20 July 2011

kia's essential guide to: false eyelashes

Hello lovely people :) I have an 'Essential guide to:' post today, most of us would like longer eyelashes. So with the help of some falsies & mascara we can! My favourite brand of false eyelashes is Girls with Attitude. I like quite natural looking false eyelashes, so these two are ideal. They also have a special range called 'Shorties' which specialises in short false eyelashes. 

On the left, Short & Sweet. On the right Glamour to go 004.

Each pack contains glue & an application brush

remove the eyelashes with tweezers.

bend the lash in a U shape to make it flexible and easier to apply.

wait a few seconds for the glue to go tacky

always curl eyelashes before applying


 These are perfect for every day wear. You can also apply mascara afterwards if you fancied, these were 5.00 and you can use them more then once.You can get them from Superdrug/Boots or they have Free delivery on their website - 

Thoughts on false eyelashes? x


  1. great tips - thank you! really helped x

  2. wow that is really helpful!!!


  3. great post. I love individual lashes at the moment! for that elfin kinda look.


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