24 December 2011


Bit of an update, week in photo's and upcoming blog posts! This is my last post before christmas so I hope you all have a good'n & if you don't celebrate christmas I hope you have a lovely time with your family. 

Some christmas photo's below - I can't do nail art but the fourth photo is my attempt at christmas puds. Sixth photo is a natural teeth whitening kit I am reviewing, will keep you updated on that! I don't have any snow where I live, just rain!

I'm trying out some lip foils for Make Me Up. The colours are above, which ones would you like to see me wearing? Also, I'm really surprised at how successful my false eyelash post was. I had no idea they were so popular! So i'll keep you updated on any false eyelash additions. I'm thinking of do a similar post but with fake tan? I will be doing a post on beauty blogging tips too! I've added another video to youtube, you can see it here & you can subscribe to be the first to watch new videos.

Anyway I'll let you go now, time for fam, food & films. Have a beautiful christmas!

22 December 2011

Oooh she's made another video!

I know you've always wanted to find out what weird food I eat and an old photo of me. So today you are in luck! As promised here is my sister/christmas tag - enjoy! 

16 December 2011

false eyelashes

There definitely is something very glamorous about false eyelashes. I don't wear them everyday but If I'm going out for a nice meal or to a friends birthday party I will pop on a pair to complete the look! They don't have to look fake either. Falsies come in a range of styles from natural to dramatic and everything in between. Whether your a false eyelash newbie or a complete pro this guide contains everything you need to know. Enjoy! 
false eyelash brands
There are so many different brands of false eyelashes. No matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone! Even celebs like Girls Aloud and Paris Hilton have their own range. The most well known brand in my opinion would be 'Eylure'. I see this company on lots of blogs,magazines and in the shops. I do like their eyelashes but they aren't the cheapest. Primark also sell there own false eyelashes, great for first timers wanting to experiment.

I find that because my eyes are quite short I have to trim all my false eyelashes. Always do this from the outer corner. If you struggle to find eyelashes that fit, I would recommend 'Girls With Attitude' lashes as I never have to trim their's down.
where to buy and prices
VIVO - Tesco £2.50
Eylure - Superdrug,Amazon(cheap on here!),Debenhams, Feel Unique and Boots from £5.00
Girl's With Attitude - Boots, Superdrug, Girl's With Attitude website from £5.00
Salon System - Sallys from £2.65
Eye Candy - Boots, Gordons, Eye Candy Website and Just beautifully from £4.49
AH Francis - online from £5.95
La La Lashes - online from £7.10

how to apply false eyelashes
Not sure how to apply false eyelashes? I wrote a step by step guide with pictures here.
eyelash glue

Most eyelashes will come with their own glue. I find some are better then others. Eylure glue (left) get's top marks from me, I wore Eylure's 100 lashes for 12 hours without having to touch up with glue. Where as VIVO's glue wasn't as strong - maybe because the eyelashes are cheaper? I really dislike the Girl's With Attitude and AH Francis glue applicators (fourth and sixth). You have to pull off the lid, which is a struggle & things can get messy! These glues all dry clear but you can also buy black glue. 
Wearing different styles of lashes

Eylure 100, Eye candy 001, Eye Candy 010, Salon System 140
I found AH Francis lashes were harder to apply because the stem was quite thick and stiff, I would recommend these to false eyelash pros.
Salon System have a huge range of falsies. The 'Double Lashes' above are extremely dense, if you want a really dramatic look go for these ones!
Girl's With Attitude have recently launched a 'Double Take' range. The lashes have two layers to add volume. I love the fact the eyelashes are called girls names, the ones above are 'Kate'.
This are the most natural looking eyelashes I have. They are from a company called Eye Candy. These are really lightweight and comfortable to wear. This is from their 50's Naturalise range in 001. I really like this brand,they have a great range of affordable styles. You can see what they look like on in the 'Wearing Different Eyelashes' section above.

dying eyelashes
I am fan of dying eyelashes, I started doing it in year 10 because we weren't allowed to wear mascara! If you have pale eyelashes or don't have time for mascara, dying them is the way forward. I find it makes them look longer too. I use Colorsport Black 30 Day Mascara available in Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.
semi permanent mascara
If you don't trust your self to dye your own lashes, Salon's also offer this treatment.  I've not had this done before at a Salon so I can't recommend it from experience but I was emailed about a company called MYscara that offer this treatment, it costs around £45. For more details on this visit their website here

