8 June 2012

May Bodycare Favourites

 Part two of my May favourites, read part one which include my favourite make up products here. These are the haircare, skincare and beauty products i've been reaching for last month!
Japonesque Travel Blush Brush*
Japonesque is a brand i discovered and loved last month. I've put it back in it's original packaging to show you what it looked like. This is a blush brush so i use it to apply blusher and bronzer. It is such a soft brush and picks up just enough product. This is a travel brush because the handle is shorter, perfect size for my make up bag!
Dr Organic Manuka Honey Hand and Nail Cream £6.19
I'm a fan of this organic brand, especially their Olive Oil face mask! I do love a good hand cream and this one smells amazing!
Percy and Reed No Oil Hair Oil* £14.00
My hair has been really dry lately. I like to use a hair oil and this has been my go to one. I use two pumps of this and smooth through damp hair. It helps to fight frizz and nourish my dry ends. This is the first Percy & Reed product i've tried and I'am really impressed!
Avene Eau Thermale Spray £6.50
This basically is water in a can. I've been using this on my face because it has been really sensitive lately. After a spray of this my skin calms down. Its also good for sun burn or if your feeling a little under the weather this is a good pick me up. Because of it's price tag i don't think i will repurchase but it has helped me out this month so it deserved to be in my favs.
Mark Hill Big Night Out Volumising Dry Shampoo* £6.29
What would we do without dry shampoo?! I always like to have one encase of emergencies! I've been using this one because it also offers volume as wells as disguising greasy hair. I've tried to use it this morning but the spray dispenser has stopped working :/ so not sure if i want it in my may favourites any more!
These last 3 items have been in my handbag all month!
Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets £2.99 for 50
I take these to work and normally use one on my lunch break. They help to control shine without ruining make up. They come in a cute little compact wallet and have a nice floral design on them.
White Tiger Balm £4.67
This is a balm i use to help relief headaches. I don't suffer from any migraines but when i feel a headache coming along i use this & rub it onto my temples to reduce tension. And also the packaging is really pretty! You can get this from Boots or Holland & Barrett.
So...Brit Body Spray 99p
This 50ml bottle is perfect handbag size.The sent is quite fruity with hints of cranberry and vanilla. It also has some rose and peony notes.

Phew, that's all my May Favourites done! I keep meaning to do a 'Monthly Empties' post instead but i'm just so bad at finishing products. What do you prefer to see  - monthly empties or monthly favourites? Hope you're all having a good week! x


  1. I love tiger balm!I use it for my back all the time,shame the smell is so strong!


  2. I really like the Kleenex blotting sheets :) I tried the Boots' ones but they left powder everywhere, euck x

  3. Love Tiger balm, I often have a pot of it in my handbag and it really does work wonders! Would love to see you do an empties post :) x


  4. Hooray for Dr Organic I am loving the Manuka range :)

  5. I love percy and reed, need to get some more products in my collection though

  6. I love empties posts (favourite too) x

  7. Tiger Balm is the best for colds! x

  8. Great favourites, the brush sounds really great - may have to do a bit of research into the brand :)


  9. imogen here..i emailed you a few months bk..just to let you know my blog is up and running.. www.the-minifashionista.blogspot.co.uk

  10. Tiger Balm is amayzing

    Please follow my blog: http://stylesayso.blogspot.co.uk/


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