1 January 2012

favourite beauty products of 2011

happy new year to all my beautiful followers and readers. I asked on twitter what post you would like to see & a reader (thanks islay!) suggested my favourite beauty products of 2011. So here they are, a bit of a mixture of skincare and make up. I don't really invest in my haircare products. **Another product I forgot to add is sudocreme. All this unhealthy eating has caused my skin to breakout & sudocreme has been an absolute life saver!

Kim Kardashion Perfume I'm not normally a fan of celeb products. I just assume there not very good & just another way to make money. But I am in love with Kim K's debut fragrance. Next time you see this I urge you to give it a sniff! It contains Mandarin, Pink Jasmine & Vanilla Orchid.
Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser - this product was all over blogs earlier in the year, including mine & I love it! It is expensive retailing at around £13. This year I'm on the hunt for a cheaper alternative!
Burt's Bees mango and orange Sugar Scrub  - This is a lovely body scrub, one the best I've tried. This year I've promised my self I will exfoliate weekly. This scrub smells beautiful and leaves my skin super soft.
Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Angle Delight - Collection 2000 has really gone up in my books this year. Their cream puffs are revolutionary. I hope they bring out some more shades soon.
Frontcover lipstick in Pink Papaya - a really nice peachy colour. This came in their airkiss collection, so unfortunately once I've ran out I've ran out forever as it came in a collection.
Kiehls creme de corps - another new discovery this year & I love it! My favourite body moisteriser, a cheaper much loved would be soap & glory's righteous butter.
Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - this is a great highstreet concealer, I'll use it over another concealer just to add the finishing touch. Shame the font rubs off!
Superdrug Essential Cleanser - I use this to take of my make up and In the morning if I do'nt have time to wash my face. Absoulte steal at 99p.
Revlon ColourStay Foundation - my mum introduced me to this last year & since then I have brought 3 bottles. Love the coverage, finish & packaging. 
Revlon Compact Photoready foundation - at first I didn't like this, but now I love it. It is a must have before any photo is taken of me. Reviewed it here.
LP Skin Therapy night cream - I can't even explain why this is my favourite night cream but my skin seems to love it.
Super by Dr.Nicholas Perricone Sun kissed Tinted Moisturiser - this moisturiser really does tint your skin, it gives a natural healthy glow. The coverage is low so I like to layer it on top of my foundation. It doesn't look cakey in the slightest. My skin is left tanned & luminous, may have to do a separate post on this!

Hope you are all well & wishing you a good twentytwelve. Any new years resolutions? What have been your fav products of 2011?  

This year I want to travel, exercise more, spend more time with friends, have a job, make this blog brilliant and find a nice - preferably rich boyfriend. Is that too much to ask for?


  1. Great Favourites for 2011!!:D I featured the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in mine too.. I love that stuff!! I also adore Kiehls Creme De Corps need to get me a bigger bottle!.. I want to try the Revlon foundations u mentioned have no clue what shade to get though! xx

  2. think my fave products of the year have been the naked pallete and HD palette! i did a two post roundup over on my blog :)

    happy new year! xx

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! :D I used to use the revlon powder all the time but I forgot how much I loved it! Thanks for reminding me about it! I really want to try the colour stay foundation too, I use the photoready at the moment and I really like it! Oh and for the collection2000 concealer, if you put a thin layer of clear nail varnish over the writing when you get it, it will stay in an look sooo much neater and more new, even months later!
    Oh and I really want to try the liz Earle cleanser, it's on my list of things to buy! Xxxx

  4. I love reading these posts haha, great to see what peoples year favs are!

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  5. yayy love the favorites && I LOVE the revlon foundation probably one of my favorite foundations yet.

    xo Jenn


  6. A great list of favourites! xxx

  7. I will get around to trying Cleanse & Polish some day! Great favs :) x


  8. I ordered Kim Kardashians perfume last night as ive been dying to try it as the notes sound divine, i also love burts bees, havent tried the scrub though, will do now x

  9. I'm quite dubious of celebrity perfumes too! And I'm not really Kim Kardashian's biggest fan however I really need a new perfume and I find it really hard to find a scent that isn't to 'air freshernery' I will defs give it a test!
    Tilly M x

  10. You have got one of the best blogs I have seen recently.Creativity of any kind always attracts me and you are a masterpiece in that.Thanks for sharing so much. I am definitely following you.

  11. I came across with your blog and I am amazed with these collections. I would like to try sugar scrub too.


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