Well done you made it to the end! I do go on a bit. I love hearing from you, it gets me all excited. So leave a comment below or check out my twitter account. If you have any more false eyelash queries or would like to see what a certain pair looks like on - do not hesitate to ask. Oh, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS xx

10 December 2011

my youtube debut!

yeessss it finally uploaded! As promised here is my little sister doing my make up. It must be so weird to hear my voice for the first time! I hate hearing my voice on camera, i don't think it sounds like that in real life hahaa. Anyway, enjoy the video & let me know if you would like to see more in the future. Sorry it goes on a bit! x

click on the picture to watch the video!

Beauty Gift's this Christmas

I wanted to show you a selection of my favourite beauty gifts this Christmas. They are guaranteed to put a smile on beauty obsessed friends and family members. I think you don't have to spend a lot so there are a range presents to suit everyone's budget. Hope you find this guide helpful, you might want to put some of these items on your own wishlist!
GOSH Primer Set £12.99 exclusive to Superdrug
GOSH never fail to bring out really nice make up sets at Christmas. This one contains- Trio Eye Shadow Metallic Rose, Extreme Art Eye Liner; Purple Glitter, Velvet touch Foundation Primer and Cool Lip Jam. I really like the way the Velvet Primer makes your skin feel; next time you pop into Superdrug you must swatch this product! 

Osmo Bright Blonde Set £13.49 Sally Express
If you know anyone with natural/coloured blonde hair this is the perfect gift for them! Silverising products enchances and brightens blonde hair. The set contians. Silverising Shampoo, Silverising Conditioner and Blowdry Potion. Since dying my hair about 3 years ago, Osmo silver shampoo if the only product I've used!
Tisserand Essential Oil £4.99 at Holland and Barretts
Who doesn't love some smellies at Christmas? Essential & fragrance oils are ideal for mum's/nan's/aunt's or anyone else who enjoys a good wiff. Why not great a 'smellies hamper'? You could include incenses, candles, oils, diffusers....
Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.1 £42.00 for 50ml available online here
I'm completely in love with this fragrance and have been wearing it daily. I'm awful at describing scents but it has a lovely warm, fresh smell to it. The robust packaging is very practical and looks extremely elegant. I've been browsing through the Liz Earle Christmas catalogue and they are doing some AMAZING presents this year! 
Festive Tweezers £3.05 Sally Express
How cute are this tweezers?! They come in six different designs and would make perfect stocking fillers.
Strictly Beautiful Look Book £10 exclusive to Boots
Boots have brought out this Christmas a range of Strictly Come Dancing Beauty Products. The Look Book was developed with the help of Make up Artist Lisa Armstrong. It contains three eyeshadows - Dark Brown, Gold and White. Follwed by three lipglosses - Pink, peach and berry red. The lipgloss colours are lovely, but once I applied them to my lips the colour didn't show up and it felt a bit sticky! It also comes with a blusher, eyeshadow, lip and blusher brush. The 'Book' comes with a step by step guide on how to apply the products. Overall I feel this set is more suited to younger Strictly fans.  
Justin Bieber SOMEDAY fragrance £29.00 for 50ml
Love him or hate him, I bet you know at least one Bieber fan. JB's first fragrance contains a variety of scents including mandarin, creamy florals and Jasmine. The bottle also comes with a removable crystal lock and key from Justin. Two charities close to Justin's heart; Pencils of Promise and Make-A-Wish Foundation will both benefit from the sales of SOMEDAY. Aahh cute! 
Dr.Organic Organic Reed Diffuser £12.00 each from Holland & Barrett in Lavender and Rose
Holland and Barrett are doing some great gifts this year, and they've recently launched a loyalty card! Skincare company Dr. Organic have released some Reed Diffusers. They contain bottles of fragrance oils & sticks used to create a relaxing atmosphere. They look great too!
Label M Honey & Oat Shampoo and Conditioner Set £17.50 http://www.labelm.co.uk/uk/
Haircare brand Label M have collaborated with fashion designer Giles Deacon this Christmas. Giles has created a clutch bag and a collection of stylish gift boxes to compliment Label M's products.The embellished clutch bag is gorgeous and will be accompanying me on Christmas parties this year. This gift set contains a Honey & Oat Shampoo and Conditioner formulated for dry and damaged hair. Prices from £17.50 & available exclusively at TONI & GUY salons, essensuals and specially selected label m salons worldwide.

