29 May 2011


my nail varnish this week is salsa by No7, i am going to try and make NOTW more interesting so here is the smallest strawberry i have ever seen! I think red is one of my favourite nail varnishes, does anyone else have a fav?

22 May 2011

week in pictures #03

last couple of weeks in photographs, only 2 weeks left at college then the summer hols :) also what would you guys like to see on my blog? I'm kinda stuck atm what to post about! x

14 May 2011

shop & tell

Superdrug & Boots haul, first time i got to use my new Superdrug beauty card!

In boots I pick up three different foundations from Revlon, they were on
3 for 2 :) I will be doing a review soon on Revlon's photoready compact foundation.
I love's superdrugs own range of skincare. Here is the cleanser, eye make up remover and moisturiser.
 All 99p each :) I might do a review on this range soon!

Has any one else tried any of the products above? 

revlon photoready compact foundation - review

I decided to try this foundation as I'm a fan of Revlon's Photoready liquid foundation. Skip to the bottom of this post for a quick review :)

What they say:
"-Perfected, poreless airbrushed skin in any light
-Liquefying screen turns cream to liquid, then dries to a soft powder finish
-Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to help erase every flaw
-Complete, yet virtually undetectable coverage.
-Soft luminous finish."

The liquefying screen it comes with makes the whole process a little messy, however you can remove it! It has a creamy texture and blends really easily into the skin.

When I first applied it I was disappointed with the coverage. It was more light than full, and didn't cover my blemishes or under eye dark circles. 

However, when I photographed myself wearing the foundation it came up so much nicer in the photos! So I suppose being a photoready foundation, It does do it's job really well and gives the skin a flawless finish. Without flash shows the results i was seeing, with flash it erased my flaws by reflecting light.

with flash
without flash

Good things:
  • soft matte finish
  • photographs well with flash
  • easy to apply
  • comes with mirror
Bad thing:
  • doesn't give full coverage
  • liquefying screen makes it difficult to apply
Overall this is a good foundation if your having photographs taken. I'll probably use it on top of my colourstay foundation as a powder to set it.

Has anyone else tried this?

13 May 2011

feathered flick

Gel Liner in InkMascara in RavenLip Stick in Enamoured

What do you think of Topshop's s/s 11 make up trend? I'm not sure I'll be rocking this look in Tesco or at college, but It's nice to see something different from the norm flicked eyeliner.This look is expecting to be a big hit at festivals this summer. If you would like to know how to achieve feathered eyeliner just check out the video below :) 

8 May 2011

kia's essential guide to: mascara

Can you tell which mascara cost 16.50 and which one cost 1.99?
My face feels naked without a coat of mascara. There are so many mascara's available & it can be an absolute chore finding the perfect one.

The main difference between mascara's is their brush. You can buy fat ones, thin ones, little ones, curved ones, rotating ones, soft ones & thick ones.

Some also claim to have special formulas, for example.....

Bourjois Volume clubbing - 
"waterproof formula is 
enriched with vinyl for an intense look
that won’t budge all evening."
Black unlimited 41
Bourjois Elastic Mascara -
"Enriched with hevea from the rubber tree"
Volume Flash x 10 Extreme Black
Rimmel Volume Flash x10 - 
"Next generation ‘Quick-Bond’ lash inflating formula with unique gel texture"

I think the main thing to look for in a mascara is the type of brush it has, Mascara's with hard bristles are going to separate the lashes. Curved brushes will help to curl eyelashes. Think about what you want you eyelashes to look like, do you want them to look thicker? curlier? longer? 

benefit badgal lash is the most expensive mascara I own, However my favourite one is natural collections lash length, second on the right. 

Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to buying mascara?

7 May 2011

nail varnish storage

This is where i store my nail varnishes, they used to be keep in a little box but i could only see the top of them so i decided to put them into a clear jar! I might do a post on my skincare & make up storage next :) how do you store your cosmetics?

2 May 2011

Oooo have you seen that... magic green lipstick?

Don't worry this new green lip paint from barry m wont turn your lips green, it has a special formula that will change colour depending on the level on alkali on your lips and turn a natural shade of pink! Has any one tried this out? You can see more information about this product on the barry m website - http://www.barrym.com/touch-of-magic-lip-paint

1 May 2011


Racheyem: Beauty. Fashion.Other.

Fashion & Beauty Blogger, youtuber, t-shirt designer - is there anything Rach can't do? I caught up with the 21 year old student from Scotland to discuss her love for Primark, becoming a writer and the inspiration behind her own range of t-shirts...

What inspired you to start designing and selling t-shirts? 
After seeing a lot of slogan tees around in the shops i wanted to make one for myself that had a slogan or picture that i really wanted rather than some of the slightly naff ones that you can find. Then i just decided to sell them to my readers through my blog and youtube. I had no idea they were going to be so popular!

The lovely Heather from effiesmakeupbox & Becka from Just like Jasper are fans of Rachelle's t-shirts.

Do you have a favourite shop?
As everyone probably knows i'm absolutely obsessed with Primark but it would probably be a toss up between there and H&M for favourite shop. Even though they've totally stepped up their game Primark can be so hit and miss but then i find h&m is producing really brilliant exciting things at the moment.

What would be your ideal career?
The dream would be to write fiction but i see that as sitting alongside having a dream to be an actor or singer and maybe even harder. I'd also LOVE to be a free lance writer or an immersive journalist like Cherry Healey and Dawn Porter. I love how you get to see a bit of their personality as they explore a subject and think it would be an AMAZING job. However, back in the real world where i'm about to graduate i'm concentrating on getting into PR based work. It's a scary world!

Do you have any beauty products you regret buying?
Yes totally! I recently bought a NARS cream blush online and i absolutely hate it, the colour pay off is terrible and it just leaves glitter all over my face. It's a real shame because NARS is a line that really excites me. I was also absolutely gutted at how disappointing revlon photo ready foundation was. I thought i'd done a lot of in depth research but when i got it home i hated it. I really think you should be able to get samples of drug store brand foundations like you can with high end. Even though you're not spending quite as much £10-£15 isn't exactly an amount you just want to throw away if you don't like it! Make up can be a tricky thing!

What's the best thing about blogging?
I don't know if i could choose a 'best thing.' I love the whole community and how you can find advice and tips on absolutely anything and there's always someone who'll have an answer to your question however bizarre it is and then you get to chat to everyone and get feed back from other people about things. On the other hand though i personally really enjoy just putting my blog together and typing away about all manner of nonsense. It's somewhat therapeutic! 

Could you recommend your top three favourite bloggers?
That's a seriously difficult one but off the top of my head and in no particular order...

Milkteef: http://www.milkteef.com  Emma's blog appeals to me because it's really simplistic and straight forward. You know exactly what you're going to get- wish lists and outfits with a really simple but professional layout. She also has very similar taste to me so it's great to spy on her purchases- i usually lust after what she's been buying!

I heart vintage: http://www.iheartvintagex.com I love Kavita's vintage on trend style and she's insanely gorgeous and sweet too!

Aha Shake Heartbreaker: http://www.ahashakeheartbreaker.com Vicky's blog is another vintage inspired blog. Her outfits are always absolutely perfect right down to her stacked necklaces. The blog is also original in that it has a more 'serious' post every sunday tackling a specific subject topic. I love that Vicky show cases her writing abilities among pictures of what she's wearing! Vicky is also a frequent updater which is always god when you're as blog obessed as me!

own a Racheyem t-shirt

Big thank you to Rach for taking part! 
If you are interested in being interviewed just leave a comment below & i will get back to you :)

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