10 October 2011

upcoming posts

Hello! How is everyone's October going? Just a quickie to let you know what is happening on the blog soon.
As you can see from the picture above; I have a big collection 2000 review coming up. Also some Burt's Bees Skincare, Lots of false eyelashes, a bit of fake tan and a winter skincare post.

This Wednesday I have some BIG blog news to share with you all! AAAHHH...


  1. Sounds good! Excited to read your Collection 2000 review and the Burts Bees one! :) x


  2. Cant wait.

  3. i saw that collection 2000 eye palette the other day, excited to hear your thoughts! xxx

  4. New to your LOVELY blog..lovin it so far..have tried the burts bees lip balm and love it..can't wait for your thoughts..x


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