The Make Up Brush Company available online here
I think giving make up brushes to make up addicts is a lovely idea. The Make up Brush Company are currently running an offer when you sepnd over £50 you recieve a free make up bag like the one in the photo. Brow Brush £6.00,Fine Eye Liner Brush £11.00 and Socket Blender £16.50. The quality is greta & i've had no shedding from them! 

Money Saving Tips
Everyone wants a good deal at Christmas, especially me! I've done a lot of my shopping online this year. Before I buy ANYTHING I will search on google to find out where I can get it for the lowest price. Search for promotional codes and free delivery before placing an order online. Even with Boots & Superdrug - see which shop is cheapest or where you can get the most loyalty card points from.

I also know every year after Christmas, Boots sell all their 3 for 2 gifts half price! Great for stocking up on next years presents. On Christmas day I add all the things I want to my basket. Then check again the next day to see if they are on sale and in stock.

Why not save some money and make some handmade gifts? You don't have to be really creative. I'm going to make my mum some nice Shortbread & chocolates soon. It gives a personal touch to present.

A great website with money saving tips and tricks,deals,vouchers and offers is http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/

Wishing you a happy Christmas and an even better 2012 xx

6 December 2011

Its Christmaaaaaaaaassssss! Update

I love the build up to christmas. This is just a little update on me and my blog. I have created a Youtube channel, need to add my video & edit my profile so it's completely naked atm but you can check it out here. Sorry, i haven't uploaded my first YT video yet but I'm having so much trouble editing it on windows movie maker. I'm working on it now as I want you to see it asap. Last week I passed my driving test! Very happy, it was my third attempt! Upcoming post's include 'False Eyelashes' and 'Best Beauty Gifts this Christmas'. Can't wait to share those with you! Also, this year I forgot to buy an advent calender so on twitter I am posting a  different christmassy photo everyday. Already have a few up - you can seem those here. I'm thinking of making a Facebook profile for my blog, should I? Let me know your thoughts as I always LOVE reading your comments.
Some of my December Favourites;chritsmas decorations,Xen-Tan, Tetley tea, GOSH nail glitters(don't last long on), legal driver & more decorations.

happy christmas!
Also, noticed i was no.1 on bloglovin's up & coming WOOO!

5 December 2011

topshop's hieroglyphic nails

Topshop are well known for setting trends. I saw quite a few 'Dalmatian Nails' on blogs a couple of months ago. Where did they copy the look from?  Of course your right, it was Topshop. The newest nail look is hieroglyphic nails as seen on their S/S12 fashion show. I reckon it's gonna be BIG next year. Impress all your friends with this trend first. As you can see from the first photo, I'm still practising! 

28 November 2011

First ever MAC purchases

I've never really understood the hype around MAC. I don't really know many people that use this brand but since becoming a beauty blogger, I've noticed nearly every blogger own's some products from MAC. I gave into the temptation and brought some products from them. I can't comment whether I like them yet but stay tuned for an update! I have the pro longwear foundation and the select moisture cover. What are your MAC fav's? Should I be writing MAC in block capitals? I'll stop saying MAC now. As you can tell I don't have the foggiest! Sshhh kia.

Follow me & see more pictures on twitter.

*EDIT before you considering spending a lot of money on a make up purchase do your research! I looked at loads of blog reviews, asked bloggers and watched youtube video's before deciding what to spend my pennies on!

26 November 2011

making my first youtube video

OMGGGGG, so weird! Today I filmed my first Youtube video! I put a poll  up yesterday asking what you wanted to see and 'sister doing my make up' won. So here is a still from the video and it will hopefully be up next week! Have a good weekend x

22 November 2011

Big Beauty Debate: Sexualisation of women in the media

Why do adverts with women in them have to be sexy? Why can't they be clever or funny? Adverts are everywhere these days; at bus stops, on TV, in magazines and even on blogs. Flicking through some recent magazine issues, naming no names, Cosmo might not like that! I found some advert's to support my debate...

