29 April 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Range - Review

Bit of a hairy confession, i know i damage my hair with all the bleaching and curling and blow drying i do but it doesn't stop me from doing it! I feel guilty for damaging my hair, but I think most people are in the same boat as me. So when a new range comes along claiming to help look after hair that has been styled & dyed i was over the moon & thought why have they not done this sooner?! I've recently brought the Babyliss Curling wand so this range has been perfect timing!

The Full Repair range contains Inca Inchi Oil, this Amazonian oil is rich in Omega 3 which is great for keeping hair healthy. John Frieda claims the range helps to repair both the internal and external structure of  hair.

My favourite product from the whole range is this one - Perfect Ends Deep Infusion(£6.99). I suffer from dry split ends & this hair oil helps improve the condition of them without making my hair look greasy or weighing it down. 

 I just took a quick photo of my hair whilst writing this because i wanted you to get an idea of what my hair is looking like after using the products.This was after using the shampoo, conditioner & perfect ends infusion. My hair does feel and look in better condition and ready for styling! Also, the size of the shampoo bottle is quite big (250ml) & i think it will last me a while.

With the styling products I'm really impressed by them all. There's nothing worse then putting product in your hair but then being able to feel your hair go greasy/crispy/heavy. Luckily the products from this range don't do this. I would recommend the mist for thin hair and the deep infusion for thicker hair. The mousse is great for adding body to the roots.

One product which i think isn't anything special would have to be the Deep Conditioner. I love treating my self to a deep conditoner every now and again to get super soft hair. But i felt because the conditioner was quite thin it didn't really differ much from the normal conditioner.

OVERALL, I don't feel as guilty using heated styling tools when i'm using this range. Also the condition of my hair has definitely improved and doesn't feel as dry - thanks John! I would recommend investing in some products like the John Frieda Full Repair range above if you like to dye/style your hair.

Prices range from £6.99-£5.59 but at the minute are on offer at Boots - 2 products for £7.50, bargain!
You can find out more about the products here and see some hair tutorials here.

What do you think of this new range?                                                                                        *pr samples

25 April 2012

Barry M Lip paint in 147 - review

So...this is the first ever Barry M lip paint I've tried! I'm not really a lipstick person, I have always associated it with older women but since i've started blogging i've opened up to trying different products. Here's a quick review on the Barry M lip paint in Pretty Pink! 
Oooh don't you just love getting a brand new lipstick!
I really like the matte black casing. The swatch above comes out quite dark, in real life it's a sort of pinky,coraly,redish,crabby colour. Really hard to explain! Best to swatch it for your self in store to get a proper idea.

It glides onto the lips really easily and at first has a nice creamy formula. However after a few minutes it becomes dry and the finish is matte. As a result, it can cling to the dry places on my lips. I find i have to use a balm on top of this lipstick. I really like the colour, i just wish the formula was less drying.

At £4.49 a pop, this is a decent price. However I'm quite tempted to try the MUA £1 lipsticks as they seem to be a bit creamier?

Overall, a lovely lipstick colour! I'll use this up tell it runs out but i'm not sure if i'll repurchase another one unless it's a really nice shade.

What do you think of Barry M? Hope you guys are having a good week, the weather has been rubbish here! Looking forward to revealing the 4 foundations choose by you in May for Project Foundation - read about it here if you missed it!

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21 April 2012

Yardley Bath & Body - Review

Yardley isn't a brand  I'd normal go for but I'm glad I had the chance to try them out. I am a big fan of Yardley's packaging - very British and luxurious. They look great in my bathroom! I think this brand is very much associated with older women, I have to admit that this shouldn't be the case & I have fallen in love with one of their products. They are also surprisingly affordable!

Peony Shower Cream £3.50
Lathers really easily, also works great as bubble bath. Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and smells delish.
Peony Body Lotion £5.99
This body lotion is nice, I like the fact it comes with a pump dispenser - less product wastage! I think the main selling point for this is the strong scent.
Peony Hand & Nail Cream £3.99
This is currently my favourite hand cream! You can see a picture of it below. I love how thick it is, the scent and fact it's in a squeezable tube. Doesn't make my hands feel greasy & sinks in quickly. Really recommend this hand cream.

Products are available to buy from Boots. If Peony isn't for you they also have Daisy, Rose and Lavender scented products! Check out Yardley's website here 

Have you heard about 'Project Foundation'. I'm starting it in May - Are there any foundations you would like to see a review on? Now you can by telling me here!
*pr samples

18 April 2012

Kleenex eye make up removal wipes review

When I think of Kleenex i immediately think of tissues. But recently Kleenex have launch a new cleansing range. It includes shine absorbing sheets, facial wipes, facial cloths & these eye make up removal wipes. The only thing on my mind when a new product launches is - 'Is it any good?'

Well, I have been using these for a few weeks now to help remove my eye make up and they have been doing the job nicely! The wipes are quilted and contain natural fibres - they also say they're suitable for sensitive eyes and removing waterproof mascara. I haven't been able to test these out on any waterproof make up so can't comment on that however, i used some eye make up the other day & my eye got really itchy and a lump began to appear under my eye! I took a hayfever tablet and used one of these wipes to take the make up off & my eyes return to normal after half an hour.

