30 May 2012

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

I don't normally like mascara's with hard rubbery wands, they tend to make my eyelashes look a bit 'spikey' if you know what i mean! I've been using Benefit's they're real mascara for a couple of weeks now since receiving it at the Benefit blogger event.
First time I wore this mascara, my mum asked 'Are they Real?' haha spooky! The mascara comes in a box and the product has a nice silver tube. I've don't really go for highend mascara's but compared to drugstore ones, this is very fancy! The mascara is brilliant at gripping every lash. It's great for lengthening and separating my lashes. In the picture below i'm just wearing one coat and already my eyelashes look defined. It's also really good at lifting my lashes and doesn't smudge or flake. This is an amazing mascara but because of it's £18.50 price tag, I'm saving this beauty for special occasions! 
Don't forget Glamour magazine is out tomorrow & giving away some mini Benefit freebies! What do you think of this mascara? x

25 May 2012

Dupe for Essie Mint Candy Apple

 I'm not sure what your thoughts on beauty product dupes are, but i bloody love them! It's not often a nail varnishes becomes really, really popular in the blogosphere. I can think of a few like OPI Rainbow Connection and Barry M Peach Melba maybe?

Essie has become quite popular lately, especially their shade Mint Candy Apple. I love wearing pastels on my nails and that particular shade does look really nice. I've not tried any Essie products before but I've seen so many blog post's on Mint Candy Apple now, I think this is a good dupe!

This nail varnish only cost me £1.75 and it was from George at Asda! The Shade is called 32 Streamer. I've had this colour for over a year now (sorry!) So the consistency has gone a bit gloopy. It's a minty blue shade like Mint Candy Apple. It has a quick dry formula but doesn't have great staying power. With a good top coat on this lasts around 3 days. Overall not bad for a supermarket nail varnish!
I would recommend checking out Asda's own brand nail varnishes, they have a few nice shades. Sorry I don't have any comparison photo's to Essie's version - but I hope this helps!

Do you want to try Essie Mint Candy Apple? If you've tried it do you think this is a good dupe?

p.s sorry for my appalling nail painting skills, i'm so bad at it!

p.p.s what does P.S stand for anyway?!

23 May 2012

Benefit Sun Beam Review

I do love a new product launch. On Monday, Benefit released their latest highlighting product - Sun Beam. If you've tried High Beam before this is very similar but like a tinted version! Here my review of Benefit's Sun Beam :)

I received this in my goody bag at the Benefit Event I attend last week. The product comes in a cute little box. The nail varnish style packaging is the same as High & Moon Beam. This makes it really easy and quick to apply.
When I first saw this I thought it would be too dark for my pale skin, but I was so wrong! This looks really natural and gives a nice sun kissed glow. I definitely prefer this to High Beam, you can see them next to each other in the last photo. High Beam is a pinky toned highlighter and can sometimes look to obvious on my fair skin. I've been reaching for Sun Beam everyday, it's great for making your skin look more radiant.
I personally like to apply it before foundation, blending it in with my fingers. I apply it on my cheekbones, brown bones and sometimes down the centre of my nose.
It has very fine sparkly particles in it; don't worry nothing to garish! As you can see in the photograph where i've blended it on my hand, it's not too noticeable.

You get 13.0ml for £18.50, it doesn't sound like a lot of product but this little bottle will last me ages! A thing I love about Benefit is that they often give away free samples with magazines. I think it's next month's issue of Glamour they are offering some freebies!
Do you use a highlighter? What do you think of Sun Beam?

Hope your all enjoying the nice weather we've been having, also GOOD LUCK to any of you who are currently revising for exams! x

20 May 2012

Benefit Blogger Event

Make up, tea and cakes are three of my favourite words. So when all three were combined last week & I was delighted! Last Wednesday evening I attended a Benefit event at Debenhams in Bournemouth. It was in aid of the new Benefit boutique and also the launch of their brand spanking new product Sun Beam.I've tried a few Benefit products before such as Bad Gal mascara & High Beam, which I both love, so I was really excited to attend the event! I've been to a couple of blogger events before and I have to say this was definitely my favourite!
My self and a few other bloggers were greeted at the Benefit counter by the beautiful Jasmine & Lisa. We were then given a talk about Benefit's recent success and latest products.

The Benefit Boutique is inside debenhams right next to the make up counter. They offer a range of beauty treatments including eye brow tinting and spray tanning. I think this is such a great idea & would be so much fun to do with a group of friends or as a little treat.

As well as testing out some Benefit products, Lisa informed us about Mascarathon; just the name it self sounds amazing but get a load of this. This summer Benefit are raising awareness and money for the charity Refuge. A charity run will take place from June 15th-29th. The run starts in Edinburgh and stops off in different cities throughout the UK. You can find out more information about Mascarathon here!

After an informing talk from head make-up artist Lisa Porter-Dixon, we all went on to have afternoon tea at The Print Room. We had sandwiches, scones and a selection of cakes accompanied with some Dorset tea - I felt so posh! It's so lovely inside, if your ever in Bournemouth I would definitely recommend checking it out.We chatted about all things girly including make up,weddings and of course blogging.