Marc Jacob's Advert has been banned in the UK because of the length of Dakota's dress, the perfume bottle positioning and how child like she looks.
 A topless Natalie Portman for Dior

Nivea body moisturiser ad

Batiste ' I'm at it three times a week'....

Maybe I'm just over looking things. But I do worry these advert's influence young girls. When I pick up my 12 year old sister from school some of her class mates look so much older then they really are! 

My friend Alice, who might not be too happy that i'm sharing this - sorry Alice! But she wrote a really interesting post on the Sexualisation of women in Media here. Definitely worth a read! 

Is it okay to show a bit of boob in order to sell a product?


I like a guest post as much as the next person, that's why I decided to create my own series of blogger interviews when I started my blog. 'Blogger Spotlight' is a monthly feature which allows my readers to get the goss on their favourite bloggers/vloggers. This month I interview the lovely Sophie from The Secret Avenue. If you only do one thing today, make sure you follow this cool kid. 

Favourite fashion brand?

My favourite fashion brand is probably Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. When ever I walk into one of their shops I would literally buy everything I saw if I had the money! I love the style of clothing they sell, its really quite unique and totally my style.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I found Lilly Melrose's blog in Look magazine and ever since I have been obsessed! Every morning I would look through her outfit posts to get inspiration of what to wear that day. At first I thought she just had a general website but I went back to her very first posts and read that it was actually a blog, I was so inspired by her to make a blog because it looked so much fun.

Do you have any blogging tips?

I don't really have any blogging tips, you just have to be very inspired to share what you love with the world. I would defiantly say be yourself, its hard to show your personality in writing but just write as if you were telling your best friend about a new beauty product you just found people will love it if they feel like you're talking directly to them. Keep your blog layout simple but professional I hate coming across blogs with great posts but flashing glitter backgrounds and multi coloured words, it really puts me off following them. Also try not to post about 5 posts a day, I used to think it got you more followers but it doesn't you just eventually run out of ideas and the posts end up not being good quality. My one blogging pet peve though its when people ask you to follow them back, please refrain from doing that, it gets annoying and puts people off checking out your blog, defiantly leave a link to your blog but don't spam peoples blog advertising your own blog. Ooo don't for get to keep your home town a secret, I have heard people were getting stalked because they shared to much information some man even found some girls school and was following her!

What make up products can you not live without?

I defiantly can't live with out my mascara or my urban decay brow box, people would cry if they saw me in public with out these on.
Favourite nail varnish brand? 

OPI is my all time favourite but Models Own nail polish is slowly starting to become my next obsession. 

Visit Sophie's blog here! Thank you very much Sophie for taking part in this & I really hope your blog continues to grow. If you are interested in taking part your self or maybe there is a blogger you would like me to interview leave a comment below or email me! 

19 November 2011

your questions answered

Clairebear asked....Can you recommend a good curling wand? And also how do you tell if you skin is oily, dry or combination?
I don't really uses a curling one because I like to put my hair in a messy bun before bed when it's still wet from washing it. That gives me loose waves. But, I really like the look of Curl formers, check them out! A good way to tell what skin type you are is look at your skin first thing in the morning before you do anything to it. Does if feel tight? Are their any oily patches. However, my skin type changes weekly! So you might have to treat it differently each day.

Grace asked...Do you know any good moisturisers for sensitive skin?
I have been using one that I was sent by Burt's Bees from their Cotton Extract range. Really like it but as I don't have sensitive skin I can't comment if it will be good for you! I know a british skincare company called Queen. They specisaize in sensitive skincare & they offer free samples; no purchase neccessary! Check out their website here.

e.pizzey asked... was just wondering, when you did your blog about the makeup from dianna vickers, you said the prices but what make up shop would you reccomend, and which one is your favourite?
Collection 2000 is found in most Superdrugs and larger Boots. Before buying anything I check which shop is the cheapest or which one I will get the most points! I like Superdrug as overall it seems to be cheaper but I used to prefer Boots because they had the Advantage card. I live near both, so use both!

Vicky S asked...As i am interested in being a model i need to have flawless skin, so do you have any tips, products or home recipes?
It's great you have a carrer in mind. If your not familar with A Model Recommends blog check it out for modelling tips here. I swear by Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser for flawless skin. Make sure you remove all make up at night, cleanse,tone and moisturise your skin daily. It's important to eat healthy too!

