26 January 2012

Nicki Minaj OPI Metallic for Life

I think you don't need to spend a lot of money to get a good nail varnish. OPI's prices are quite expensive, I would only buy one of their products if the nail varnish was a bit different & unusual. This limited edition one from the new Nicki Minaj collection is a beauty. Slightly reminds me of Rainbow connection. You can buy this online from Lena White for for £11. Does Metallic for Life tickle your fancy? How much do you spend on nail varnishes? x


  1. I am addicted to nail varnishes and I love o.p.i but I do but different nail varnishes aswell, just depends on the colour I think I'll buy it if I look the colour :)

  2. Hi Kia, havent spoken to you in ages! I had no idea you had a blog haha! Anyway, back on subject, OPI polishes are nice but I don't think they're all that different to cheaper polishes!

    My blog is www.silverpetalsblog.co.uk if you want to have a look :) Not much on there yet but I'll be adding a lot more to it soon :D

  3. still loving your illustrations, i've just done some illustrations of some foxes the other day for my project at uni and i'd love to get your opinion on them sometime soon!.x

  4. This is so pretty but I'm not sure I like it enough to buy a full size, might get the minis set instead xx


  5. Wow this looks really nice,. I want to get the mini set from this collection xx

  6. I loveeee nicki minaj but to me that color doesnt suit her! Well anyway at least it will suit some people i guess that you could put it over a nice color!xox

    1. i no what you mean, it does seem to dark for her! x

  7. Gorgeous colour!



  8. haha I lovee the little hand drawn picture at the top :P
    Aisling (myshallowobsession.blogspot.com)

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