I left the event with a desperate need to become a Benebabe! I had a brilliant evening, it was lovely to meet some new bloggers and discover more about Brand. Thank you to Jasmine & Lisa!

We received a goody bag with some products to test out. I had a little play with them this morning & I can't wait to share my thoughts :) Oooh, make sure you have a nosey at the other bloggers who attended the event, they all have amazing blogs! Lauren, Michelle, Corrie, Kat.

Have you tried any Benefit products before? x

18 May 2012

Project Foundation #2 - Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect foundation

I am featuring Project Foundation on my blog all this month! I will be reviewing a different foundation each week, voted by you lovely lot. Click here to see last weeks review.

Today's review is on Bourjois's latest foundation.

What Bourjois say about the product:

Bourjois 1.2.3. Perfect Foundation gives a flawless even complexion* for 16hrs, thanks to a new generation formula.
3 correcting pigments for zero imperfections:
  1. Yellow pigments: Anti dark circles
  2. Mauve pigments: Anti dull complexion
  3. Green pigments: Anti redness
  • 24hr hydration and anti-shine: cotton flower extract
  • SPF 10
  • Medium coverage, yet lets skin breathe
  • Soft and smooth formula for a second skin finish
*Tested on 31 women during 4 weeks = 97% agreed

What I Say
I was really excited to try out this new product. As I suffer from dark circles, blemish prone and dull skin this foundation really does sound perfect!

I went for the lightest shade 51, I love the fact all Bourjois foundations stick to the same shade numbers! It's a good match but just slightly too dark for me. Application wise - it goes on very smoothly. I find it easiest to blend with my fingers. Also the finish is matt so using my fingers helps to get it on before it dries. When applied it looks really natural and almost like your not wearing any foundation at all! It doesn't feel heavy and doesn't 'sit' on top of the skin. I have normal/combination skin and I didn't need to use a powder with this. 

The main selling point of this foundation is the three concealing properties. I felt it did cover my bad dark circles but I still needed a concealer. Same with my blemishes, the redness what reduced but I still need a bit of concealer. It did help to brighten my complexion. 

It claims to last 16 hours,  not too sure about that! I would say it lasted 8-10 hours on me. I feel like this foundation would cling to dry patches if you had any. The coverage is medium. 

This foundation is best for oily/combination skin types, the summer months and people with minor blemishes to cover. This reminds me slightly of Estee Lauder Double Wear, however not as heavy but same finish.
Bourjois 1 2 3 Perfect Foundation - £10.99 from Boots or Superdrug.
Not a bad high street foundation, I really want to try out the concealer version of this! I'm tempted to try out some other Bourjois foundations, let me know your favs! x

13 May 2012

buy 17's Wild Curls mascara for just £1!

I do love a good beauty bargain. 17 at Boots are offering customers their Wild Curls mascara for just £1 from the 16th - 29th May. I have a feeling this voucher is going to be popular so be quick! To get the voucher, simply click on the link here which will take you to the 17 facebook page & print it off!

I've not tried this mascara before, so just off to read some blogger reviews. Might be worth checking out if you need a new mascara or just like a bargain :)

I will be doing a post soon on beauty freebies, letting you know what free samples are around at the minute and where to get them!
Kia x

9 May 2012

Worth it? MUA Lip Booms Review

Did you have a good bank holiday weekend? The weather could've been a bit nicer; saying that, it could always be a bit nicer! Anyway today MUA launched their new Lip Booms in Superdrug. I'm sure you've heard all about them already. I have the shades Doin Good and Cheeky to show you.
Firstly, the packaging. I actually quite like it. Simple yet tells you all the information you need to know about the product. The Lip Booms come a double ended tube which are easy to use. Like with the normal MUA lipsticks, they come with a little pot of lipstick on the bottom. I wasn't sure if this was for use as when i tried it the consistency was all rubbery. I asked MUA what it was for and they said it was to show the true colour of the lipstick and not nessicarily for use. It's a nice extra to the product, just a shame it's unusable.
MUA Lip Boom in  Doin Good - a dark pink with a brown undertone.

Top - Doin Good, below Cheeky Swatches.

Cheeky - a bright but pale shade of pink, suits darker skintones.

The lipsticks are really pigmented, very impressed! The lipgloss is a bit gritty but personally doesn't bother me.It 'salso really sparkly so I use it sparingly. The lipstick on it's own gives a matte finish.

One fault with the product is that the Lip Booms are held in place to the packaging by sellotape. Unfortunately this leaves that annoying sticky stuff you can see in the photograph above. It's such a nightmare to get off! But I can't really fault the performance of the product.

As these are the first MUA lip products I've tried, I definitely feel more confident to try more. I don't think I would repurchase any other Lip booms simply because none of the other colours really appeal to me - but I've got my eye on a few of there normal lipsticks!

