10 April 2011

week in pictures #01

I've always loved reading this feature on Daisy Butter and Dainty Dresses, so i have been inspired to start my own one! Hopefully it will get more interesting then this :L but hey ho :) welcome to my first week in pictures...

  • Do I really need to point out how lovely the weather has been this week? This was the temperature in my conservatory, roasting :)
  • Went to see the wanted with my bestie on Saturday. They were AMAZING! I managed to get a picture with them, they were all really nice!
  • I've now broken up for easter so I went to the beach with my fam. Got a little sunburnt,in April, crazy!


  1. I went to see The Wanted in London last Thursday for my sisters Christmas present :P
    Did you get VIP to meet them or did you just bump into them? :)


  2. I got VIP tickets, I thought the gig was really good :)


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