15 November 2011

Autumn/Winter Nail Trends

I love nail varnish. My Colour changes weekly depending on my mood and the latest trends. So, I don't want to keep you waiting, check out what nail trends are popular this A/W. WARNING your friends are going to be well jel when they see how cool your nails look after reading this post.    
I love the way my Mavala Color Matt top coat completely changes the way your nail varnish looks. As you can see in the photo, I've left one nail to show you the effect it gives. Forget magnetic or crackle nail varnish, matte nails are the way forward.


There is something very festive about sparkly nails. I'm currently loving the nail glitter pots from GOSH(3.99 from Superdrug). Perfect trend if you love nail art but aren't very good at it! All you need to do with these is dip your nails in the pot, simple. Andrea Fulerton does Glitter pens, you can see me wearing them here.


The Androgynous trend is huge right now; the boyish look dominated catwalks. For a masculine yet extremely simple look is to keep nails clean and bare. Being fashionable has never been so easy.

Any of these trends take your fancy? 

Completely out of the blue and unrelated, but I wanted to share with you my bargain buy of the year! I popped into TK Maxx this morning and spotted this lovely cape I'd had my eye on for ages. The price had been reduced to £7.00! Lots of different capes there under £10!


  1. Really want to try the glitter trend, I have some glitter kicking about that is really meant for eyes, but I don't see it working much differently!

    Matte nails are my next adventure I think haha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. This is Nina here (my blog is softtouchesmakeupdesigns?) don't know whether you remember me? Anyway I am just writing to inform you that my gmail and blogs have been taken away for a reason even i don't know!
    Thank you for all you have done and I am very grateful for your help!
    Nina xx :)

  3. really like matt nails, where can you get matt top coat?

  4. The pink nails are gorgeous and the glitter ones! I personally hate naked nails though but thats just because all my 'white bits' are different shapes and so look stupid!! x

  5. @ Nina not sure why that has happen! Definitely send them a email & try to get it sorted out! x

    @ClaireBear I know 17 at boots and GOSH at superdrug also do matte nail varnishes or you can buy the Mavala one at debenhams x

  6. What a gorgeous cape - and such a bargain! Matte nails are definitely the way forward, but with Christmas just around the corner, it would be almost rude to ignore glitter nails! x

  7. I love, love glitter nails, especially for xmas! Though I hate taking it off :( That cape looks lovely and what a bargain! x


  8. I love the matte trend and the glitter trend (: ♥

  9. I love that cape! I went to TK Maxx today but I think they must have run out.

    What a bargain!


    Check out my blog www.daniellesdiscerningeye.blogspot.comm

  10. Yeah we have it sorted and my blogs are back now! I sent you an email with my new address and I do still have my gmail account but i much prefer hotmail!

  11. Love the matte nails!!


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