2 April 2012

what's inside my bathroom cupboard?

It's never normally this tidy,there's usually toothpaste splatters and fake tan stains.But i was cleaning it out today & thought it would be a good opportunity to blog about it (always thinking ahead!) I'm always changing what products i keep in the cupboards because i sometimes go off products or get new ones or just run out.

Some of my bathroom essentials include Vaseline, Sudocreme, Acetone and a flannel - I cannot function without these things in my life.

As you can see from the top picture there are two cupboards. One is filled with fake tan & the other is skincare. I don't use a lot of fake tan but if i'm looking a bit pasty I like to use it on my face. The tanning mitt was from the 99p shop and works wonders!

Skincare is important to me. I think before you go splurging on make up you need to invest in a skincare routine that works well for you. Because i try out a lot of different products my skin can sometimes get quite irritated -  Avène products are great for sensitive skin, I use something from Avène at least once a week. At the minute i'm trying out the range from Proactiv (skincare brand with Katy Perry in the adverts) I'll be sure to let you guys know how i get on. If i want a quick fix i'll use the Superdrug Essential Cleanser to remove make up - only costs 99p and does the job nicely!

I try to use a face mask once a week. The Dr. Organic olive oil one from Holland and Barrett pictured above is my fav.

I'm really into perfume. I like to have a different scent for different stages in my life. Moschino Funny was a present from my Dad & reminds me of school, Versace Red Jeans reminds me of my mum & Emporio Armarni Diamonds reminds me of my current job. And who doesn't want to smell nice?

So, that was a little sneak peak into my bathroom cupboard. I'm so nosey so i tag you all to do this post! Please do let me know if you wanted to know my thoughts on a specific product.

Pssst Hello new (& old!) readers, please leave a comment below so i can check out your blog too! Enjoying the easter holidays so far? 


  1. Hey Kia,
    Great post by the way! Have a quick question how and when will we do the bloggers spotlight interview cause I really want to know. Email me back the answer


    1. Since finals, I haven't been as organized so now everything in my apartment is ghastly. I'm so excited to do some spring cleaning!

    2. hopefully towards the end of the month jordan!

  2. It looks really neat and tiday as of now!

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    I would love it if you entered:)

  3. Enter my giveaway!



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