6 December 2011

Its Christmaaaaaaaaassssss! Update

I love the build up to christmas. This is just a little update on me and my blog. I have created a Youtube channel, need to add my video & edit my profile so it's completely naked atm but you can check it out here. Sorry, i haven't uploaded my first YT video yet but I'm having so much trouble editing it on windows movie maker. I'm working on it now as I want you to see it asap. Last week I passed my driving test! Very happy, it was my third attempt! Upcoming post's include 'False Eyelashes' and 'Best Beauty Gifts this Christmas'. Can't wait to share those with you! Also, this year I forgot to buy an advent calender so on twitter I am posting a  different christmassy photo everyday. Already have a few up - you can seem those here. I'm thinking of making a Facebook profile for my blog, should I? Let me know your thoughts as I always LOVE reading your comments.
Some of my December Favourites;chritsmas decorations,Xen-Tan, Tetley tea, GOSH nail glitters(don't last long on), legal driver & more decorations.

happy christmas!
Also, noticed i was no.1 on bloglovin's up & coming WOOO!


  1. I have that christmas CD! You've just reminded me to go and put it on my iPod. Lovely! x

  2. congratulations on passing your driving test! :D

  3. Love that everybody is getting into the Christmas spirit!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  4. Hey thanks for the comment u left on my blog :)
    I really like ur blog and I love christmas posts,
    I just followed u and it would mean a lot if u followed me back :)

  5. ooh what flavours are they? I know they were doing a limited creme brule and marmite ones! I'm not really a massive fan of vasaline though, I find it just sits om my lips and doesn't really moisturise them as well as blistex and carmex do! xxxx

  6. Congrats on passing your driving test and being no.1! Great post xxxxx

  7. Well done on behalf of passing your driving test!! yeah, you should make a facebook page because other people on facebook will notice your new page and will look at your blog so it may increase your blog ratings and followers. so go for it!


  8. Congrats on that what an achievement!x

  9. thanks for all you support :) i love you guys!xx

  10. congratulations :) i love your blog :)



leave your blog/twitter link if you want me to have a nosey at it! I like to try and return comments too :)

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