6 May 2012

Project Foundation #1 - Collection 2000 Naturally Matte REVIEW

The beginning of May see's the start of my blog project foundation! If your not sure what it is read about it here. I have chosen the four foundations & will reveal each one as we go along! Thank you for all your suggestions :) & surprisingly no MAC foundation requests? I had a good mixture of foundation suggestions to choose from but they were mainly highstreet - we all love a bargain! So i've decided to start with the cheapest foundation. This is the newest foundation from Collection 2000 & it's just £2.99!

What Collection 2000 says about this - 
Designed to combat the effects of oily or combination skin, this fabulous new product gives you the perfect base to stay looking totally gorgeous all day long.
Contains grape extract, one of the skin's secret weapons in the battle against wrinkles, protecting against those fine lines that build up over time.
What I have to say - 
Now, Collection 2000 are suggesting this is a new foundation but I'm pretty sure it's a developed version of their old Natural Matte foundation. As you can see from the photo below it says on the back 'New Improved Formulation'. So I think it is, do let me know if you know!
I didn't have really high hopes for this foundation as it's just £2.99 however part of me thought it was going to be really good as Collection 2000 have launched some very good products lately - like the Lasting Perfection concealer & the Cream Puffs. 

With faith in the brand, I swatched the two shades next to each to see what they were like. Instantly I felt a bit let down when shades appeared far too dark for my pale skin. The formula was quite thick and had a matte finish. The coverage is light - medium. 

I have the two lightest shades - Ivory 1 and Blonde 2. Ivory is photographed on the left. Don't you think the lightest shade Ivory, looks darker then the next shade Blonde? Ivory is a pinky toned colour where as Blonde has more of a yellow/orange base.

 With and without flash.
 Unfortunately the shades are too dark for me, I didn't even want to use it on my face as i knew it would look ridiculous and I'd definitely have a gravy line!


  • Price
  • Packaging, come in a squeezy tube meaning less waste
  • UVA & UVB protection
  • Fragrance Free
  • Shades, this is the only fault with this product but it's quite a big one! I think the colour range is too dark for most British complexions.
Good price and easily available. The foundation comes in 6 shades which are all quite dark. However this would be good if your heading off on holiday - you'll want your make up to be matte & you might have a tan! Might be worth checking out this product if you have oily/combination skin and a dark skintone. It's £2.99 for 35ml and available form Boots or Superdrug.  

What do you think of this new foundation from Collection 2000?


  1. Damn what a shame! I'm ridiculously pale so definitely will have the same issue with the shades, thanks for a great review though!! :)
    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.co.uk xxxx

  2. Hmm, these might make me look like an oompa loompa too! Why is it so hard to cater for english rose paleness?! x

  3. Such a shame about the shades, I really don't understand why they decide to just miss out any lighter shades! Baffles me it does xx

  4. I'm with you girls, such a shame & think of all the customers they're losing out on! xx

  5. Wow those are really dark shades! Thanks for the great review

  6. wow, they're so dark! I always see people complaining about foundations not being light enough, you would think they would've made lighter shades, especially as it's an English brand! At least it's only £2.99 though!


  7. Big problem with Collection 2000 foundations and their shades..bought the lasting perfection foundation a few months back in the lightest shade 'Vanilla' which I believe has pink undertones and made my NW20 skin completely orange,where as the 2nd shade 'Ivory' has yellow undertones and seems to be much lighter,very annoying because I haven't used it since..
    Wish they would bring out shades like their concealer,the lightest shade 'Fair' is actually almost white but is a great match for me :)


  8. i thought the blonde looked lighter then the ivory when you just took a picture of them in the packaging, i kep having to look at it, then i saw the swatches woow!

    they are differently too dark for any pale people, myself included, so i wouldnt even say tht was ivory to begin with, more like tan =/
    oh well

    1. same here! I had to double check the stickers weren't on the wrong way round :L x

  9. hmm shame about the shades! £2.99 would have been an amazing bargain if it had a better shade range. Amy x

  10. nice review :) I've looked at these before but the ingredients are quite nasty though :( x

  11. That's really disappointing about the shades! You'd certainly imagine that they'd have much fairer ones available :(


  12. Finding shades is so much easier with a makeup artist's help. I was probably wearing a too light shade for most of my twenties.

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  13. will try out the shades becoz i have naturally tanned skin with a yellow tone


  14. I bought these two shades today and even though i am portuguese they are way too dark for me, but i am sure who gets a fake tan will be lucky with them. Good thing we can always give them back.

  15. i cannot even explain how much i hate this foundation. its too dark. drying, horrible, and so orange!

  16. I have the shade blonde and it is far too dark and yellowy for me but i like the thickness and coverage

  17. I have this in ivory I always buy lasting perfection in ivory which is great for me. But I thought I would give this a go but I regret this I look blotchy really dark, drys far to fast so I can not rub this in before it drys in place. Was not impressed.

  18. I recently bought this in ivory, I'm ginger so it's not like I have dark skin at all and it seems to match pretty well not sure about how it will last when I start to use it all day, great review though xx


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