20 July 2012

GOSH Lip Markers review

Hello :)
Earlier in the year we saw the launch of 'lip pens'. First, Max factor brought out their Lipfinity Lip Tint followed shortly by other brands such as Maybelleine, Rimmel, 17 and GOSH. These are designed to give long lasting staying power and easy application. They can be a bit drying as they don't have the same sticky formula you get with a lipstick. I find the colour of lip pens is quite intense and the pen applicator allows you to build up the colour nicely . Here's a review of the newest shades of GOSH Lip Markers!

In the first photograph I'm wearing the shade 'Natural Brown'. Personally, i don't think it looks very natural. It's quite a dark brown and looks a bit vampy, lovely shade if you like darker lip colours.
The next swatch is 'Soft Rose' which is a bright pink. This colour is really easy to wear and would suit most skin tones. 
I've found with the GOSH lip markers they aren't as drying as other lip pens i've tested out. They last around 3 hours before having to reapply. I love using these as a base for lipstick. The pen applicator allows you to be creative and build up using different colours to create your own unique shade. 

What are your thoughts on lip pens? Can you get along with them? I do like them, but i'd love to see brand doing their own versions of other lip products such as lip butters from Revlon or Chubby Sticks from Clinique! 

These are available from Superdrug and retail at £6.99


  1. I love lip pens especially the 1000 kisses lip tint :), revlon recently released there own version of the chubby sticks except a lot cheaper, so I advise you to check those out! Also loreal released a lip butter called the rouge caresse, which look amazing! :p x

    1. got my eye on both of those, thank you! x

  2. I have one of these in the shade berry, sometimes it applies really nicely and then other times it goes horribly wrong and collects. I love both of the new shades though x

  3. I haven't yet tried a lip pen but I think I definitely need to - I love the shade of the soft rose. Beautiful photos by the way - you look stunning! x

  4. I find that the colour tend to separate and your lips can look a bit patchy, I'm definitely sticking with the old faithful lipstick xxxxx x

  5. Such pretty colours on you! x

  6. I've always wanted to try a lip pen but have been put off at how drying they are, might need to give these a try!

  7. you're atunning! i love your hair xx

  8. Hmmm I may have to try those, since you say how non drying those are. But alas, threre is no Gosh and are no Super drugs in America... The closest we have to nice, drugstore lip pen/stains are the Revlon ones, which are pretty good.


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