10 December 2011

my youtube debut!

yeessss it finally uploaded! As promised here is my little sister doing my make up. It must be so weird to hear my voice for the first time! I hate hearing my voice on camera, i don't think it sounds like that in real life hahaa. Anyway, enjoy the video & let me know if you would like to see more in the future. Sorry it goes on a bit! x

click on the picture to watch the video!


  1. tehe! i'm really happy you looked into youtube now! :P Thanks, Kia, you the best Beauty blogger ever. :D


  2. ahh thanks Vicky! Your comment has made my week :) xxx

  3. ^ Well you are awesome and you recommend the right products for me because i don't like to overdo my make-up! :D

  4. Hey Kia loving the video your sister is well funny! Do you have any advice on how to make people look at your blog and comment? I feel like you're the only person that sees what i write! If you could mention a bit about my blog in a replying comment or something that would be really cool! I mention yours now and again so i'd love it if you could do the same to mine?? Check it out as I have new designs up and some great features coming up in the next week or so : www.softtouchesmakeupdesigns.blogspot.com/
    thanks for all your help! Nina xx

  5. Hey Nina,

    I'm glad you liked the vid :) hoping to film more this weekend. I've had a lot of comments about blogging. So I'm going to write a post with some helpful tips & tricks! This will should help you :) Also your blog is private so i can't see it! xxx

  6. how funny as i just checked and it says this blog can be viewed by anybody?!
    Thanks and great idea!
    Nina xx

  7. Hi Nina, when I click on your name is says blogger profile not available. So maybe log out, go on here, click on your name, and see where it takes you xx

  8. Should be working now, so thanks again for all the help! As Vicky S says in her comment you are the best blogger in the world thank you sooo much!

  9. Oh, Kia, did your sister mean you to look like that! It was so funny! The unibrow! Aha, you brave girl for putting it on youtube.

  10. haha yes, i don't think she ever intended to my make up nicely! x


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