1 April 2011


This month i caught up with becka to find out what trends are floating her boat this spring and why she wont be heading to new look any time soon.With her beautifully put together wish lists and sunday style posts, it's like having your own online personal shopper!

What's the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing?
The most i've spent on an item of clothing is probably £180 for my Uggs. Although I think my prom dress was around that as well but that doesn't really count does it? 

Most used make up brands?
The brands I use the  most are Bourjois for foundation, Maybelliene for Mascara [the pink and green one] and Benefit for their box-o-powders. 

best and worst high street shops?
This is a tricky one as it completely depends on how successful my shopping trip was. At the moment, my favourite shop is probably H&M because it is full of beautiful Spring/Summer clothes at affordable prices. My least favourite at the moment is New Look as I think their prices are starting to get a little to expensive and the staff in my local one are so rude.  

Do you have a can't live without product/item of clothing?
I couldn't live without foundation as I just don't feel comfortable bare faced. And clothing wise? Probably skinny jeans or a body con skirt. They seem to be my uniform if you like.

what are you investing in the spring/summer?
I shall be investing in pastel colours, florals, sheer blouses and denim shorts. Anything girly. 

could you recommend three of your favourite blogs? 

BIG thank you to Becka for taking part :)
If you are interested  and would like to be interviewed just leave a comment below! x

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