2 May 2011

Oooo have you seen that... magic green lipstick?

Don't worry this new green lip paint from barry m wont turn your lips green, it has a special formula that will change colour depending on the level on alkali on your lips and turn a natural shade of pink! Has any one tried this out? You can see more information about this product on the barry m website - http://www.barrym.com/touch-of-magic-lip-paint


  1. Have heard a lot about this - really want to try it! Let us know when you've tried it, will be keen to read a review.

    Thank you for stopping by our blog, your comment about my dress made my day! Has cheered me up after a looooong weekend of paperwork. No rest for the wicked. Going to follow your blog and read up when i've got this work out of the way xxx

  2. that sounds quite good.
    are you going to be buying it anytime soon? id love to read a review ;D

  3. not 100% sure i'll be buying this yet, so i'm gonna check it out next time i pop into superdrug! x

  4. I've got it :D It is great. the texture isn't thick like a lipstick. It doesn't feel like you have anything on. On me it turn quite a cherry hot pink so i just pat a little on. But i do like the colour it turns on my cheecks (as a cream blush) so i use it for that :D

  5. I just wrote a review on that! http://jojofashionblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/beauty-bytesmagic-lipstick.html


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