18 April 2012

Kleenex eye make up removal wipes review

When I think of Kleenex i immediately think of tissues. But recently Kleenex have launch a new cleansing range. It includes shine absorbing sheets, facial wipes, facial cloths & these eye make up removal wipes. The only thing on my mind when a new product launches is - 'Is it any good?'

Well, I have been using these for a few weeks now to help remove my eye make up and they have been doing the job nicely! The wipes are quilted and contain natural fibres - they also say they're suitable for sensitive eyes and removing waterproof mascara. I haven't been able to test these out on any waterproof make up so can't comment on that however, i used some eye make up the other day & my eye got really itchy and a lump began to appear under my eye! I took a hayfever tablet and used one of these wipes to take the make up off & my eyes return to normal after half an hour.

These retail for £2.99 (24 in a pack) & are currently on offer for £1.99 in Superdrug. I think this is a decent price and would recommend these wipes. They remove my make up gently and don't irritate my eyes.


  1. I use these now all the time after winning a pack on Twitter from @kleenex :) I have to say they are really good. :) xo

  2. Great review, they sound prefect as my eyes get irritated so easily, will definitely look out for them :) x


  3. try them whilst there on offer girlies :) x

  4. Thanks for the review, I've had my eye of their new range of products, may get them while they're on offer x


  5. A very helpful review! :)
    I've seen these on a few people's wishlists lately and it's nice to hear why people are talking about them so much xx


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