16 December 2011

false eyelashes

There definitely is something very glamorous about false eyelashes. I don't wear them everyday but If I'm going out for a nice meal or to a friends birthday party I will pop on a pair to complete the look! They don't have to look fake either. Falsies come in a range of styles from natural to dramatic and everything in between. Whether your a false eyelash newbie or a complete pro this guide contains everything you need to know. Enjoy! 
false eyelash brands
There are so many different brands of false eyelashes. No matter what your budget is, there is something for everyone! Even celebs like Girls Aloud and Paris Hilton have their own range. The most well known brand in my opinion would be 'Eylure'. I see this company on lots of blogs,magazines and in the shops. I do like their eyelashes but they aren't the cheapest. Primark also sell there own false eyelashes, great for first timers wanting to experiment.

I find that because my eyes are quite short I have to trim all my false eyelashes. Always do this from the outer corner. If you struggle to find eyelashes that fit, I would recommend 'Girls With Attitude' lashes as I never have to trim their's down.
where to buy and prices
VIVO - Tesco £2.50
Eylure - Superdrug,Amazon(cheap on here!),Debenhams, Feel Unique and Boots from £5.00
Girl's With Attitude - Boots, Superdrug, Girl's With Attitude website from £5.00
Salon System - Sallys from £2.65
Eye Candy - Boots, Gordons, Eye Candy Website and Just beautifully from £4.49
AH Francis - online from £5.95
La La Lashes - online from £7.10

how to apply false eyelashes
Not sure how to apply false eyelashes? I wrote a step by step guide with pictures here.
eyelash glue

Most eyelashes will come with their own glue. I find some are better then others. Eylure glue (left) get's top marks from me, I wore Eylure's 100 lashes for 12 hours without having to touch up with glue. Where as VIVO's glue wasn't as strong - maybe because the eyelashes are cheaper? I really dislike the Girl's With Attitude and AH Francis glue applicators (fourth and sixth). You have to pull off the lid, which is a struggle & things can get messy! These glues all dry clear but you can also buy black glue. 
Wearing different styles of lashes

Eylure 100, Eye candy 001, Eye Candy 010, Salon System 140
I found AH Francis lashes were harder to apply because the stem was quite thick and stiff, I would recommend these to false eyelash pros.
Salon System have a huge range of falsies. The 'Double Lashes' above are extremely dense, if you want a really dramatic look go for these ones!
Girl's With Attitude have recently launched a 'Double Take' range. The lashes have two layers to add volume. I love the fact the eyelashes are called girls names, the ones above are 'Kate'.
This are the most natural looking eyelashes I have. They are from a company called Eye Candy. These are really lightweight and comfortable to wear. This is from their 50's Naturalise range in 001. I really like this brand,they have a great range of affordable styles. You can see what they look like on in the 'Wearing Different Eyelashes' section above.

dying eyelashes
I am fan of dying eyelashes, I started doing it in year 10 because we weren't allowed to wear mascara! If you have pale eyelashes or don't have time for mascara, dying them is the way forward. I find it makes them look longer too. I use Colorsport Black 30 Day Mascara available in Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.
semi permanent mascara
If you don't trust your self to dye your own lashes, Salon's also offer this treatment.  I've not had this done before at a Salon so I can't recommend it from experience but I was emailed about a company called MYscara that offer this treatment, it costs around £45. For more details on this visit their website here

Well done you made it to the end! I do go on a bit. I love hearing from you, it gets me all excited. So leave a comment below or check out my twitter account. If you have any more false eyelash queries or would like to see what a certain pair looks like on - do not hesitate to ask. Oh, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS xx


  1. Nice blog, Ive never herd of dieing eyelashes before but it sounds interesting

  2. I never use false eyelashes but everyone's on about them lately for one reason or another, so I might just try them out :)


  3. i love the look of false eyelashes but mine always go wrong! haha i really dont have then knack of it yet:/

  4. I love love love wearing false eyelashes! You can get some really cheap on ebay from Hong Kong and that, but they are pretty good too. I prefer the ones with the thick band though, find them easier to put on! haha

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  5. What a gorgeous post! I lurve lashes, totally agree with you that they finish off the look. When Boots were doing the £5 off No7 vouchers, I stocked up on No7 Lashes and I was quite suprised with the quality. I never seem to like the glue any lashes come with though so I always stick to using the clear Duo lash glue.

  6. I haven't quite mastered the art of applying falsies but I do like the look of the natural Eye Candy ones, great post! x


  7. great post. you have so many. love the nicola roberts eyelashes from the girls aloud collection. they're fab.x


  8. I have an unhealthy obsession with fake lashes and I have to say I was in heaven reading this post! Really enjoyed it. X

  9. nice :) i have never used fake eyelashes before so this was interesting to me. i still don't know which ones to try! ideas, advice?


  10. i am terrible at applying false lash strips, much prefer individuals! but this post has inspired me to get them back out and give them a go this party season hehe

    Hayley x (your new follower)


  11. that is an amazing collection of eyelashes, i want!!


  12. @ Vicky for first timers don't buy expensive ones,it took me ages to get use to falsies. Practice definitely makes perfect! xx

  13. Wow, such a great post! I love your collection :) xxxxxxxxxx


  14. Thanks for replying Kia :) i'm going to get some cheap ones but noy rubbishy ones but not expensive ones.

  15. This is SUCH a great post, I learned a lot! I love falsies, I just have trouble applying them - hopefully I'll master the art in 2012, haha :)

  16. Oh wow! I don't think I've ever seen one person have such a collection of lashes, haha! I love the Girls Aloud lashes myself - I also like the Ardell "fashion lashes" range.

  17. I've got to agree that Eylure glue is the best, sticks every time. I also use Love Lashes which are cheaper but come with the same glue as Eylure. Great post by the way :-)

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