11 July 2011

Are expensive brands really worth it?

I have tried a lot of different brands, from Estee Lauder to Natural Collection. I love them both for different reasons. With the current recession going on, we are not splurging as much on luxury brands. I have seen a rise in affordable make up brands such as MUA, 2true and primarks own range. This leads me to question, Are we paying for the product or just the name? 

Searching through my endless pit of beauty products I come across some similar nail varnishes. 

spot the difference?

Asda's range of nail varnishes Vs Boot's No7

These bottle are completely identically, apart from the lettering. If you took away the writing you think they are from the same company.  I wouldn't be surprised if they were made in the same factory.

I know a chanel foundation is going to be better than a natural collection one - I would hope so if there was a 30 pound price difference! But more than 
often we just buy products because of the label. Same goes with clothes, 
your not buying those jack wills pants because the material is any different 
to normal pants from supermarkets or the high street .

both products need two coats. Sorry for the poor quality of this image!

They are the same in size, the same shape, the same quality - the only difference I can see is the price. 
So I want you to ask your self next time your shopping and you consider buying that expensive label; 
what are you really paying that much for,the product or the brand? 

Let me know what your views are on this topic, I encourage you to go raid your make up bag and look for
similar packaging of different makes. You may just be surprised!


  1. I totally agree! Glad someone's finally blogged about this, I'm always getting stick for buying bargain make up - but if it looks good quality, the price doesn't make it worse.

  2. Ah, I strongly agree! I bought an Asda matt finish nail varnish the other day for £1 and it works perfectly well.
    I have a primark and H&M nail varnish in exactly the same bottle but Primark's is half the price! We really do just buy the name don't we? x x x

  3. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I completely agree a lot of high street brands i buy from e.g collection 2000 are just as good as high end, they do the job and i like them why should i spend more for something that does the same job just because its a high end brand? Most of my my make up is Maybelline, collection 2000 or NYC :)

  4. Just thought I'd let you in to a secret Chanel actually make boujois x

  5. Chanel own Bourjois yes, it's hardly a secret. A lot of big cosmetis companies own other brands e.g. L'Oreal own Lancome.

  6. agree!!! iv not tried the george nail polish but the No.7 polish is pants! lol fab blog hun :) xxxx

  7. i agree!! all these expensive brands tend to be rubbish! i've got asda own and a no.7 and they work equally as good so i buy asda own now!! pahaha :P



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