buy - where they come from, how they're produced and the environmental impact they have on the planet. Green beauty is definitely having a thing right now. Even my Mum has gone 100% vegan at home. Natural beauty products used to suggest a compromise in quality but that misconception is a thing of the past. Large brands such as Garnier, M&S and L'oreal are all getting on the natural bandwagon. 

I'm all for sharing some #veganlove because there's more to being vegan than tofu and soya milk. An easy forte into the world of natural beauty is to start with your makeup brushes. There's no needs to comprise on quality as there are some great options out there - here are a few of my favourite...

I love me some own brand - why pay more for branded goods when you can save some dollar? B. is a Superdrug own brand and they not only do excellent makeup brushes; they also have a fab skincare range, affordable cosmetics and have dabbled in Men's skincare. My favourite thing about these brushes is the price. The range is very budget friendly and they are always on some sort of offer. 

Eco Tools
Not only are these brushes RIDICULOUSLY soft (like baby panda soft) they have a brush for every single part of your face. Cupids bow? Try the Lip Blur brush. Corner your nose? Micro Blending brush. Outer eyelid? Defined Crease brush. The high quality bamboo brushes are also good for the environment so it's a win-win. 

Real Techniques 
The brand that graduated me from my pink Argos set of brushes that scratched my face and my eyeshadow. If you're looking for a airbrush finish with highstreet prices look no further. The Expert Face Brush is the holy grail for applying liquid foundation. If you haven't tried RT before you are seriously missing out. 

23 May 2017

The Nail Colours I'll Be Reaching for This Summer

Earlier this year I went through a real 'can't be arsed' phase when it came to nail varnish. I'll always have some sort of glitter polish on my feet because even I don't want to see them naked *shudders*, Let alone anyone else have to witness that horror. Recently though, I'm back in the nail polish game. I've allowed my nails to breath long enough. It was 'Resort Romanza', from the new Essie 2017 Resort collection, that lit a fire in my belly for varnish again. It's a interesting shade; a passionate pink with a spark of hot red. Catch it in the light and you'll see a subtle gold shimmer which makes me yearn for lazy weekends at the beach. An eye-catching colour that would look amazing on tanned mitts - the perfect summer nail colour?

The rest of the Resort collection is well worth a look too. Inspired by the Italian Amalfi Coast, the shades reflect the colourful villages, embodying the relaxed, natural beauty and warmth.

Resort Romanza
Add some passion into your life with this exotic pink. The red undertones only add to the desire. I'll be wearing this one on my toes.

Strike a Positano
Fans of Mint Candy Apple will love this sophisticated version. A calming aqua blue with hints of pale grey.

Sorrento Yourself
The Velvet Teddy of the nail varnish world. A light, creamy chocolate milkshake hue guaranteed to bring all the boys to the yard.

Ciao Effect
This creamy pastel that really packs a punch. The dusty lavender colour has a slight grey undertone giving it extra depth. A serious contender for Summer weddings.

Has this collection got you in the mood for a Summer getaway? You better be quick - these limited edition shades are here until 4th July!

18 May 2017

Vegan Tinted Lip Balm Review

Lip balm is one of those cant live without products for me. One in my handbag. Check. In the car. Check. On my bedside table. Check. Countless coat pockets. Check. In the fridge(I know). Check. You can imagine my delight when this new launch from Weleda landed on my desk.   

8 May 2017

6 Beauty Steps I CBA To Do

1. Removing cellulite
Because even Beyonce has it.
2. Getting rid of arm hair
I can't be bothered to shave my legs let alone my arms. Plus they keep me warm in the Winter.
3. Moisturising my cuticles
Twice a day? You're having a laugh.
4. Applying neck cream
The moisturiser I use on my face is good enough for my neck, stop trying to make me spend more money.
5. Using a face toner
RIP to the 3 step skincare routine

Which beauty step are you too busy to tackle?
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