9 August 2011

week in pictures #07

with my dog :) Travis

little piglets at a fair

fondue stall

hedgehog currently lodging at the bottom of our garden!
It's all kicking off in London and other cities in the UK this week, sad footage on the news! I hope it ends soon. Have a lovely, lovely week, any plans? x


  1. aw cute piggies!

    thanks for your comment, i have come across glossy box, i heard that the first box was pretty awesome and then it massively nosedived...i am waiting to hear about the coming few month to hear about the quality of the contents. have you received them? how did you find them?


  2. hello again!

    in response to your post, i have twitter but i don't really use it - i was a fantastic tweeter when i was a student, but now i work full time in a pretty full on job i don't really have the time (plus it is blocked on my work computer!)


  3. Ah that's a shame! I was going to stalk you on twitter :L xxx

  4. I love these posts, your photos are the cutest especially the one with the piglets. x

  5. @Angela thank you, your too kind! x


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