3 March 2011

airbrushing in advertising


We all want long eyelashes. But have you ever questioned why? 

Careful you don't trap them in a door!
scanning through my latest issue of cosmo, I am bombarding with adverts. My biggest pet peev has to be Photoshopping in cosmetic adverts! Here are some images I have come across this month.

I find this so frustrating, it's suggesting their mascara is going to make your eyelashes amazingly loooonnnnng. Truth is that a mascara can't change the length or thickness of your eyelashes. They may appear darker or longer but that's only because you have brushed a black paste onto them! Don't get me wrong; I love mascara, just not the way its advertised.

This is false advertising, but on the other hand it's good marketing. People are obviously buying their products, and more often then not we are disappointed with the mascara we've brought.

hhmm slightly misleading?

How many misleading adverts are there in your magazine? If you look closely at the small print it will say something like ' eyelashes were enhanced in post production' or 'filmed with lash inserts for an even lash line' Yeah thanks for that, cause we can all digitally enhance our lashes in the morning.

What are your thoughts on this topic? 


  1. So glad to see a blogpost about this! Sometimes you just see adverts and their eyelashes look FAKE. It's annoying because I'm so gullable I would just think it was the mascara - Constantly reading reviews on products now before I buy them :) x

  2. I know what you mean, i do the same :L I can't buy a product unless i've read a review on it! x

  3. I find it really annoying as well! SO MISLEADING!

    Good post! xx

  4. Hey, just found your blog through the BBC website, and I agree!! x

  5. eyelash extensions. their my new obsession, tinting an extensions and you'll never have to bother with panda eyes again :D i had lash growth treatment i was using to grown my lashes but my MAC eye make up remover was too harsh and ruined them

  6. I love tinting my eyelashes. it makes such a difference! I have tried extension too, i love them but you have to be so delicate with them. The lash growth treatment sounds great! x

  7. You will certainly find various factors that should be considered before you grab just about any eyelash growth product that comes your way. It is also essential that you read some eyelash reviews so that you will personally have an idea about the benefits as well as limitations of these eyelash products.

  8. The only thing that you need to do is to choose the best product that will suit you and work best for you.


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