13 July 2011

stress free tresses

I Think I speak on behalf of all girls out there when I say our lives would be much easier without hair. I find that my hair tangles quite easily and it's such a chore brushing my hair. So, when I discovered the Tangle Teezer, & hearing lots of good things about it; I was excited to try it out! 
The brush comes with a leaflet telling you about the product & how to use it.


I really wanted to photograph how well it works. It took about 10 seconds to brush this knot out. Sorry the pictures aren't brilliant but It's definitely worth checking the product out yourself. 

 I don't know how it works but it does. If you have hair you need this brush! It's compact, so fits nicely in my handbag for hair touch ups. This is a limited edition colour & cost 10.20 from Boots. Don't let the price put you off, you can tell the product is really good quality and that it will last you for years!


  1. i wondered what this was when i saw it in the shops !

  2. ahah yeah I know what you mean, I have long hair and sometime I would like to be a man XD

  3. I'm so excited to use mine!! X


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