14 August 2011

my top 3 skin oils

Bio Oil 60ml £8.99
I'm sure you all recognise this product, renowned for it's quality and versatility. I like to put this on my face once a week before bed, it really helps to hydrate my skin.It also helps improve the appearance of scars, uneven skin  tone and ageing skin. Available from Boots,Superdrug & also some Supermarkets. 

Sensitive Skin Oil 250ml £17.65
Formulated by dermatologists, this skin oil contains no perfume, essential oils or unnecessary ingredients. It is ideal sensitive,dry or irritated skin. I like to use this as an after sun, I also pour a little into the bath for a luxurious soak! You can use it as an massage oil too, it has a non greasy formula and sinks quickly into my skin.

Black Chicken Love your Body Oil 100ml £45.50
I do love my body when using this oil! It contains 12 different essential oils including  roseship,carrot,coconut,patchouli and hazelnut. Each individual oil helps to hydrated your skin and calm your mind. This skin definitely smells the nicest out of them all! Made from 100% natural ingredients it helps prevent the signs of ageing. The light formula makes it non greasy and absorb easily into the skin! I love the modern packaging and the robust bottle it comes in. Avaliable from Selfridges and online at http://blackchickenremedies.co.uk

Do you use a body/skin oil? Or have tried any of the products above? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


  1. bio oil! it was around in south africa for ages (and was super popular), i was so surprised it took so long to catch on here. i love that it can deal with anything and smells good!


  2. I have been using Black chicken love your body oil now for over 6 months (purchased in oz) & the difference in my skin is amazing. It's a lot more expensive than bio oil but you absolutely cannot compare the 2. I used to use bio oil and recently thought I'd test it on my skin after a shower. It felt gritty and certainly does not smell nice or have the same benefits and luxurious sensation at BC. Do your skin a favor and try black chicken! You won't regret it. LB

  3. I have tried the black chicken oil & I love it!! The smell is so delicious, definitely my fav out of the three & you can't compare it to the bio oil. Must have body oil :) x

  4. might have to invest in some bio-oil, i've never tried it,
    I love how you draw the item's! xx


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