2 June 2012

Benefit Porefessional Primer Review

I've read so many POREfessional reviews these past few days as a result of it being free with this months issue of Glamour magazine! I think primers are one of those products you're not really fused about until you try one & then BAM, you can't live without it.

Benefit's Porefessional claims to minimize pores and leave skin looking smoother. Like all benefit products, the packaging is really pretty! I find it leaves skin feeling very silky and is a great base for applying make up. It's also good for controlling shine, feels very lightweight and you can wear under or over make up. The main selling point for this is that it helps to minimize pores. I've started to get pores around my nose, they aren't really large but this product does help to make them look less noticeable.

I do like this primer but at £23.50 a pop I'm tempted to see if any highstreet primers offer similar results. However, have you noticed this is normally free in magazines? Pick up a copy if you wanted to try before buying.
Have you tried POREfessional?
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  1. I got the freebie! I'm not one to turn down a good old freebie haha! I'm not too keen on this as I prefer BeneFit's that gal primer even if it does leave my purse feeling abused. £19.50 is far too expensive for 11mls but I find myself buying it again and again. God damn you benefit ha xx

  2. I got the primer for this and I'm quite under whelmed. It feels like when it goes on and on your fingers but I don't think it makes such of a difference to the way your make up looks on top of it and I wouldn't say it dramatically reduces the appearance of pores at all.

  3. Used it for the first time this morning and LOVED it! x


  4. i love this primer, I just hate the price. The bottle is teeny tiny too.

  5. I got this primer with Glamour, and love it so far. May end up repurchasing :)


  6. I got it with Glamour, but I only used a tiny bit because I'm too scared to use up the sample! x

  7. Strangely, I was bowled over by this primer, it just didn't do it for me!

  8. I've got this with Glamour, only tried it for the first time yesterday. Didn't see a huge difference in my skin, but it felt nice...will keep with it xx

    1. Yeah I agree, if I wore this alone i don't think my skin would look much different! Good for under make up & making skim feel smoother, still not satisfied with the hefty price tag! x

  9. I tried a sample of this and I must say it's amazing. Will defiantly buy full size. x

  10. I'm definitely going to buy a full size. I've seen a drastic difference in my skin from this but it has to be under foundation.

    Laura xo.

  11. I tried this a couple of months ago, completely in love with it.
    I can see my pores if I don't wear it, and it makes me feel sick! So yes, definitely a holy grail~ in my books!

    H x

  12. I've been wanting to try this product for ages as I've read some good reviews on it - I didn't realise it was a freebie with Glamour this month! Thanks for the tip! :-D



  13. Ooo I got the porefessional in Glamour, I really like it :) x

  14. I actually got this today! My first ever time to Benefit and I had heard of this before but wasn't planning on buying it, but like you said BAM it worked really well and I ended up buying it! xx


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