22 April 2011

kia's essential guide to: blushers

blusher is definitely one of my must have beauty products. Here is my guide :) from brushes to application - enjoy!

different types:


 powder comes in two forms; pressed & loose. It is best applied using a brush. When using a brush never dab the bristles head - on as it can create a hole in the middle of your brush. Place the brush flat on your cheek, brushing towards your hair line and then back again. Always tap off the excess before applying it the face. If you find you've been a bit heavy handed and put too much blusher on go over the top with translucent powder.

Liqid blusher will normally come with it's own brush. It is best applied with fingers as it dry's really quickly. The colour is usually a lot brighter than a powdered blusher & It is quite difficult to blend.

Cream or Gel blushers gives a natural finish and like liquid blusher you can also use it on your lips. Blend it with your fingers or a foundation brush.


Angled blusher brush
this brush is good as it wont leave any sharp edges because the longer end trails and softens the line. 

Powder brush
the bigger the brush the less control you'll have of where the product will go on your face.

Blusher brush
this is my favourite brush to apply powdered blusher as it's just the right size.

Foundation brush
you could use this to help you apply cream blusher.

I hope you found this helpful! Any suggestions to what next essential guide should be on?


  1. I like powder blushes best but cream ones are a close second :) Of course you can use the Tee picture :) as long as it's linked it's not a problem :)

  2. This is a great post, thanks for sharing.
    I love a bit of blush.
    maybe you're next post could be on perfecting the contoured look?

  3. Great tips, I like using liquid tint :)
    Happy Easter!
    Teenage Daydreams

  4. Sometimes if you can't find a blusher that works well it's best to gently pinch your cheeks because then you get a natural glow just make sure it dosen't look sunburnt!!! ;)Xoxo

  5. U should do an essential guide to lipstick and lipgloss


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