22 November 2011


I like a guest post as much as the next person, that's why I decided to create my own series of blogger interviews when I started my blog. 'Blogger Spotlight' is a monthly feature which allows my readers to get the goss on their favourite bloggers/vloggers. This month I interview the lovely Sophie from The Secret Avenue. If you only do one thing today, make sure you follow this cool kid. 

Favourite fashion brand?

My favourite fashion brand is probably Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. When ever I walk into one of their shops I would literally buy everything I saw if I had the money! I love the style of clothing they sell, its really quite unique and totally my style.

What made you decide to start a blog?

I found Lilly Melrose's blog in Look magazine and ever since I have been obsessed! Every morning I would look through her outfit posts to get inspiration of what to wear that day. At first I thought she just had a general website but I went back to her very first posts and read that it was actually a blog, I was so inspired by her to make a blog because it looked so much fun.

Do you have any blogging tips?

I don't really have any blogging tips, you just have to be very inspired to share what you love with the world. I would defiantly say be yourself, its hard to show your personality in writing but just write as if you were telling your best friend about a new beauty product you just found people will love it if they feel like you're talking directly to them. Keep your blog layout simple but professional I hate coming across blogs with great posts but flashing glitter backgrounds and multi coloured words, it really puts me off following them. Also try not to post about 5 posts a day, I used to think it got you more followers but it doesn't you just eventually run out of ideas and the posts end up not being good quality. My one blogging pet peve though its when people ask you to follow them back, please refrain from doing that, it gets annoying and puts people off checking out your blog, defiantly leave a link to your blog but don't spam peoples blog advertising your own blog. Ooo don't for get to keep your home town a secret, I have heard people were getting stalked because they shared to much information some man even found some girls school and was following her!

What make up products can you not live without?

I defiantly can't live with out my mascara or my urban decay brow box, people would cry if they saw me in public with out these on.
Favourite nail varnish brand? 

OPI is my all time favourite but Models Own nail polish is slowly starting to become my next obsession. 

Visit Sophie's blog here! Thank you very much Sophie for taking part in this & I really hope your blog continues to grow. If you are interested in taking part your self or maybe there is a blogger you would like me to interview leave a comment below or email me! 


  1. I'm quite new to blogging but wouldn't mind an interview to get me started? My blog's http://softtouchesmakeupdesigns.blogspot.com/ if you want ot leave a comment on it? Found sophie very interesting and thought her advice was great! As usual your blog is amazing Kia you are such an inspiration!
    :) x

  2. I haven't actually got a blog but each time i look at yours or another one like it i really want to start a blog but i'm worried i'll run out of ideas to put in posts and my blog will be a failure so that's always put me off it! bacically i think i need some tips and support before i start if i do. whenever i go to start one i keep thinking no-one will like it so i don't start one.

    What do i do, oh, beauty blogging master, Kia? :P


  3. will do a post on how to start blogging for you soon! xx

  4. Oh wow kia! Thank You soooo much! A post for mainly for me?! EEEEP! a dream come true! :P

  5. Oh wow kia! Thank You soooo much! A post for mainly for me?! EEEEP! a dream come true! :P

  6. ^ sorry i accidently posted it twice! ^


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