19 November 2011

your questions answered

Clairebear asked....Can you recommend a good curling wand? And also how do you tell if you skin is oily, dry or combination?
I don't really uses a curling one because I like to put my hair in a messy bun before bed when it's still wet from washing it. That gives me loose waves. But, I really like the look of Curl formers, check them out! A good way to tell what skin type you are is look at your skin first thing in the morning before you do anything to it. Does if feel tight? Are their any oily patches. However, my skin type changes weekly! So you might have to treat it differently each day.

Grace asked...Do you know any good moisturisers for sensitive skin?
I have been using one that I was sent by Burt's Bees from their Cotton Extract range. Really like it but as I don't have sensitive skin I can't comment if it will be good for you! I know a british skincare company called Queen. They specisaize in sensitive skincare & they offer free samples; no purchase neccessary! Check out their website here.

e.pizzey asked... was just wondering, when you did your blog about the makeup from dianna vickers, you said the prices but what make up shop would you reccomend, and which one is your favourite?
Collection 2000 is found in most Superdrugs and larger Boots. Before buying anything I check which shop is the cheapest or which one I will get the most points! I like Superdrug as overall it seems to be cheaper but I used to prefer Boots because they had the Advantage card. I live near both, so use both!

Vicky S asked...As i am interested in being a model i need to have flawless skin, so do you have any tips, products or home recipes?
It's great you have a carrer in mind. If your not familar with A Model Recommends blog check it out for modelling tips here. I swear by Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser for flawless skin. Make sure you remove all make up at night, cleanse,tone and moisturise your skin daily. It's important to eat healthy too!

I am currently buying Miss Sporty Make-Up.

I wondered whether you would recommend a particular Miss Sporty Product for eyes (it can be any Miss Sporty eye make-up, eyeliner, shadow, mascara etc.) to me? 

Miss Sporty was one of the first make up brands I discovered, love their products! I can recommed their pencil eye liners and Just Clear Mascara. Not tried any of their eyeshadows before but love their translucent powder!

BeautyBabe and Anonymous asked....Would like to see more make up tutorials?
I love getting requests and feedback on what I write about. I have taken this one board, what make up tutorial would you guys like to see next?

Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me some questions. Love hearing from you all! If you have any questions just comment below or tweet me for a quicker response. You can ask me anything from school to skincare! Speak soon x 


  1. I love make up tutorials. Do ones for your eyes! Haha, they are my favourite anyway.

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  2. Ooo i love tutorials for eyes! Will try to do one xx

  3. Maybe a lip tutorial? There aren't many of them around - just an idea xx

  4. @Harrie good idea! Any lip tutorial in particular? x

  5. Thank You for replying to my questions! You are awesome and recomend exactly the right products for me! I've told everyone i know about you because your blog is just sooooo good! :)

  6. Tutorials: Could you maybe do a tutorial for hair dyeing as i'm dyeing my hair soon and it's my 1st time? I know it's not the most easy tutorial to in a blog but i was thinking about how great it would be if you had a YouTube channel! Then you could do tutorials more easy!

  7. @Vicky ahh thanks lovely! I have thought about doing a youtube channel but i'm a bit shy! Maybe if i reach 500 followers I'll pluck up the courage and go for it! I died my hair my self in year 7 & it went okay! Defo go for a semi permanent dye first time. Get a friend/your mum to help dye the back of your hair because you can't see it. If you are nervous or it goes wrong, do not worry - nothing a trip to the hairdressers can't solve! xx

  8. Don't be shy! all your followers love you and your blog it would be great if you had a YouTube channel! your blog is my favourite blog of all of the ones i follow (i follow LOADS of blogs) so i'm sure it would be popular!

    Hair dying: thanks i'm going to try to dye my hair tomorrow so wish me luck that it turns out black (i want black with a purple glow colour hair) not green!! lol.


  9. @Vicky best of luck with your hair dyeing! I'm sure it will be fine :) may get into youtube in the future! xxx


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