30 September 2011

Frontcover AirKiss - 20 lipsticks for £20!

Feast your eyes on this beauty. Part of Frontcover's new Autumn Winter range. I was given this at their event which I blogged about here. I've never really owned many lipsticks, purely because I don't have the foggiest what to go for. But as soon as I saw this I knew I needed it in my life. With it comes; 20 mini lipsticks, nude lip liner,retractable lip brush and some hints & tips.

This is a must have product for all make up junkies, I love experimenting with all the colours!  Each one has a really nice creamy formula that lasts. The lip brush is okay but I think I'll save that for when the lipstick has nearly ran out & you try to get what's left out of the bottom. The nude lip liner is a bit dark for me,but it's a good product. The lipsticks also double up as cream blushers! I love the packaging and all the lipstick names too.

My current fav is 'Pink Papaya' lipstick on the bottom left. The kit has everything from bubblegum pink to vampy red. Will be showing swatches in upcoming posts. Cannot get over the price! This is avaiable from Boots & it's on the Christmas 3 for 2. Better whip out the advantage card before they all sell out.

28 September 2011

Frontcover blogger event - my first time!

Hello :) The weather has been so nice today! Been using my Avene protection spray & Liz Earle Skin tint as they both contain SPF. Hope the weather stays like this for a while!

On Tuesday I attended my first ever event, I was so nervous! It was for the launch of Frontcover's Autumn/Winter range. I have been invited to a couple of event's before but they are always in London & it's such a trek! However, I do love Frontcover so I decided to go along. 

We were greeted by Michelle,creative director & illustrator.Which was followed by champagne and cupcakes ( made by Kate Middletion's brother!) Then we gathere around a big table full of FrontCover products for us all to ogle at whilst Michelle explained the range. 
I was really impressed by it all; the quality, the packaging, the price, the colours..Couldn't fault anything! Also I love the fact that the photographs on the front of the boxes are created using only Frontcover products. Towards the end we were given the oppintunity to choose anything from their range to take with us. I filled with absolute panic at the idea of trying to choose something as I loved everything! In the end I opted for their Air Kiss Box - so happy I went for this one. Will do a review/illustration of it soon :)

Loved my first blogger event, can't wait for more! If you have any questions, please do ask! Have a lovely week x 

(quick question, is my font to small? Thank you in advance!)

24 September 2011

my make up collection & storage

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Hello :) hope you are all having a lovely weekend. It is surprisingly sunny where I live today so I have been catching up on the vitamin D. Tonight I will be getting cosy in front of the T.V and watching Doctor who - love it! Next week I am attending my first ever blogger event, aahhh! Will blog about that :) Anyway I'll stop rambling now...

This is my make up collection; not all of it mind. Some of it is in my bedroom/bathroom/handbag/car/bit of everywhere really. But this is where I go to do my make up, it's right next to a window because I think it's important to do make up in natural light. The desk was an old computer desk & I'm thinking of upgrading it to a proper dressing table. 

Most of the products seem to be foundations, it's my mission in life to find the ultimate one! I love applying foundation as it completely changes your face. I also like mascara's too. I don't have one trusty mascara i'll always turn too - I normally use a couple together. The three sided mirror is great & helps avoid any make up mishaps you might miss. 

I love having a nosey at other peoples storage/make up collections so let me know if you have done a post like this! If you would like my thought's on any of the products you see,just let me know :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

23 September 2011

my favourite nail varnishes

George at Asda Quick Dry in Orange £1.75

GOSH Nail Laquor in Hologrphic £4.50
LOVE the effect this gives, but it does take 3/4 coats!

OPI in Roadhouse Blues £10.50

N.Y.C in Yellow £1.99
I have had this for waay too long! But I love the colour & can't find it any more.

Mavala in YlangYlang £2.99
great 'smart' varnish, I wear this to job interviews!

Myface Lil' Bling in Aubergine £5.99

Collection 2000 Hot Looks £1.79
These are really good value for money, however sometimes the brushes aren't very good so check before you buy!

No7 in Salsa £7.00

Barry M in Cyan Blue £2.99

Mavala in French CanCan £2.99
I was sent both Mavala nail polishes & I found they didn't last very long unless I used a top coat. 

