20 June 2011

pale or tanned?

Now the weather is very  VERY slowly starting to warm up, we can no longer hide behind our jumpers and tights. The stress of having a perfectly toned and tanned body is starting to set in.This summer I am debating, Too tan or not too tan? 

This picture of me was taken last week (sorry about the pose!), When I first saw this photo I instantly cringed at the natural colour of my legs and headed for my bathroom to fetch some fake tan. 

But it got me thinking, should I Embrace my pale skin? After all it's so much effort fake tanning! On average we spend 680 hours of our lives fake tanning - July Cosmo Uk. However There are some good things about fake tan, it's a lot healthier than a real tan & they can also moisturise the skin. So if you do like the bronzed look opt for fake tans that contain SPF. 
Au natural 
JLo's glow...


Is pale the new tan?


  1. i'm more of a tan girl myself - although have never used fake tan in my life! But I definitely think you should embrace it! If i were pale i think i would :)

  2. I'm tanned naturally, but I've actually somehow been spending less time out in the middle of the day lately, so at the moment I'm quite pale - for me! I'm definitely embracing it, but I do think that come Summer (I'm in Australia!) I'll be opting for a bit of colour.


  3. If you can embrace it you should embrace it! I'm not too pale but I'm definitely not tanned. I just hope that there will be some sun this summer, because fake tan requires more effort than sun bathing!
    Teenage Daydreams

  4. wow j-lo's glow looks horrid :P you should be proud of your skin without having to fake tan it:) there's nothing wrong with being pale, i never really understood the fake tan thing! embrace yourself! lovely blog, following :) ronan x


  5. Oh man, J-Lo looks grim all bronzed up!

  6. I used to tan and now I'm like...naaaaaaaah! I'm pale and I'm that way! x

  7. I'm very pale, but sometimes I will used a moisturiser with a hint of tan on my legs to take the edge of the bright white skin but I dont think I would go for a full fake tan.



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