22 March 2012

Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint review and swatches

Lip tints. An alternative lip product which offers good coverage and long lasting ability. Revlon (7.99) were the first ones to release a lip pen followed by Max Factor (7.99) and now Rimmel (6.99). Rimmel's lasting finish lip tint's come in four different shades (watched below). I have 'Carry on Cherry' which is a deep cherry red colour. The pen applicator makes it easy to apply. It also comes with a lip balm - this is essential as I found not using this my lips felt really dry.
A downside to this product is that the lip balm doesn't twist, I think it would be better if it did as  you would get more product. Also, It would be nice to see a wider range of shades in the collection. Saying that, I have my eye on the pink and peach ones! 

Popped into Boots to check out the other three shades!
I would buy another lip tint and recommend it to others. The concept is great & perfect for lipstick wearers wanting a longer lasting finish. 

This product is great if your going out for a meal/drinks and don't want to worry about having to re-apply your lip product throughout the evening. Or, like the product suggests you plan on kissing 1000 times. I am yet to try out the latter, however, for review purposes, I am willing to test out this theory. Please let me know if you have a brother around my age. Thanks!

Available from Boots and Superdrug - RRP £6.99

- To prevent your lip stain/ tint drying out, store it with the pen facing down! 

  *Pr Sample


  1. Looks really good, I was looking at those earlier and didn't know what to think

  2. Ooooh always wanted to try a lip tint! I was always scared theyd be abit to 'glossy' but this review has changed my mind-might try one. Also your end comment made me laugh-if your into 14 year olds obsessed with xbox i have the brother for you!;) Xxx

  3. ive got this as well! its really good and builds up colour but it looks much better on you then me!

    please check out my blog and web page for this as a review.


    and please comment!

    ps. i decided to look at ur blog after reading shout!

  4. oh damn i totaly wish i had ur bautiful lips!!!
    colour is great!

    1. sorry i meant beautiful

    2. sorry i also meant totally

    3. don't worry we all make spelling mistakes, especially me!

    4. wow i am so bad at spelling :)


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