So that was a  list of my fav nail varnishes. I think that you don't need to spend a lot; as long as you have a good top coat your sorted! My all time favourite colour has to be yellow, I find painting my nails really relaxing. If your looking for a bargain opt for Asda's own range. They have a lovely range of colours & only £1.75 each! My Splurge product would have to be Myface's varnishes. Good quality, only need one coat and doesn't chip. Do you have a fav brand/colour? x

18 September 2011

Oooo have you seen that... new make up range at Tesco?

 I am the kind of daughter that hangs around the cosmetic isle's whilst her mum does the food shopping. So I was delighted to hear a new make up brand was going to launch at Tesco. VIVO has a whole range of products too tickle your fancy. Affordable and on-trend; this brand is definitely worth checking out on your next weekly shop. I was kindly sent some products to review,however my opinions are my own and as always, honest. 
Trio Eye shadow Palette £2.50
The pigmentation is quite good for it's price. They have a lovely range of colours & this neutral palette is my favourite. The double ended brush makes application easy. I used this to create a brown smoky eye & was happy with the end result! Will blog a picture soon ;)
Ultimate Base Concealer Kit £5
I love the highlighter that comes with this, will be using daily! For a review on this with some before and after pictures check out my previous post here. For a budget concealer this was okay, but I think I prefer the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection one. The highlighter is the highlight of this kit. 
Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss £1.50
This come is a tube that you have to squeeze to get out product. It can get a little messy as you can see in the photograph! If you like lip glosses you will like this, the coverage is build-able and it leaves a nice sparkly sheen.

Overall, I like the wide range of products VIVO have. Although I haven't tried them I like the look of their baked eye shadows & blushers. They also do lipsticks for just £1.99! I'm always a bit vary of budget foundations, so I'm not sure if that would be a hit. But I am tempted to pop to Tesco to check out what other things they have to offer! What do you think of VIVO? x

14 September 2011

How to get rid of those dark under eye circles forever!

I have tried everything - from teabags to teaspoons. Dark circles can so be depressing, and it's not a good look. I used to trawl the internet for cures and miracle products. I'm not 100% sure why I get them, but I think it might be heredity and I get hayfever to which probably adds to it. Even with 12 hours sleep they will still be there in the morning. 

So, I decided to hunt for the ultimate concealer. I tried and tested a whole range of products, which I really wanted to share with you. I understand that dark circles can knock your confidence so I really wanted to write this post. Even if this just helps one person, I wish I had read this 5 years ago! 

Natural Collection Cover-up Cream in Fair £1.99 2.5/5 
This is a great concealer if your on a budget. The coverage is light-medium & it covers up faint blemishes. I also found I needed to touch up during the day, It doesn't come in many shades too. But this concealer wont break the bank.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2 £4.19 3/5
I was a bit annoyed when the text rubbed of the packaging only after a few uses. I apply this using the wand to my dark circles, then leave it on for about 30 seconds, then dab it in with either my fingers or a cosmetic sponge. The coverage is medium & I found it had a sort of 'orangey' tint to the product; this would be good if your dark circles are blue. Blends nicely, would recommend if your blemishes aren't to bad. 
I've also tried the Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch concealer (£4.99), The coverage was lighter and it had a pink under tone. It would probably be quite nice on top of the Lasting Perfection. But I wouldn't buy it again.

Eyeko Touch and Go Concealer £5.00 0/5
I brought this a few years ago when it was new to Superdrug. The range looked nice so I decided to give their concealer a go. So disappointed. They only had one shade, which was a really unflattering dark orange colour. Didn't cover anything. Wouldn't recommend this product. The first and only thing I have tried of Eyeko's. 

Vivo Ultimate Base Concealer Kit £5 3/5 
New cosmetic brand exculsivliy to Tesco. I was given the oppitunity to try a few things from the range. With the palette you receive 2 different concealer shades, a setting powder,a highligher, doubled ended brush & a mirror. I would say the coverage is light-medium as it slightly covered my dark circles. This palette would suit you if you had fairly good skin anyway. I like the fact it comes with a powder, and the highlighter is a really nice products. Not bad value for money.