I am currently buying Miss Sporty Make-Up.

I wondered whether you would recommend a particular Miss Sporty Product for eyes (it can be any Miss Sporty eye make-up, eyeliner, shadow, mascara etc.) to me? 

Miss Sporty was one of the first make up brands I discovered, love their products! I can recommed their pencil eye liners and Just Clear Mascara. Not tried any of their eyeshadows before but love their translucent powder!

BeautyBabe and Anonymous asked....Would like to see more make up tutorials?
I love getting requests and feedback on what I write about. I have taken this one board, what make up tutorial would you guys like to see next?

Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me some questions. Love hearing from you all! If you have any questions just comment below or tweet me for a quicker response. You can ask me anything from school to skincare! Speak soon x 

16 November 2011

glowy, fresh, winter make up tutorial

In my 'ask me anything' post I had a few requests to do some tutorials. The reason I don't do these often is that I basically don't think my make up is anything special! Everything I've learnt about make up is through youtube & books. Hope you like this tutorial & I have included some tips along the way! 

Read on to achieve this look! (Yes, it's a Wednesday. Yes, it's my day off. Yes, I'm wearing a dressing gown)

For me the skin is the most important thing, make sure you have got a good skincare routine before you start to invest in make up products. Because my skin is dry & dull at the moment I exfoliate and have a face mask a few times a week.

1. This look isn't about heavy coverage, opt for a natural coverage foundation like Collection 2000 colour match. My shade is fair 2. If you have any blemishes get out your favourite concealer. I used GOSH Click N' Conceal in Light 2,which is a good light reflecting concealer. Because it has a yellow tone it's ideal for covering blue dark circles. It wasn't enough to cover my awful eye bags so I went over that with my Collection 2000 lasting perfection.
2. Next I went on to highlight. I used the one that comes with Vivo's concealer palette (reviewed here) It has a pinky tone to it so perfect for fair skin. If you have dark skin go for a gold highlighter. Apply it to your cheekbones for a radiant look. 
3. My face is lacking in colour right now so a light dusting of GOSH giant sun powder on the apples of my cheeks makes my skin less pasty! This bronzer really is giant, defo check out next time your in Superdrug. Contour the face by applying bronzer to the temples and jawline. 
4. Onto the eyes; I lined my eyelid with a brown Kohl from Collection 2000. To make eyes appear larger, place a little bit of brown eyeliner in the centre of the lower lash line. I then put a smidge of Frontcover's Twinkling gold in the inner corners of my eyes. The mascara I used was Shu Uemura's defining mascara. 
5. I'm really loving false eyelashes at the moment. I don't wear them daily but occasionally at the weekend. For this look I choose Eylure 100. Which is a nice natural looking pair of falsies. Will be writing a post on false eyelashes shortly.
6. In the winter my lips need hydration, I am wearing Anatomical lip Balm which tastes like cherries! Lovely lip balm with SPF 15.

 What tutorial would you like to see next? Do you like these sort of posts? x

15 November 2011

Autumn/Winter Nail Trends

I love nail varnish. My Colour changes weekly depending on my mood and the latest trends. So, I don't want to keep you waiting, check out what nail trends are popular this A/W. WARNING your friends are going to be well jel when they see how cool your nails look after reading this post.    
I love the way my Mavala Color Matt top coat completely changes the way your nail varnish looks. As you can see in the photo, I've left one nail to show you the effect it gives. Forget magnetic or crackle nail varnish, matte nails are the way forward.


There is something very festive about sparkly nails. I'm currently loving the nail glitter pots from GOSH(3.99 from Superdrug). Perfect trend if you love nail art but aren't very good at it! All you need to do with these is dip your nails in the pot, simple. Andrea Fulerton does Glitter pens, you can see me wearing them here.


The Androgynous trend is huge right now; the boyish look dominated catwalks. For a masculine yet extremely simple look is to keep nails clean and bare. Being fashionable has never been so easy.

Any of these trends take your fancy? 

Completely out of the blue and unrelated, but I wanted to share with you my bargain buy of the year! I popped into TK Maxx this morning and spotted this lovely cape I'd had my eye on for ages. The price had been reduced to £7.00! Lots of different capes there under £10!

11 November 2011

What beauty box should I choose?