If your already a fan of MUA and their lip products, I think you'll like these too! Even if you dislike Alexandra Burke, don't let that put you off trying them out. Not bad for £3!
Check out MUA's website here
pr samples

6 May 2012

Project Foundation #1 - Collection 2000 Naturally Matte REVIEW

The beginning of May see's the start of my blog project foundation! If your not sure what it is read about it here. I have chosen the four foundations & will reveal each one as we go along! Thank you for all your suggestions :) & surprisingly no MAC foundation requests? I had a good mixture of foundation suggestions to choose from but they were mainly highstreet - we all love a bargain! So i've decided to start with the cheapest foundation. This is the newest foundation from Collection 2000 & it's just £2.99!

What Collection 2000 says about this - 
Designed to combat the effects of oily or combination skin, this fabulous new product gives you the perfect base to stay looking totally gorgeous all day long.
Contains grape extract, one of the skin's secret weapons in the battle against wrinkles, protecting against those fine lines that build up over time.
What I have to say - 
Now, Collection 2000 are suggesting this is a new foundation but I'm pretty sure it's a developed version of their old Natural Matte foundation. As you can see from the photo below it says on the back 'New Improved Formulation'. So I think it is, do let me know if you know!
I didn't have really high hopes for this foundation as it's just £2.99 however part of me thought it was going to be really good as Collection 2000 have launched some very good products lately - like the Lasting Perfection concealer & the Cream Puffs. 

With faith in the brand, I swatched the two shades next to each to see what they were like. Instantly I felt a bit let down when shades appeared far too dark for my pale skin. The formula was quite thick and had a matte finish. The coverage is light - medium. 

I have the two lightest shades - Ivory 1 and Blonde 2. Ivory is photographed on the left. Don't you think the lightest shade Ivory, looks darker then the next shade Blonde? Ivory is a pinky toned colour where as Blonde has more of a yellow/orange base.

 With and without flash.
 Unfortunately the shades are too dark for me, I didn't even want to use it on my face as i knew it would look ridiculous and I'd definitely have a gravy line!


  • Price
  • Packaging, come in a squeezy tube meaning less waste
  • UVA & UVB protection
  • Fragrance Free
  • Shades, this is the only fault with this product but it's quite a big one! I think the colour range is too dark for most British complexions.
Good price and easily available. The foundation comes in 6 shades which are all quite dark. However this would be good if your heading off on holiday - you'll want your make up to be matte & you might have a tan! Might be worth checking out this product if you have oily/combination skin and a dark skintone. It's £2.99 for 35ml and available form Boots or Superdrug.  

What do you think of this new foundation from Collection 2000?

2 May 2012

April Favourites

1.Some might say this being my favourite shower gel is a bit biased as I love any vanilla scented products.I tweeted a picture about this here. It smells so good, on the back it says 'This is not Food' haha! It's reasonably priced, i like to stock up when it's on 3 for 2.
2. Kleenex have impressed me with there new cleansing range. I got my friend to try these wipes out because she's an official lover of face wipes. Her opinion was that these wipes were the best she'd ever tried! They are quite thick and quilted making them super soft and gentle. They are suitable for sensitive skin and remove all traces of make up.At the minute you can get 50p off the range with this coupon on their facebook page here. Always love a discount!  
3.I reviewed the John Frieda Full Repair Range in my last post here. I mentioned my favourite product was this, it's great for repairing my dry split ends. You only have to use it sparingly so this little bottle will go a long way.
4.Dr Organic is becoming one of my favourite brands. It's available from Holland & Barrett and they do so many nice products! This lotion smells lovely, it's doesn't feel greasy and really hydrates my skin. The brand doesn't test on animals and contains organic ingredients. 
5.My love for Liz is always growing. Like so many others I am a big fan of the Cleanse and Polish. This exfoliator has been a nice addition to my skincare routine. I use it 1-2 times a week and it helps to brighten my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. It's quite gentle as the name suggests, but it still does a good job at removing dead skin cells. I'm always on the look at to try new Liz Earle products, do you have any recommendations? 
6.Possibly one of the most hyped about Rimmel foundations? I've seen countless reviews on this product - here are my thoughts! At first I wasn't impressed. I use my hands to apply it & felt let down by all the hype. The coverage was light and it didn't really seem anything special. I mentioned it on twitter & I had some replies saying i should apply it using a buffing brush. After giving this a go, the foundation definitely performed better. There was more coverage, it blended better and gave my skin a healthy glow. It does what it's suggest - wakes up the skin. I'll use this if my skin is looking a bit dull. I can't help but think Rimmel launched this at the wrong time. I think this would have been perfect for the winter months when my skin is noticeably drier and looking a bit dull. I still need concealer for my spots and dark circles however it does brighten them slightly. Not a bad foundation, would buy it again but i wouldn't go as far as saying it's the best highstreet foundation out there! 

I've link all the product headers directly to shops where you can purchase or find out more about the product. Normally after reading a product review I google it to find out more, so hopefully by adding links it will make it easier for you! Can you believe it's already May? And where is the sunshine, it better start appearing soon - or i'm gonna have to book a holiday! Also let me know if you've blogged about your monthly favs so i can have a nosey!
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