These retail for £2.99 (24 in a pack) & are currently on offer for £1.99 in Superdrug. I think this is a decent price and would recommend these wipes. They remove my make up gently and don't irritate my eyes.

15 April 2012

project foundation: I NEED YOU!

During the month of May I will be trailing a different foundation each week. 'How does this affect me?' I hear you ask; Well, YOU get to decide what foundations I review.

Most blogs you read will be make up review after make up review and you will have no input on what reviews you read about. I want this to change on my blog. I want my readers to be able to say what they want to read about, after all I'm not the one who has to read it!

Foundation is one of my favourite make up items to buy, in my last post 'Foundations to suit Pale Skintones' (read here if you missed it) went down well and got a lot of positive feedback. I have taken that feedback on board and decided to launch Project Foundation next month. This means on Make Me Up in May you will see 4 foundation reviews, one each week. The review will be in depth, detailed, photographed and more importantly chosen by you. I am on the hunt to find the perfect foundation and I'm sure some of you are too! This project aims to help you & me get closer to finding it. And also just because I like trying out different make up products!

Either by popularity or randomly using Radom.Org and of course availability - I need to be able to buy the foundations easily!

You can choose what foundation you want to see me test out. Maybe it's new and you want to read a review before buying? Or it's something you've had you eye on for a while? Or you already own it and want to hear someone else's opinion? 
  • Leave a comment below
Some ideas to get you going;
Whatever foundation you want to see me test out, as a make up lover it only seems right to get involved! You can choose more than one. Hopefully this project will help save you some pennies - hate it when you buy a make up product that turns out to be rubbish! For you to get the most out of this product share it! The tool bar below allows you to do this effortlessly.  

Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 
Kia x

10 April 2012

Foundations for Pale Skintones

You know that moment when you've finally found a foundation that matches you skin colour perfectly and you buy it immediately.Then when you get home you can't wait to try it out - only to find it doesn't match your skin at all. The colour is too dark, you feel disappointed and hide the foundation away in the hope you can at least use it when/if you get a tan this summer. Finding a foundation shade to suit you is hard enough without the added chore of finding one light enough. When i'm scouring the make up aisles in Boots I automatically head for the lightest shades of foundation. I know a lot of people can relate to this; so I wanted to compile the foundations I own which I think will be suitable for paler skintones! 
Light foundation shades swatched and compared. Photographed in order below.

The palest shade I own is this one by GOSHcalled X-ceptional Wear in Porcelain 11. The foundation has a medium coverage, dewy finish and stays on the skin. 
Some brands definitely seem to cater more for paler skintones. I would recommend checking out Collection 2000, GOSH and Revlon. I think MAC, Rimmel and 17 don't have a great diversity of lighter shades.

Embrace the pale look, but if you like a bit of colour opt for a tinted moisturiser for a instant boost. Or some trusty fake tan will do the job nicely, check out my post on fake tan here if your looking for one! 

Hope you have found this helpful, do let me know if you have any questions . What foundation do you recommend for pale skin?
@kiamakemeup                                                                                                                             Bloglovin 
Planning on doing some hair and nail tutorials soon - keep your eyes peeled for those! x

2 April 2012

what's inside my bathroom cupboard?

It's never normally this tidy,there's usually toothpaste splatters and fake tan stains.But i was cleaning it out today & thought it would be a good opportunity to blog about it (always thinking ahead!) I'm always changing what products i keep in the cupboards because i sometimes go off products or get new ones or just run out.

Some of my bathroom essentials include Vaseline, Sudocreme, Acetone and a flannel - I cannot function without these things in my life.

As you can see from the top picture there are two cupboards. One is filled with fake tan & the other is skincare. I don't use a lot of fake tan but if i'm looking a bit pasty I like to use it on my face. The tanning mitt was from the 99p shop and works wonders!

Skincare is important to me. I think before you go splurging on make up you need to invest in a skincare routine that works well for you. Because i try out a lot of different products my skin can sometimes get quite irritated -  Avène products are great for sensitive skin, I use something from Avène at least once a week. At the minute i'm trying out the range from Proactiv (skincare brand with Katy Perry in the adverts) I'll be sure to let you guys know how i get on. If i want a quick fix i'll use the Superdrug Essential Cleanser to remove make up - only costs 99p and does the job nicely!

I try to use a face mask once a week. The Dr. Organic olive oil one from Holland and Barrett pictured above is my fav.

I'm really into perfume. I like to have a different scent for different stages in my life. Moschino Funny was a present from my Dad & reminds me of school, Versace Red Jeans reminds me of my mum & Emporio Armarni Diamonds reminds me of my current job. And who doesn't want to smell nice?

So, that was a little sneak peak into my bathroom cupboard. I'm so nosey so i tag you all to do this post! Please do let me know if you wanted to know my thoughts on a specific product.

Pssst Hello new (& old!) readers, please leave a comment below so i can check out your blog too! Enjoying the easter holidays so far? 
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