13 April 2011

product placement

Product placements is where the company pay the TV programme, celebrity or channel to advertise their product. I first noticed this on ' This Morning' where at the beginning,end and after every ad break a 'P' would appear. I'm not to sure if I'm a fan of this, it sounds like false advertising to me. I wanted to post about this as it also happens in the blogger community too. Bloggers often receive products from company's to review on their blog. Becka wrote a brilliant post on this issue which you can read here.

Plenty of Fish
britney spears

It is widely used in music video's. The most recent one is for Britney Spear's hold it against me. Not only advertising her own perfume but also, Sony, Plenty of fish and Make up forever. 

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me - Commercials
'hold it against me'

Avril Lavigne had a go at it too in her latest video advertising her line of clothing and perfume. It's not at all obviously when the camera zooms in for a close up of the product!
Katy Perry 'Hot and Cold'
US dating website 'plenty of fish' has appeared
in numerous music video's including 3OH!3, Flo Rida, Ke$ha(above picture),Britney Spears and Lady GaGa.

Flo Rida 'available'

Do these company's think were stupid? Here is some more information on product placement http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/2011/02/product-placement-on-tv/ Are you more liking to go and buy a product because you've seen it being used in a music video?


  1. The This Morning product placement I find.. well weird. They paid thousands to have a coffee machine just sit there :/ just seems a bit stupid because I dont know about anyone else but im not going to buy something that sits in the background at This Morning.

    I wouldnt say I would go buy something because its in a video but I might do if it had been reviwed and caught my eye. Saying that I have bought clothes that people have worn on hollyoaks before.


  2. yaay i'm glad someone agree's with me :) I think with clothing it's a little different, I would probs buy an item of clothing if it looked nice on TV. I think new look use product placement xx

  3. Oh do they? I never knew that! I know Hollyoaks wear a lot of Primark and New Look just because I see it in there and im like ooo saw that on Hollyoaks :L
    Yeah it is totally different, ut with This Morning, if I was going to buy a Product Placement product i'd only think of buying it if they do their reviews on it.
    Companies just waste money I guess :P

  4. No I am not more likely to go and buy a product because I've seen it being used in a music video as I only buy things I really want when I come across them.
    I'd be much more likely to buy something fashion wise, like say a ring or a dress i've seen in a music vid but it wouldn't be the exact brand it would be a similar version I happen to come across on the high street!
    I can see why they do it though because some people really want to be like the celebs in the music vids and for some reason WILL go and buy the phone in katy perry's vid or sign up to plenty of fish if they think flo rida will be browsing it.

  5. I agree, i think clothing is a completely different matter. I would look for something similar on the high street to!


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