11 January 2012

Oooh have you seen those...Shizzle Lips?

Shizzle lips are basically lip foils. I was kindly sent some and I couldn't wait to test these out. Each pack contains lip foil, glue and a set of instructions. First Impressions, I wasn't impressed by the packaging. I think for the price your paying (£19) you would expect it to come in a nice box or for the packaging to be of a better quality. 

When it comes to application practice definitely is key. The glue has quite a strong smell to it & it felt very wrong putting glue on my lips! It took me a while to get the hang of it, the foil wouldn't stick to my lips leaving a patchy effect.  You can see all me first attempts below. You recieve 1.5 meters of foil which will give you 10 -20 applications according to Shizzle Lips. 

I love the idea of Shizzle Lips, I think they would be perfect for fancy dress parties, Halloween, New Year or just if your brave enough to wear them. If you can master the art of applying them the effect is great. They have a wide selection of colours as you can see in the picture above. I do think they are a bit overpriced for what you get but they have good staying power and were fun to test out! They are available to buy here.Would you try Shizzle Lips or have you tried any similar products?

If your not familiar with this 'Oooh have you seen those...' post, here's a bit more about it. It's a feature I do each month on a beauty product that is either new, unusual  or interesting! I love doing these sort of posts as I'm always interested in seeing what new products are launching. I have some really cool products coming up in this feature!


  1. they would be so cool in silver for a lady gaga fancy dress and whoooo 1st comment!


  2. Haha they look so cool! I got a lip tattoo which I wanted to review but Im scared it wont turn out right, and I only have got one attempt lol x

  3. Hey Kia, Such lovely colours, can u please take a look at my blog since only I follow my blog. lol.

  4. hmmmmmmmmmm not sure about these ones....... But as usual great post really like it!xxx


  5. love the post check out my blog! It's a fashion blog! www.jojofashionblog.blogspot.com


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