28 February 2012

Docteur Renaud Cosmekits Review

I'd never tried or heard of this brand before sampling this kit.  This is a one-use kit containing a mask, vitamin c concentrate and a peeling solution. I love the idea of a 20 minute mini facial treatment that you can do at home. This is the Carrot Radiance version, claiming to brighten the skin. I know they also do some other ones.
The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and it was fun to do! 

Like I mentioned before, this is a one-use kit so the samples are quite small. My skin definatley looked brighter afterwards, I just wish the products were bigger! Also the brightness in my skin only lasted about a day. This retails for £29 but at the minute is on offer for £20.

You can visit the Dr Renaud website here - http://www.doctor-renaud.co.uk/

Whould you try something like this out? Also, I really want to buy Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation & L'oreal Paris telescopic Mascara after reading good reviews, have you tried either? 
I love you all, new and old! x

23 February 2012

fake tan

Woah there, fake tan doesn't have to look fake. You can look naturally tanned without looking too 'essex'. I don't wear fake tan all the time, but I feel better with darker skin! England isn't the sunniest country & it's much healthier then a real tan.
Fake tan swatches same order as products below 
(that's my leg, encase you were wondering!)

Fake Tan Disasters...
One of my favourite things about blogging is sharing my beauty related experiences with you. My first encounter with fake tan was at the age of 11. Sounds really young but i've always been interested in cosmetics! Sneaking a bottle of mum's fake tan from the bathroom, I applied it on to my face wondering why my skin wasn't getting any darker. Several attempts later i gave up and put the bottle back. 

Monday morning i woke up only to find out the fake tan had developed and my face resembled the shade of a carrot. I went to school that day and denied any fake tan rumours  & tried my best to hide my orange stained hands. Ok, so it wasn't as bad as Ross's spray tan experience in Friends - But it was highy embarrassing & I stayed well away from fake tan for years after. 

A few of my favourites....
All i want from a fake tan is for it to look natural and to smell nice. These little beauties do just that. *LINKS*
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Have a lovely week!

So do you prefer you tans porcelain or are you a fake tan fan? 

19 February 2012

Wilkinson Cotton Buds - 35p for 300

After speaking to a few beauty bloggers on twitter I realised how much we all love a beauty bargain. I like to shop around for the cheapest item & read reviews before spending any dosh. 
Cotton buds are great for applying/removing make up. This is the 3rd time I've repurchased these. Only 35p for 300 from the baby section in Wilkinsons! Not bad at all, Wilkinson's do some great beauty deals. You could stored them in a nice glass jar or in a fabric bag. I have some other beauty bargains so will be updating them will you soon! 

Are you a bargain hunter? 

12 February 2012

what's on my nails Jan/feb edition

Mavala in Platinum Marble
Mavala in Denim Blue
Nailease in Navy Floral 
Barry M in Pink Iridescent & Bright Pink
Collection 2000 in Angel Wings

I can't stand having naked nails. I change my nail colour roughly every week. Above are some of the shades i've been wearing. I don't really follow trends i just go with whatever mood i'm in or what i'm wearing. We had a bit of snow this week so my nails are currently painted pale grey to echo the cold weather (photo above). Also, all the nail varnishes above are under £5, bargain!

What's on your nails atm? x

3 February 2012


Amy is one cool kid. If you like photography, fashion and make up - you're in for a right treat. See what Amy has to say on her favourite places to shop and her top blogging tips. Enjoy!

Favourite Make up brand?
My favourite make up brand is Bobbi Brown I love their mascaras especially! They can be quite pricey but less so than other high end brands such as MAC or NARS. I love the look of their packaging, it feels very glam in my makeup drawer or on my dresser.

High street or High end products,why?
As a student I like to find a healthy balance between the two. I think some products its essential to buy a good quality brand, such as foundations as cheaper alternatives often clog pores and cause me to break out! However, I love MUA's eyeshadows and at £1 a pop they don't break the bank. I also enjoy Barry M and Gosh products which are slightly more than MUA but definitely still value for money.

What shops do you love buying clothes from? 
I love vintage clothing, most of my clothes are found in charity shops or off eBay! If I had the money, I spend more in Urban Outfitters as I really enjoy their designs and they are less mainstream as say, New Look or Topshop. Its never good coming into college and seeing another girl wearing the same tee as you.