I'm sure your familiar with the beauty boxes I have illustrated above. Since Glossy Box launched their first box earlier this year, other companies have decided to launch their own. I have decided to compare and review 5 different 'samples boxes' from October. Hopefully this will help you decided which beauty box is best for you. Oh, you might want to put the kettle on & get comfy - it's a long one!

Glossy Box
Contents: Dermalogica Thermafoliant, Dermalogica lip complex, Dermalogica Recovery mask, Stila Smudge proof stick, Leighton Denny Nail Varnish, 3x Robert Piguet fragrance samples
First Impressions: Three products from the same brand? I thought this would be a no go, until I tested out the products. They were all amazing & I need more Dermalogica in my life! I think with the fragrance sample, not a lot of people appreciate them. As you get them for free from department stores and in magazines. Full Size products always go down really well, and in October's Glossy Box they were the Leighton Denny Nail varnish (£11) and the Stila eyeliner (£13). To me, Glossy Box seems to be aimed quite a lot at beauty bloggers.
Price: £12.95 P&P included
Packaging: I think the packaging is very girly and nicely presented. But it also leaves a lot of wastage. 
Best For: Beauty Bloggers

Feel Unique
october 11 beauty box
image courtesy of  Rachel at msrachy101
Contents: Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Mystique Straight Collection Blow Out Balm (Full Size), ORLY ‘Mani Minis’ Nail LacquerBliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, Crabtree & Evelyn India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Hand TherapyCaudalĂ­e Vinexpert Radiance Day Fluid, Burberry Body EDP Fragrance Sample
First Impressions: That's a lot of generously sized products! The brands in this box are all quite high end. So this would be quite a nice box if you never buy high end products. Again, this box came with a perfume sample as an added extra. The thing I like about this box is that if you enjoy any of the products you receive, you can save 10% at Feel Unique. 
Price: £9.95(including P&P) & there is a special offer if you purchase a 12 month subscription
Packaging: This looks a lot sleeker and more grown up then the other boxes. It comes in a slide out draw, and has a black & hot pink colour theme throughout.
Best for: Beauty Junkies and reliability 

image courtesy of Evelyn at We Were Raised By Wolves

Contents: Trind Nail Repair in Natural (Full Size)The Balm All in One Shadow/Blush in Fratboy (Full Size)Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand CreamCaudalie Quenching Sorbet CremeDaniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach (Full Size)
First Impressions: Three full sized beauty products! The range of products is really nice too; there's make up, skincare and a nail product. Carmine also advertise the fact you can order a box for one of your friends, what a good idea! 
Packaging: Although it's nice the box isn't pink & black like most of the others, I'm not sure about the lime green packaging. 
Price: £12.75
Best for: Full size products

Boudior Prive

Image courtesy of Lottie at Mushaboom
ContentsCetuem Illuminating Mask & Creme de Lite, Korres Quince Body Butter, Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme, Memo Paris Les Echappees, Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve(Full Size), Studio Makeup Liner Style Pen Black(Full Size)
First Impressions: There is definately a luxurious feel to Boudoir prive. The box contain's expensive brands, that you may not have heard of. I think this box would appeal to the public more then beauty bloggers. 
Packaging: Similar colour scheme to Glossy Box, however does have a more 'grown up' look to it.
Price: £12.95 (including P&P)
Best For: Little bit of luxury each month
Latest in Beauty
image courtesy of Phoebe at Peluxe
First Impressions: With this box you really do receive samples. It's a great try before  you buy concept. If your a bit wary of trying a beauty box, this is a great one to start with. The best thing about it is that you choose the three samples you want in your box. They also have themed boxes and luxury sample boxes from £4.95.
Packaging: Simplistic, which I quite like as it means less waste! 
Price: £1 paid via text message
Best For: a beauty bargain

This post isn't sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the companies above. I wrote this post because there are lots of beauty boxes out there & it's difficult to know which one to go with! I hope you have enjoyed reading this and found the post helpful. Which one is your favourite? Have I missed a box out?  

10 November 2011

how to get beautiful skin this winter.

Dry,dull and tired skin is all to familiar for me at this time of year; thanks to the cold weather and central heating that causes havoc to my skincare routine. I have put together some products that have been tested and specially selected by me. I don't want it to seem like a 'look what i've got' sort of post. I am doing this because it is something I would be interested in reading & because I not only want my blog to be enjoyable, I want it to be helpful. 

