2 November 2011

Diana Vickers for Collection 2000 - reviews

Illustration using mascara and yellow ink
You may already know this, but Diana Vickers is the new face of make up brand Collection 2000. I am a big fan of their products and I think Diana suits them well. I was kindly sent some products that Diana had recommend. Here's how I got on!

Lasting Colour Lipstick in Mango Tango £3.49
This lipstick taught me a lesson. NEVER think you can't 'do' a lipstick. On first impressions I excepted the lipstick was too bright and wouldn't suit me. However, once I tried it on I instantly feel in love with it. I wore it everyday in Tenerife & I'm wearing it as I write this! Because I'm quite new to lipsticks I dab it onto my lips to create a subtle tint. I also like wearing it on my cheeks. Would I buy this? Yes, but I would like to try out some other shades.

Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Eyeliners in £2.99
I've never come across a product like this before, pleasantly surprised at the effect it gives! This is a glittery gel eyeliner that would be perfect for any christmas parties. Would I buy this? It's just not something I would normally go for, so not for me!
Hot looks Nail Polish in Lemon Soda £1.79
I really like Collection 2000's nail varnishes, such a bargain & come in a great range of colours. This yellow one does not disappoint. Would I buy this? Yes, but I would recommend checking the brushes before you buy as some aren't very good.
Colour Match foundation in fair £5.99
This is a light to medium coverage foundation with a natural matte finish and SPF 20. It is formulated to adapt to your skin tone. I really like the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle with pink font on & is dispensed from a pump. Would I but this? I would consider buying this in the summer.

Smokey eye Palette £4.19
This palette comes with 8 different shades- matte,glittery & cream.Instructions are on the back to achieve the perfect smokey eye. Pigmentation is good, my favourite one is the cream highlighter. If you are an eyeshadow newbie this would be good for you! Would I buy? Yes I would.

Simmer Shades in Blushalicious £3.99
This blusher has four different coloured contour cubesYou can merge the colours together to create a customized shade to suit your skin tone. Really like all four shades and good pigmentation. Would I buy this? Yes, I've brought the bronzing one!
Pump Up the Volume Mascara £4.99
(as illustrated at top of post) This claims to give up to 12x more volume, I'm not sure about that. How could you tell anyway if it did! This definitely if the biggest mascara brush I have come across. So if your a bit messy when applying mascara I probably wouldn't recommend this. It took a while to get use it's size, but once I did I really like the length it adds. It also helped to lift lashes too but didn't do anything for thickness so I layered another mascara on top. Using the tip of the wand on bottom lashes gave a really nice effect. Would I buy this? Yes

Yay, you made it to the end of my babbling! Hope you found these reviews helpful. I will hopefully be posting some pictures soon of me wearing the products! Anything catch your eye? Browse Collection 2000's product here & watch behind the scene footage of Diana's shoot here! x


  1. great products.
    Inhale | Fashion and Beauty

  2. I'm so going to try the shimmer shades they look really good I like nail polishes them but there not my fave xxx

  3. @Beautyforever let me know how you get on with them :) xx

  4. I have the foundation and I love it! It's the only one that iv found including ysl! That works for my skin tone and type!


  5. @Charlie good to hear it works well for you to! It really does adapt to my skin tone xx

  6. wow!! i like this post! 8) make up is always a great thing...
    I wanna invite you on my blog!!my last post is about sheepskin coat 8)
    if you like my blog follow me!! I always follow back <3


  7. great post
    come and say hi
    Always following&commenting
    The Dolls Factory

  8. Thanks for the reviews, I really like the look of the blusher and lipstick. Gorgeous shades xx

  9. Hey Kia! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Loving the look of those shimmer shades - just my colours! Would love to have you as a follower & I'm happy to follow back xoxo

  10. the shades in the eye shadow palette looks really pretty!! awesome reviews :)


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