19 February 2012

Wilkinson Cotton Buds - 35p for 300

After speaking to a few beauty bloggers on twitter I realised how much we all love a beauty bargain. I like to shop around for the cheapest item & read reviews before spending any dosh. 
Cotton buds are great for applying/removing make up. This is the 3rd time I've repurchased these. Only 35p for 300 from the baby section in Wilkinsons! Not bad at all, Wilkinson's do some great beauty deals. You could stored them in a nice glass jar or in a fabric bag. I have some other beauty bargains so will be updating them will you soon! 

Are you a bargain hunter? 


  1. ooo thats realy good :] will have to find these next when i need them

  2. Bargain :D I will go looking for these next time I'm in town!

  3. Great post, you can beat getting essentials like these at a real bargain!
    Lovely blog too - new follower :)


  4. I deffo love a good bargain and I always buy them ones. xoxo



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