23 September 2014

5 Autumn Makeup Must-Haves

Goodbye coral lipstick, tinted moisturiser and bronzer because summer is sadly over. Don't be too upset, a new season = new makeup. This Autumn is all about drama - berry stained lips contrasting against pale skin and deep, vampy shades on nails. Here are a few makeup items that'll get you looking berry beautiful quicker than you can say "Pumpkin Spiced Latte Please".

Glo & Ray Mirage Mousse Eye shadow in Marron Earth* £11.00
This silky, one-wash wonder is the perfect shade for A/W. This lightweight shadow applies quite sheer but can be built up for more intensity. I didn't experience any creasing from this and found it easy to blend. Marron Earth is a gorgeous deep purple colour with a subtle hint of shimmer. See a swatch here!
Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights in Bare Light £11.99
As much as I love Autumn/Winter, the cold weather can make your skin look dull. This primer from Revlon gives you that 'lit from within' glow and works on all skintones. The shimmery pink liquid looks very natural under foundation or can be used over your base to highlight certain areas.
No 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Loganberry £9.00
I tried out the new No7 Match Made Lipstick Service where they match a lipstick to your skintone to find your perfect shade. 'Loganberry' is a dark plumy/pink which is a little darker than I would have normally gone for. The matte formula makes this feel very autumnal. It's not too drying and glides on easily. I'd recommend trying out the free Match Made Lipstick Service from No7!
L'Oreal Color Rich L'Ombre Eyeshadow £5.49
These have to be one of the best eyeshadows I've found from the highstreet. The intense pigmentation, buttery texture and longevity make these an all round winner. I have the shade 'Lumiere' which is a rich metallic taupe that looks great washed all over the lid or just used in the crease.
No7 Nail Colour in Temptress £6.00
Dark nail varnish is all I wear on my tips at this time of year. A shade I always go back to is 'Temptress' from No7 which is the perfect gothic gloss. In some lights it appears almost black but it has a hint of purple making the colour look less flat.

What are you makeup must-haves for Autumn? 

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21 September 2014

The Beauty Tasks I Hate Doing

beauty tasks i hate doing
As much as I love makeup, skincare, haircare etc... there are some jobs I dread doing. Actually, there are quite a lot. For a beauty blogger I'm pretty lazy when it comes to beauty things. I've managed to narrow it down to my top 5 worst beauty jobs.

If I were prime minister I would pass a law that stated women should have hairy legs. Yep, I just said that. I'm so lazy when it comes to shaving and often opt for jeans instead of a dress just so I don't have to shave my legs. It's so time consuming and doesn't last long. And don't even get me started on the price of razors.
Nail Painting
Some people find painting nails relaxing, I'm not one of those people. It's mainly to do with the fact I can't paint my nails without getting it all over my skin. Plus I hate it when you smudge it after spending so long trying to perfect it. Sometimes if I'm feeling really lazy I'll just paint on top of the varnish I'm already wearing, sssh.
I wish I was that kinda person who moisturised their body everyday. I have pots of moisturiser dotted all over my house to prompt me but I just want to get in my Pjs and not faff about with body lotion. If you're like me I wrote 'A Lazy Girl's Guide To Moisturising' here.
Blow Drying
Fellow thick-haired girls will get me on this one. I haven't blow dried my hair in 3 years because it takes SO long. I just let it dry naturally which takes 2/3 hours but at least I don't get arm ache.
Makeup Brush Washing
"I wash my makeup brushes every week" is a white lie I tell people if they ask me how often. Truthfully It's about once a month or sometimes when they become unusable. It's not a fun task and I'd much rather be doing something else, like buying more makeup.

Well I'm definitely going to beauty jail. A special mention also goes to plucking, winged liner and fake tanning.

20 September 2014

Degustabox August Review

august degustabox review
Receiving a surprise box of food each month is definitely the highlight of my month. I've been devouring my way through my second Degustabox . Here's what I though of the contents and there is also a new,exciting thing happening with the August box!

Caribbean Twist
I'am no stranger to Caribbean Twist so I was happy to see it in my box. It's a delicious Strawberry Daiquiri cocktail which always reminds me of summer!
Brioche Pasquier
Who doesn't love croissants for breakfast? These all butter Pains au laits and croissants warmed in the oven taste amazing with a cup of tea and your favourite filling.
Mexican Dave's
I love snacking on tortilla chips so these went quite quickly! They are lightly salted and have a slight toasted taste. I love the packaging of these to, would definitely buy these.
Berry White Organic Drink with Peach and Goji Berry 
I'm trying to make an effort to drink less fizzy,sugary drinks. These organic juices from Berry white are the perfect alternative! This tastes refreshing and light plus it contains no added sugar or artificial preservatives. Also, 10% of their profits go to charity which is nice to know.
Schwartz Flavour Shots
Probably my favourite item from this months box because I enjoyed using them! Flavour Shots are recipe bases containing a blend of herbs,spices and seasoning infused in sunflower oil. You simply add a spoonful to your pan and add your meat/veg. I tried the Spanish Smoked Paprika Chicken shot which was so easy to use and tasted heavenly.
Cawston Press Kid's Blend Apple & Pear
A juice specially blended for children as it is shaken up with 40% water for a light juice drink. It contains no added sugar or anything artificial. This seems like a great lunch box option for kids!
Dr.Oetker Edible Wafer Cases
WOW. That was my reaction when I saw these. Edible cupcake cases, why did no one think of this sooner? I can't wait to get using these so I can eat the whole cupcake!
Lindt Chocolate Tin
This cute heart shaped tin contains 10 delicious milk chocolate hearts. I've resisted the urge to demolish these as I think it would make the perfect chocolate gift for someone.
Fever Tree Tonic Water and Ginger Beer 
Tonic Water and Ginger Beer are two drinks I've never tried out before. These are the non-alcoholic option which actually go great mixed with alcohol!

As well as all that, in this month's box I received a Degustabox Fridge Coupon which allows you to redeem a chilled item at a supermarket. I got a full value coupon for a Moma Muesli multipack. These sounds delicious and i'll definitely be redeeming my voucher next time I'm in Waitrose or Sainsbury's.

You can sign up for your own subscription box here for just £12.99 a month. If you would like to try out Degustabox you can get £3.00 off using the code: DPBZ3 at the checkout! Keep up to date with Degustabox via Twitter and Facebook.

*pr sample

18 September 2014

The Wet Brush Review

the wet brush review uk
Ok, hairbrushes aren't the most exciting beauty purchase but they are an essential. Trying to find a brush that can handle my thick, accidental-dreadlocks hair isn't any easy task. I've put my trusty Tangle Teezer down to one side so I can test out The Wet Brush.

Voted as the best detangling brush in the US, the Wet Brush is hailed as a 'must use' by journalists and stylists. On first impressions it looks like an ordinary hairbrush but it's designed specially to use on wet hair which is prone to breakage. The reason why this brush is unique to others on the market is down to it's bristles. The IntelliFlex bristles are developed to be ultra thin and flexible and instantly bounce back to its original form. I've been using this after a shower when my hair is particularly tangled. It's nice to have a hairbrush with a handle after using my Tangle Teezer for so long. The gentle bristles help to massage my scalp whilst gliding through my tangles easily. I find this makes brushing wet hair so much easier and it's reassuring to know that its not causing any further damage. Possibly a new favourite hairbrush....sorry Tangle Teezer.

The Wet Brush* is £11.99 available from Sally's and Cult Beauty

17 September 2014

Upcoming Posts

Just a quick post today to share with you some exciting new product launches which will be featured on here shortly! What are you most looking forward to hearing more about?
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