14 September 2011

How to get rid of those dark under eye circles forever!

I have tried everything - from teabags to teaspoons. Dark circles can so be depressing, and it's not a good look. I used to trawl the internet for cures and miracle products. I'm not 100% sure why I get them, but I think it might be heredity and I get hayfever to which probably adds to it. Even with 12 hours sleep they will still be there in the morning. 

So, I decided to hunt for the ultimate concealer. I tried and tested a whole range of products, which I really wanted to share with you. I understand that dark circles can knock your confidence so I really wanted to write this post. Even if this just helps one person, I wish I had read this 5 years ago! 

Natural Collection Cover-up Cream in Fair £1.99 2.5/5 
This is a great concealer if your on a budget. The coverage is light-medium & it covers up faint blemishes. I also found I needed to touch up during the day, It doesn't come in many shades too. But this concealer wont break the bank.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 2 £4.19 3/5
I was a bit annoyed when the text rubbed of the packaging only after a few uses. I apply this using the wand to my dark circles, then leave it on for about 30 seconds, then dab it in with either my fingers or a cosmetic sponge. The coverage is medium & I found it had a sort of 'orangey' tint to the product; this would be good if your dark circles are blue. Blends nicely, would recommend if your blemishes aren't to bad. 
I've also tried the Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch concealer (£4.99), The coverage was lighter and it had a pink under tone. It would probably be quite nice on top of the Lasting Perfection. But I wouldn't buy it again.

Eyeko Touch and Go Concealer £5.00 0/5
I brought this a few years ago when it was new to Superdrug. The range looked nice so I decided to give their concealer a go. So disappointed. They only had one shade, which was a really unflattering dark orange colour. Didn't cover anything. Wouldn't recommend this product. The first and only thing I have tried of Eyeko's. 

Vivo Ultimate Base Concealer Kit £5 3/5 
New cosmetic brand exculsivliy to Tesco. I was given the oppitunity to try a few things from the range. With the palette you receive 2 different concealer shades, a setting powder,a highligher, doubled ended brush & a mirror. I would say the coverage is light-medium as it slightly covered my dark circles. This palette would suit you if you had fairly good skin anyway. I like the fact it comes with a powder, and the highlighter is a really nice products. Not bad value for money.

Keromask Camouflage Cream in No. 5 £14.99 6/5 (yes it's that good)
Wow. This product is amazing. I have been searching for that perfect concealer for years, and now my search has ended. Beautifully packaged products & good range of colours. Keromask comes in a 24 different shades. I opted for No.5, it's really difficult to choose the right colour for your skintone online & unfortunately the one I choose is too light for me! However, you can buy a sample kit which comes with mini versions of the product's for just £4.99. When I first applied it, I placed some on the back of my hand & then used a cosmetic sponge to dab under my eyes. The Coverage is full & a little bit goes a long way. I used the Mineral Rich Finishing Powder in Light (15.99) to set the cream. I don't rate the powder much, didn't really make the product last longer. Anyway I could ramble on about Keromask for ages. Check them out for yourself on their website - http://www.keromask.com/ 

Sorry for the unflattering eye shots, I don't really like my eyes! But for the purpose of blogging & reviewing it is a must :) Hope this helped someone. As always comments and feedback is always welcomed x


  1. Fantastic blog post, well done you for all the before and after photographs. I cannot believe how well the Keromask has covered your dark circles, I have been plagued with dark circles all of my life and like you have been on a quest to find the perfect concealer, I am now going to have a look at their website :) Jude xx @jadlgw www.lovelustandfairydust.com

  2. I've just ordered the sample kit and it currently has 50% off so it was only £2.99 plus 50p p&p x

  3. @Jude aah fab :) I hope you get on well & let me know! xx

  4. Maybe you don't like 'em, but you have beautiful eyes :)
    It seems only that you need more sleep:)

  5. you have nice eyes! >.<
    please take a look at my blog and maybe follow? :D


  6. Thank you so much for stopping by! :) Great blog!
    I followed!
    Can you please follow back? <3

  7. Thank you for your comment :) You do some lovely reviews on your blog. You can tell you put a lot of effort into your posts. Lots of love and thanks again for stopping by!

  8. ooo i was looking forward to this one! it is also my quest to find the ultimate concealer! atm i have been using bobbi brown and it is very good, but seeing as keromask got 6/5 i may have to invest!


  9. how do you post things on differant pages?

  10. Natural Collection Cover-up Cream in Fair: where did you get this cover up, kia. x

  11. @e.pizzey it was from boots :) & it's the only shop you can from x


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