What's on your current wishlist?
On my wishlist is a new laptop as I've had my current one for nearly 6 years! It still uses Windows XP and its getting very slow. I also have to manually fan the back with my hand as it overheats a lot. Bless it, its served me well. I'm also hoping for 'The Virgin Suicides' as everyone always raves about it. Got to love a new book to get your teeth into.

Do you have any blogging tips?
Stay true to yourself. If you want to talk about fashion one day and sport the next, do so. Its your blog, your creative outlet. If anyone else has a problem with your content, stuff em'!

Top Three Favourite Blogs? Three?! Eek thats hard. I have a reading list as long as my arm. I love finding new blogs of all different genres. I would say however, the blogs which never disappoint me (other than Kia's blog obviously!) are http://devonisonfirestill.blogspot.com/ http://www.littlebirdfashion.com/ and http://schoee.blogspot.com/. All lovely ladies so go follow them :).

Thanks for answering the questions Amy! Now go check out her blog, you know you want to. 

1 February 2012

January Favourites

Not everyone seems to like January. I LOVE it. We started a new year, got some bargains in the sales,I celebrated my 18th birthday and my blog turned one! Here are a selection of beauty products I've enjoyed using this month.

Liz Earle Energising Body Lotion £17.00
When I first saw this i thought 'energising' was a weird verb for a moisturiser. It claims to firm and tone the skin whilst improving it's elasticity. It has improved the appearance of my skin, but It hasn't really toned it. I think this is more suited for older skin but it's a lovely light body lotion. 

Ahava Mineral Foot Cream £13.50
I like Ahava products, and my feet have been so dry lately. This product has been a life saver this month. 

Tanatomical 'because only bacon should be streaky' Natural Tanning Cream £6.50
Possibly the best fake tan name ever?! This is my new favourite fake tan, I've tested quite a lot of different brands out & currently in the middle of writing a mahoosive post on fake tan. This one smells really nice and more importantly looks natural! 

Lulu & Boo Organics Rosehip Face Lifting Serum (LINK!) £28.00
Lulu & Boo is an award-winning organic skincare company. I love using oils on my face, I have normal to combination skin. I've been trying this product for a while now and I really love it. It's quite expensive but it lasts ages, I've had it for a couple of months and don't think I've touched 1/4 of it yet? The packaging says use 6 drops, then massage it into your skin from the neck upwards. The scent is delicious, it kinda reminds me of liquorice. I do feel more relaxed when the oil is applied and my skin looks clearer and feels softer in the morning. This serum is 100% raw and orgainic, it's also suitable for vegans & vegarations - yay!

MAC Pro Longwear £22.50
I've had such a love hate realtionship with this foundation. It one of my first MAC purchases and I really wanted to get it right. When I first tried it, it left my skin feeling dry & looking matte; not happy as it was 22.50! But it's grown on me. The coverage is quite full but has a nice natural finish. Still not sure it's worth the price tag!

So...? Kiss me £1.79
Body Sprays are so handy for keeping in my handbag/locker. It's nice to freshen up throughout the day. This one from So...? Is an absolute bargain and smell delish. 

Nougat London Pampering Body Scrub £18.00*
Completely obsessed with Body Scrubs at the mo. I loved the Burt's Bees sugar scrub featured in my last favourites; but I'm the sort of person that doesn't often re purchase the same products again and again. I suffer from red patches on my upper arms, not sure what the technical name is for it but I know a lot of people have the same thing! Exfoliating a few times a week helps to keep the skin on my arms clear. I also use this on any dry bits like my elbows as it's really moisturising!

Lashaholic 07 £7.99
If i'm going out somewhere nice I like to pop on a pair of false eyelashes. It can be difficult finding a pair that suit your eye shape. At first I had trouble with getting this to look right, so I cut them in half and just used the outer corners. Helps to elongate eyes. These lashes are really light weight and 100% handmade. 

Next month I'm going to do a 'Worst Products of the Month' sort of post - spice things up a bit! What beauty product have you been enjoying this year so far? 
*pr sample
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