27 June 2011

new blog header!

I've been wanting to change my blog layout for a while now, it feels like it's not customized enough.
I have chosen to use this image above which I drew using felt tip pens & yellow ink. But I'm not 100% sure if I like this so any feedback would be appricated :)

Thank you in advance! X

25 June 2011

week in pictures #05

strawberry picking

tomato soup cake, tastes better then it looks!

I got high beam. I like it but wouldn't buy the full size bottle.

trying to make cookie dough

what is with this British weather!

swatches of collection 2000 shimmer shades, you can read my review here
Enjoy your weekend :)

23 June 2011

tweet tweet

Oh no, look who's got twitter....

Click on the picture to see my profile, feel free to tweet, follow, or just nosey at my twitter page :) 

(review)Oooo have you seen that... matt lipgloss?

When you think of lip gloss you think sticky - but what about lip creams? The geniuses at Collection 2000 have created a  new velvet-feeling, matt-looking, muted and moisturising lip cream.

The technical bit - contains a moisturising formula that is packed full of vitamins, with a powder finish providing a unique matt look. Powder microspheres hug the creamy colour to your lips to make sure that your pout is perfect all day. It holds up to 8 hours of moisture.

 As you can see from the photographs the lip cream lasted for a long time! 3 cups of tea and two meals later you can see the lip cream has nearly faded. But I am really impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't like lip gloss or isn't a usual lipstick wearer like me. The texture is really creamy and the colours are easy to wear.

The colour I am wearing above is called 'Fairy cakes' and the brown one pictured below is a really nice nude colour, it doesn't show up brown on the lips; called 'Angel Delight'. They smell really nice too! I love these two colours & going to get the other two :) 
These are 2.99 from Superdrug.

natural lip colour 

Angel Delight

22 June 2011


Milkshake anyone?

I love the colour of this nail varnish, the best thing about it is the price - only 1.79!! 

review Collection 2000 shimmer shades

Picture heavy post!

Collection 2000 have recently brought out two new shimmer shades. The pink one is called Blushalious and the brown one is called Way-To-Glow

Each one has four different coloured contour cubes. You can merge the colours together to create a customized shade to suit your skin tone. 

The good thing about these is that they have more then one use. As you can see from the pictures below You could also use these colours as eye shadows or wet a make up brush and use the shades as eye liners


                                            What I Wore     
 I Used The coral based colour from the blush palette on the apples of my cheeks. Then got the darkest red and put it on my cheek bones. Using the darkest brown I contoured my cheek bones & temples. I also used the lightest shade from the brown palette to highlight my brow bone, I added the medium brown to the crease of my eyes too!

You can buy these from Superdrug for 3.99 or get them from Boots - but I think they are a little bit more expensive!
You can find more information & tips on these shimmer shades on the Collection 2000 website here.
What do you think of these products?

20 June 2011

pale or tanned?

Now the weather is very  VERY slowly starting to warm up, we can no longer hide behind our jumpers and tights. The stress of having a perfectly toned and tanned body is starting to set in.This summer I am debating, Too tan or not too tan? 

This picture of me was taken last week (sorry about the pose!), When I first saw this photo I instantly cringed at the natural colour of my legs and headed for my bathroom to fetch some fake tan. 

But it got me thinking, should I Embrace my pale skin? After all it's so much effort fake tanning! On average we spend 680 hours of our lives fake tanning - July Cosmo Uk. However There are some good things about fake tan, it's a lot healthier than a real tan & they can also moisturise the skin. So if you do like the bronzed look opt for fake tans that contain SPF. 
Au natural 
JLo's glow...


Is pale the new tan?

15 June 2011

kia's essential guide to: foundation

Hello! As part of my essential guide series of post's I have decided to tackle foundation next. There are TONS of different types of foundation out there, all with different finishes,coverage,textures and formula's. I am going to discuss these & more in further detail in this post, so get the kettle on & get comfy. This is my essential guide to foundation.

Always start with less, you can always build it up and add more.


Liquid foundations are normally medium to full coverage. They are easy to apply using your fingers, sponges or brush.

Tinted moisturiser 
These are great for the summer as they feel light. The coverage is very light and wont cover any blemishes. Ideal if your in a rush or if you don't like the feeling of wearing make up, most tinted moisturisers contain SPF.

Mousse or Cream
depending on what product you buy these will have a light to medium coverage. These types of foundation very lightweight and easy to apply using your fingers or a sponge. You would probably still need to use concealer with this foundation if you suffer from spots or dark circles.

In the past few years, mineral powder has become more and more popular. You could use it alone as a foundation or to set on top of your foundation as a powder. It will give you a matte finish, and it's good for all skin types. The coverage is usually medium or light.

Pressed Powder
This is normally used to set foundation, it's great if you suffer from oily skin or like a matte finish. Translucent powder suits all skin tones & wont adjusts the shade of your foundation.

These foundations are like a creamier version of a pressed powder. The coverage is medium and is best applied with a sponge using a dabbing technique. Some compact foundation go from cream to liquid. 



Geeky Foundation 
technology has made it's way to make up! 

Max factor Age Renew
 A new advance in anti-ageing foundation and uses a patented formula to smooth away the appearance of  fine lines, hide dark shadows and leave your skin illuminated.

Revlon Beyond Natural
Weightless foundation that goes on white and self-adjusts to match your exact skin tone

Rimmel Lasting finish 25 hours
The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to reenergise overworked skin. Feels hydrating all day.

Hope you enjoyed that! I love reading your comments, any ideas what my next essential guide should be? 


This week i opted for green nails. Here is my attempt to try and make these posts more interesting! I have decided to grow my own tomatoes this summer, and here is a picture of the first one :) so proud!

11 June 2011

DIY denim bleaching

Velda Dip-dyed double-breasted jacket
Dries Van Noten Shirts used as inspiration, these retail for 680 pounds!

I decide to video my final outcome :)

Here's how I did it;

I brought some thin bleach from tesco, and pored about 3cm into a bucket and left my denim shirt sleeves in there overnight. I also tried it with thick bleach but that didn't work! Has anyone done any DIY lately? 

10 June 2011

Primark Vs YSL

6339/s Yves Saint Lauren
Primark plastic brow cat

img 786 sunglasses makeup beauty for summer days Sunglasses Makeup (Beauty for Summer Days!)
Here is AmodelRecommends in her latest video wearing the YSL sunglasses

Well done Primark, you've done it again :) which one's do you prefer? 

6 June 2011


owls screen printgreen typewriter screen print

This month's blogger spotlight is slightly different to the usual beauty blogger. A few weeks ago i came across Helens' blog and instantly fell in love with her illustrations, she specialises in screen printing onto recycled card. Helen kindly sent me some of her artwork, the illustration are so cute and would make perfect gifts; father's day on the 19th!

you can browse her online etsy shop

view her blog too :)

& check out her website

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