26 March 2011

how to do - marbled nails in three steps

picture found on the topshop blog!
my first how to do post!

This is the big trend for nails this spring and a great way to update your look without having to splurge on new things! I first saw this trend in glamour magazine (right), then saw it in the new topshop magazine. I instantly fell in love with the look and had to try it out! You will need; two different colours and a cocktail stick. It takes quite a bit of practice so keep some nail varnish remover near by :) There is also another method using a bowl of water, but this looks to messy!


  1. paint your nail in one of your chosen nail varnish.
  2. whilst it's still a bit wet, put a blob of the other nail varnish in the centre of your nail. Be careful not to put to much on.
  3. Using the cocktail stick lighting move the nail varnish around in a figure of eight. Ta-da!

cba? White is THE colour this season so keep nails short and coated in white nail varnish for effortlessly on trend fingers :)

my first attempt! I have not yet mastered the technique :L

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