10 March 2011


If there is only one new blog you follow this month, make it Peluxe. Beauty/Fashion blogger, Phoebe has been blogging since 2009 and knows her stuff.From inspiring OOTD posts to   wishlist's and reviews, there's something for everyone. Phoebe has kindly agreed to spill her beauty secrets, here's what she had to say... 

What are your best and worst beauty buys?
My best beauty buy, the one I recommend to everyone, is Mario Badescu 'Drying Lotion'. Yes it's pricey, but it works wonders on blemishes, and we all suffer from a couple every now and then. The worst would probably have to be the Soap & Glory 'Hair Food', to say it is a deep conditioner.. well, let's just say my hair was smoother and more tangle free before I applied it.

Do you have a favourite make up brand?
Hmm.. I'm not sure I can pick just one! I think there are certain brands that have 'go to' products in different departments. I will say that for a great mascara I will always go to Maybelline. The Colossal lash is my all time favourite and I know I can rely on them for a good mascara.

Are you guilty of any beauty crimes?
I let my eyebrows grow out for way longer than possible, despite it being one of the worst things to see on people! I'm also guilty of going way too long in between hair trims, I'm getting better but you will always find split ends somewhere. Otherwise I think I'm pretty well behaved!

Best haircare product?
Anything by Goldwell is pretty much a winner, but if you want something a bit more accessible and more affordable then I'd have to say Aussie 3 Minute Miracle products. They really do work wonders. Plus, they're now launching a light version, so for thin haired girls like myself, it means I can treat my hair without it being weighed down or getting greasy quickly.

Do you have a celebrity style icon?
My celebrity idol is Fearne Cotton, I love her hair, make up, style - I'd love to channel her a bit more in everyday life but I like to think I have my own style. The character of Annie Wilson from 90210 is another favourite, I think she is a bit more relate-able in the style stakes. 

Best beauty tip you've heard?
I think the best ones are the well known ones. Ones that I swear by is to always use a wide toothed comb over a brush on wet hair and use a light eyeshadow on the inner corners and inner lash line of the eye to open them up.

Top 3 favourite blogs
With Love Freckles - http://frecklesandmayhem.blogspot.com/
LLYMLRS -  http://www.llymlrs.com/

Kelanjo - http://www.kelanjo.com/

Big thank you to Phoebe for taking part! http://peluxe100.blogspot.com/
Do you know anyone worthy of next month's blogger spotlight? Maybe it's you :) let me know below & thanks for visiting! x

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