19 March 2012

The nail varnish tag and storage

Favourite Nail Varnish Company?

I am one of those people who HATE spending over £5 for a nail varnish! So my collection mainly consists of high street nail varnishes. My Favourite Brands are Barry M, No 7 and Collection 2000. 

Glitter or no glitter?
Glitter all the way! It can be a bit messy sometimes but i love the way it looks. You can see me wearing the GOSH glitter here (LINK).

OPI, China Glaze, or Essie? 
OPI is the only one i have tried from those three so i would have to go for that one. China Glaze and Essie are nice but at £9 a pop i know i'll be able to find a cheaper dupe on the highstreet. With the two OPI polishes above, the colours are quite unique so i don't mind spending a bit extra.

When do you change you nail varnish?
Every week. I take it off on Friday - before work on Saturday. Then on Saturday night/Sunday i'll paint my nails. 

Favourite Colour?
I brought it from boots in a city i've forgotten about 5 years ago. I never see this brand any more and i should really through this away but i just love the colour. Yellow just seems to brighten up my mood.

Dark or bright?
Bright all the way for me, dark colours don't really suit me. The darkest i would go is the dark blue above & i normally just save it for my toes.

What are you wearing on your nails now?
I brought this on Saturday with a £5 No 7 voucher. I do like their nail varnishes but i just can't justify paying full price for one! But, maybe one day, i'll go completely crazy and pay £7. This is called 'Highland Mist' & i quite like it!

Matte Nails?
I think this looks really cool & it's a nice change from shiny nails. You can see me wearing this here (LINK).

French Manicure?
I think it looks nice & professional but.... a bit boring? I'd rather have a splash of colour on my nails.

Favourite Winter Colour?
Every is so grey and dull in the winter I like to brighten things up with a bright colour on my nails. And when it gets close to christmas i go for glittery nails to get in the festive spirit! 

My current nail varnish storage, need something bigger! Any ideas? 

I could go on about nails all day - i tag YOU all to do this 


  1. Great post, I love how you store them! I also really like the Collection 2000 polishes, they're probably the ones I have most of in my collection! x


  2. they sell the N.Y.C. in superdrug but they have changed the packaging :)

  3. I love all those colours !! Please follow my blog www.jojofashionblog.blogspot.com xxx

  4. OPI ones are amazing. Wish I had longer nails :)xx

  5. hello, sorry but where do you get the matte nails stuff? thanks x

    1. 17 at boots do one! x

    2. found a good rimmel one, thanks for the advice though;) x

  6. Great post hun, i'm addicted to polish. I love painting a fresh new colour every few days. Ax


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