10 September 2011

how to whiten teeth

'Say cheese!' I actually dread those two words. Pictures of me with my mouth open are extremely rare. Why I hear you ask, well we can't all have everything. And I don't like my smile. As a beauty product lover, I have tried and tested a whole range of products that claim to give me that 'Hollywood Smile'. I wanted to share my expereiences and show you the products that worked; and the ones that didn't. 

Arm and Hammer Advanced Whitening £1.00 2.5/5 
Really good value for money & I love the packaging of these products. The Toothpaste claims to turn teeth 3 shades whiter. Whilst this is very effective at cleaning my teeth and removing plague, I didn't notice a great difference in the colour of my teeth. Arm and Hammer web site here

Beverly Hills Sensitive Whitening £2.99 2/5
'Whiter teeth in just 1 minute'. I had high exceptions for this product, & it took me ages to find a Superdrug that stocked it. After reading lots of good reviews on this, it didn't live up. I had to cover my teeth in the paste & leave it on for 1 minute. Unfortunately I didn't notice a difference. When I had finished the product my teeth were only slightly whiter. More Beverly Hills here.

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile £5.10 3/5
This is the one I am currently using. It guarantees to whiten your teeth in just 3 weeks. It also comes with a 'teeth colour guide' allowing you to monitor the progress. After 3 weeks of use, my teeth were slightly whiter. I was disappointed with the results. However, once switching from a manual brush to an electric brush - It all changed...
Pearl Drop site here!

Arm and Hammer Sonic Spinbrush £12.99 5/5
Unlike most electric toothbrushes, instead of rotating this one vibrates. Ever since using this with my Pearl Drops toothpaste I have noticed my teeth look a lot whiter and feel cleaner. I had been using manual toothbrushes for a while & thought they were doing the job just fine. After just one use of this I Instantly noticed a difference in the way my teeth felt & looked. It has also helped to get the most from my toothpaste. I really wish I had this when I was using the Arm & Hammer Whitening toothpaste as it would had probably improved the results. If you are going to splurge on a toothpaste it's just as important to have a good toothbrush. I would definatley recommend this one. Available from Superdrug, Boots & some supermarkets.

Even if you don't like you teeth, it's always important to


  1. lovely review, im also teeth conscious! I might invest in the toothbrush though!

  2. I need that toothbrush in my life! L x

  3. I'm always in a battle to whiten my teeth, although every thing I try doesn't work :( My mom holds this theory that my teeth are always slightly stained because of the amount of tea I drink. Nevertheless, I really want to try this toothbrush - or at least something similar!

    ♡ fusels.blogspot.com

  4. great post! personally I found the only thing that really works and is long-term is actually just going and getting moulds made at the dentist and the teeth whitening bleach but it costs a bomb!

  5. Hm think I need to get that toothbrush! Great post love! xx

  6. Very interesting post! Whitening teeth is definitely the new in thing, the toothbrush sounds great! xoxo

  7. hahaha that picture made me chuckle!!! x

  8. Glad you all like the post, defo worth checking out the toothbrush! xx

  9. hahah, love this!!

  10. A teeth whitening process is one of the most common ways that people choose to cosmetically enhance their smile.

  11. quite want to get mine done!


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