Keromask Camouflage Cream in No. 5 £14.99 6/5 (yes it's that good)
Wow. This product is amazing. I have been searching for that perfect concealer for years, and now my search has ended. Beautifully packaged products & good range of colours. Keromask comes in a 24 different shades. I opted for No.5, it's really difficult to choose the right colour for your skintone online & unfortunately the one I choose is too light for me! However, you can buy a sample kit which comes with mini versions of the product's for just £4.99. When I first applied it, I placed some on the back of my hand & then used a cosmetic sponge to dab under my eyes. The Coverage is full & a little bit goes a long way. I used the Mineral Rich Finishing Powder in Light (15.99) to set the cream. I don't rate the powder much, didn't really make the product last longer. Anyway I could ramble on about Keromask for ages. Check them out for yourself on their website - http://www.keromask.com/ 

Sorry for the unflattering eye shots, I don't really like my eyes! But for the purpose of blogging & reviewing it is a must :) Hope this helped someone. As always comments and feedback is always welcomed x

10 September 2011

how to whiten teeth

'Say cheese!' I actually dread those two words. Pictures of me with my mouth open are extremely rare. Why I hear you ask, well we can't all have everything. And I don't like my smile. As a beauty product lover, I have tried and tested a whole range of products that claim to give me that 'Hollywood Smile'. I wanted to share my expereiences and show you the products that worked; and the ones that didn't. 

Arm and Hammer Advanced Whitening £1.00 2.5/5 
Really good value for money & I love the packaging of these products. The Toothpaste claims to turn teeth 3 shades whiter. Whilst this is very effective at cleaning my teeth and removing plague, I didn't notice a great difference in the colour of my teeth. Arm and Hammer web site here

Beverly Hills Sensitive Whitening £2.99 2/5
'Whiter teeth in just 1 minute'. I had high exceptions for this product, & it took me ages to find a Superdrug that stocked it. After reading lots of good reviews on this, it didn't live up. I had to cover my teeth in the paste & leave it on for 1 minute. Unfortunately I didn't notice a difference. When I had finished the product my teeth were only slightly whiter. More Beverly Hills here.

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile £5.10 3/5
This is the one I am currently using. It guarantees to whiten your teeth in just 3 weeks. It also comes with a 'teeth colour guide' allowing you to monitor the progress. After 3 weeks of use, my teeth were slightly whiter. I was disappointed with the results. However, once switching from a manual brush to an electric brush - It all changed...
Pearl Drop site here!

Arm and Hammer Sonic Spinbrush £12.99 5/5
Unlike most electric toothbrushes, instead of rotating this one vibrates. Ever since using this with my Pearl Drops toothpaste I have noticed my teeth look a lot whiter and feel cleaner. I had been using manual toothbrushes for a while & thought they were doing the job just fine. After just one use of this I Instantly noticed a difference in the way my teeth felt & looked. It has also helped to get the most from my toothpaste. I really wish I had this when I was using the Arm & Hammer Whitening toothpaste as it would had probably improved the results. If you are going to splurge on a toothpaste it's just as important to have a good toothbrush. I would definatley recommend this one. Available from Superdrug, Boots & some supermarkets.

Even if you don't like you teeth, it's always important to

4 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint Vs other Tinted Moisturisers

As a far as tinted moisturisers go, I'm a fan. A simple combination of a skincare and make up product that is quick and easy to apply for those 'cba' days. This month see's the launch of the long awaited Skin Tint from Liz Earle. I was recently given the oppitunity to test it out; I wanted to compare it with other tinted moisturisers available on the market.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint £21.00 (out 8th September)
First Impressions - I like the packaging, lovely product design but slightly smaller then I expected. I went for the lightest shade, which unfortunately is the wrong colour for me. However Liz Earle have a system put in place for these sort of dilemma's, with your online order you receive 3 samples of each shade so you can find your perfect colour - phew! The light formula blends easily into the skin and gives a nice velvet finish. The coverage is light so it doesn't cover my blemishes. A few bloggers have commented on it's smell. I would describe it as slightly artificial, it doesn't bother me and disappears once it's dried. I am in love with the finish it gives and cannot wait to see what make up product Liz Earle launches next - fingers crossed it's foundation!
MakeBelieve Glow Tinted Moisturiser £15.00 
Out of all three, this is the thickest tinted moisturiser. I feel it leaning slightly towards the 'foundation' section. The colour is a lot darker too as it's designed for fake tan wearers. The coverage is light so I need a bit of concealer to hid my imperfections. You can build up the coverage on this if you use a powder on top.  This would be ideal to take away on holiday, and it's really handy to have in the summer when your skin colour is changing. 
Living Nature Tinted Moisturiser £18.00
My Last product comes from Living Nature; a cosmetics company that specialises in creating product's made from 100% natural ingredients. This colour is perfect for me, it's lightweight formula absorbs nicely into the skin and  leaves my face looking fresh. Again the coverage is light. I love the product packaging and the modern looking tube it come's in. It contain's Manuka Honey to keep the skin nourished!