Burt's Bees Orange & Mango Sugar Scrub £12.99
I have so much love for this right now. This exfoliater not only smells BEAUTIFUl, it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant. Because it contains sugar, you can control how harsh you want the product to be by adding water to dissolve it. I know £12.99 may sound a little pricey, but I find the scrub also leaves my skin feeling hydrated - so no need to fork out on a moisturiser too! Big fan of Burt's Bees product this month, will be dedicating a post to a few more of their things soon.
He-Shi Face and Body Tanning Gel £17.50
I do quite like a bit of fake tan, especially in the winter. So when I was offered to review this product I couldn't say no! This is the first fake tan I have seen that is advertised for both men and women to use. I've also never come across a gel fake tan AND I've never tried an instant one. So it was all a bit new to me; I apply this using a tanning mitt (very good one from 99p store) to avoid staining on my hands. A pro, but also a con of the product is that it drys quickly. So no need to wait around before dressing. However, this does mean you have to be quite quick when apply it. The finish is natural as you can see from the product demonstration below. P.s after taking these photographs, I really liked how the fake tan looked and put blogging on hold whilst I did a full body tan! View their site here.
Philosophy Hope in a Jar £34
This daily moisturiser is perfect for dry skin. I was sent this product and was shocked to find out how much it costs! I have been trailing this for a week now and will keep you updated on the progress. But so far I'm liking it, I have a feeling it would be to heavy for me in the summer. Available from John Lewis.

Murine Bright & Moist eyes and Dry & Tired Eyes £4.07
Don't neglect those peepers! They can suffer from the winter months too. But luckily for us, help is on hand with these eye drops from Murine. Available from Boots and Superdrug. TV presenter Emma Willis, who has amazing eyes, is a big fan of these eye drops! For more adive on their products, check out their website here

Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask £13.50
This face mask is perfect for winter because it contains witch hazel, which helps to brighten and tone skin. Perfect for when you need a quick pick me up as you only need to leave it on for 30 seconds! View more Liz Earle products here.

I Love... Raspberry and Black Berry Hand lotion £1.99
I Can't stand dry hands! This hand lotion does the job nicely. It leaves my hands soft and smelling delicious! They come in a range of different flavours too which I can't wait to try out! Such a bargain and perfect handbag size product. Available from Superdrug.

LP Refining Lip Exfoliator £20.00
This product has made an appearance on my blog before. I just really love it's uniqueness & I've not seen anything similar to this. Chapped lips are such a big problem for me in the winter, and this product is a lifesaver! It contains waxy prills formed from jojoba oil; these help improve texture and hydrate lips. Dr Linda Popadopoulos's range is pricey, but she knows her stuff and her overnight cream is one of my favourite skincare products! Check out her things here.

Nip + Fab Dark Circle Fix £15.95
This is my favourite under eye gel for puffiness. I love the texture and way this feels when applied. I use patting motions to get the most out of this product. It also claims to fight premature ageing and reduce dark circles. I can't see it making any difference to my hereditary dark circles but it works wonders on my eye bags. View their product here.

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate £38.75
Liz Earle's products come out on top again. I use this as a face oil when my skin is really dry. Because it's quite a heavy product, I use this before bed. It feels lovely and smells even better. The aromatic plant oils leave me feeling relaxed and my skin looking soft and hydrated the next morning!

Madara ecoface Organic Deep Replenishing Cream £25
At a first glance, I thought this moisteriser was really small. Then I compared it to my Liz Earle one & they were they same size. This claims it is for all skintypes however I felt it was a bit to heavy for my normal/combination skin. But I would recommend this if you suffer from dry skin. Not only is this good for your skin, it is good for the enviroment because of it's organic ingredients. Including plant vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, bioflavonoids. View their Range here.

Phew, you made it to the end - well done! There are a lot of product above for you to have a look at. I've tried to include a variety of products to cater for different budgets. If you are thinking of buying something expensive; see if you can get a sample first, read some blog reviews and ask your friends if they own it already! Have a lovely week, friday tomorrow! xx

*Sorry picture quality isn't fab, photo's were taken at night! Also changed my blog header (again) x

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