29 August 2011

typically British

Holiday photographs. I love travelling, even if it's in the same country. Only have a couple of sunny days but still had a good time. Just catching up on blogs & reading lovely comments. I have missed blogging and have lots of post's coming soon. Hope you are having a good summer x


  1. the dounuts are a bargain!
    love the pictures, hope you had a lovely time! x

  2. great photos, looks like you had a great time! xx

  3. Awww, was that an old fashioned sweet shop I saw? If it was I am so jealous because they are so cute xx

  4. @ katie didn't notice the price of the donuts, I just liked the giant donut!
    @ Nadine Thank you, I did!
    @ ClairBear It was, I love them too! They always have nice window displays


  5. Lovely pics :).

    Sadie x


  6. Ahhhh, love your blog! Always pay attention to things recognised by Shout - guaranteed beautiful!
    I love the giant donut, and the make-up on a towel. Can I say that your blog inspired me to make a fashion-and-makeup group on fb? Btw, I'm bookmarking your website.
    Hope you had a good holiday!
    -Ash xxxx

  7. thank you ash :) your comment means a lot to me! xx

  8. Oh, it's OK. You're the one doing me a favour- keep writing your blog!

    -Ash x


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