Does anyone else like to use a tinted moisturiser, or have you tried any of the product's above? x

2 September 2011

August Favourites

hello september. Those lazy months of summer will soon feel like a distant memory as we cling onto the last few days of sunshine. Whether your heading back to school, college, uni or work here is something that might cheer you up. A selection of my favourite products this months, specially chosen and trailed just for you. 

Original Konjac Sponge £5.25
Now, this first product is worth raving about. It is a face and body sponge that not only does wonders for your skin; it is biodegradable and 100% natural. Made from potato fibres, this sponge gently exfoliates,cleanses and softens my skin leaving a nice healthy glow. Very good value for money, and a real treat for you! Suitable if you find muslin clothes to harsh or if you have sensitive skin. Read more on this here.

TOMMYGUNS Colour Save Intensive Mask £7.00
You may not recognize this haircare brand but they have won numerous awards - rightly so! Because I dye my hair blonde it often looks dull, this product helps to condition and brighten my hair. It smells lovely too, with a blend of apricot and almond.I use this once a week ot when I want my hair to look it's best. View other products from their range here

Blink Eyebrow Grooming Gel £15.00
This coloured gel is great for filling in any gaps and doesn't leave your eyebrows feeling crusty! It also doubles up as a mascara - making the price not seem so bad. It is great for keeping my brows in place & I use it daily! Blink website here

Purity Facial Exfoliator £5.99
A really nice gentle exfoliator. It contains ground coconut shell to exfoliate as well as Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerine and Aloe Vera. Leaves my skin conditioned & clear. I'll always use this before applying fake tan to my face. Purity products here.

L'Occitane Organic Lavender Body Lotion £18.00
You may already know this, but I'm a big fan of lavender scented beauty products. I apply this after a shower, the smell is so relaxing and it leaves my skin nice and soft. The non greasy formula absorbs quickly too. Check out their lovely website here.

SteamCream £10.50
I like my product packaging, and it doesn't get any better than this. This multi-purpose cream is handmade in England. The steam-infused process used to create the cream gives it it's unique name. The natural ingredients it contains inclulde; lavender oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and oatmeal infusion. Specially selected ingredients help to keep my skin hydrated and feeling soft. I LOVE the tin it comes in, I will be keeping it long after the cream has ran out! Check them out here. My favourite August Favourite! 
Bombshell Body Revealing Body Cleanser £12.75
I'm attending my friends birthday party this month and the dress I'm wearing shows of my back. Before I discovered this product, I had planned on using my normal face cleanser to keep my back looking clear! This product contains micro-crystals that help to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. I use this daily to keep my skin looking fresh & clear. Check out more from the range here

Smooch Eye shadow Duo in Suede £9.50
New make up brand Smooch recently launch some new cosmetics. I am big fan of their eye shadow's. Good pigmentation and a lovely range of colours to choose from. I like their matte black packaging too! At the minute everything as 50% off - be quick as it ends soon. View Smooch Cosmetics here

Blink Luscious Lash Oil £16.00
Second Blink product, this lash oil moisturises, strengthens and conditions my eyelashes. I really like the hard brush it comes with as it's easy to coat every lash. It also smells very nice! With hints of Apricot & jasmine. It is a little bit pricey, a cheaper alternative would be some good old vaseline.  

Lipcote Lipstick Sealer £3.45
If you wear lipstick, you need this in your life. Simples. This classic product has been going for 50 years & is just as strong today. It stops lipstick from feathering and gives a nice velvet finish. Beautifully packaged and designed, a must have product for all beauty junkies. View the website here

Sranrom Blissful Blossoms Shower Gel £12.00
Silly me forgot to illustrate this, but I love it & want to include it in my favs! I like my shower gels to smell amazing - and this does not dissappoint. With aromas like champaka and ylang ylang this luxourious product is very relaxing. I have to use this everytime I shower! More Sranron here.

Another month gone, another post of my favourite beauty products. Let me know if you prefer the layout where my illustrations are bigger or if you like the old way where they are all together in a line. 

Have you tried anything above? x
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