2 May 2012

April Favourites

1.Some might say this being my favourite shower gel is a bit biased as I love any vanilla scented products.I tweeted a picture about this here. It smells so good, on the back it says 'This is not Food' haha! It's reasonably priced, i like to stock up when it's on 3 for 2.
2. Kleenex have impressed me with there new cleansing range. I got my friend to try these wipes out because she's an official lover of face wipes. Her opinion was that these wipes were the best she'd ever tried! They are quite thick and quilted making them super soft and gentle. They are suitable for sensitive skin and remove all traces of make up.At the minute you can get 50p off the range with this coupon on their facebook page here. Always love a discount!  
3.I reviewed the John Frieda Full Repair Range in my last post here. I mentioned my favourite product was this, it's great for repairing my dry split ends. You only have to use it sparingly so this little bottle will go a long way.
4.Dr Organic is becoming one of my favourite brands. It's available from Holland & Barrett and they do so many nice products! This lotion smells lovely, it's doesn't feel greasy and really hydrates my skin. The brand doesn't test on animals and contains organic ingredients. 
5.My love for Liz is always growing. Like so many others I am a big fan of the Cleanse and Polish. This exfoliator has been a nice addition to my skincare routine. I use it 1-2 times a week and it helps to brighten my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. It's quite gentle as the name suggests, but it still does a good job at removing dead skin cells. I'm always on the look at to try new Liz Earle products, do you have any recommendations? 
6.Possibly one of the most hyped about Rimmel foundations? I've seen countless reviews on this product - here are my thoughts! At first I wasn't impressed. I use my hands to apply it & felt let down by all the hype. The coverage was light and it didn't really seem anything special. I mentioned it on twitter & I had some replies saying i should apply it using a buffing brush. After giving this a go, the foundation definitely performed better. There was more coverage, it blended better and gave my skin a healthy glow. It does what it's suggest - wakes up the skin. I'll use this if my skin is looking a bit dull. I can't help but think Rimmel launched this at the wrong time. I think this would have been perfect for the winter months when my skin is noticeably drier and looking a bit dull. I still need concealer for my spots and dark circles however it does brighten them slightly. Not a bad foundation, would buy it again but i wouldn't go as far as saying it's the best highstreet foundation out there! 

I've link all the product headers directly to shops where you can purchase or find out more about the product. Normally after reading a product review I google it to find out more, so hopefully by adding links it will make it easier for you! Can you believe it's already May? And where is the sunshine, it better start appearing soon - or i'm gonna have to book a holiday! Also let me know if you've blogged about your monthly favs so i can have a nosey!


  1. I blogged my month favourites yesterday :) I really like the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation too - like you say, it does what it promises and makes your skin look brighter.

    I may also have to try the Kleenex face wipes as I picked up some of their eye make up removing pads/wipes to try and I don't like them at all, they're so scratchy!

    The Natural Collection shower gel sounds so yummy too :) x


  2. I wish I could get along with the Rimmel foundation! I love how it looks but it broke me out :( xx

  3. I featured the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator in my favourites too (great minds eh?! ) such a good product! I love Dr Organic's pomegranate stuff but haven't yet tried the Manuka Honey range yet, sounds really good! x


  4. Those face wipes are so lovely, it's true :)! They seem to be the only ones I can use at the moment x

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    1. I've been really impressed with Kleenex's new line too. I've been using the facial cloths and they're so soft. x

  6. Lovely idea of you painting the items! I haven't used any of these items before but they all sound great, especially curious about Kleenex's range of wipes! xx

  7. i know fingers crosse for some sun

  8. Great post! I'm looking to try some new products so great to read your views :-)



  9. Great post! Im not a fan of the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, but im an oily skin type so i think thats why! I wish it did though! Iv heard so many good things about it! :)

  10. I wanna try the dr organic line... Waiting for some offer/promotion. :)

  11. I love the new Kleenex cotton wipes (the plain ones that you put cleanser on) but I would say watch out for the eye makeup remover wipes if you have sensitive eyes-ouch! Emma x


  12. I absolutely adore all of the Liz Earle range and all of my beauty regime revolves around one or more of her products. I use the Deep Cleansing Mask when my skin is a bit clogged up and needs a refresh. I also use the nourishing mask in the winter when my skin is a bit dry. The Brightening mask makes my skin looks lovely and bright when i'm a bit tired. I use all the moisturisers too!
    After re-reading my comments above i'm thinking maybe I should do a blog on these! If I do i'll send you the link hun. But Liz Earle is the way forward in my opinion :)

    Claire x

    1. On yes please do :) I do like most products from her range! x


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