29 August 2012

you should start saying "YES!"

"Do you mean you can't, or you won't?" - one of those annoying things grown-ups say when you don't want to do something. Majority of us have heard ourselves say: "I can't....I'm too busy/don't have enough time," and I'm quite guilty of this! But lately I've been trying to break the cycle of saying no. Now, I'm not the most spontaneous person; however I have found that saying yes really can benefit you.

I first found out about this whole concept of saying yes more, was when I picked up last months copy of Boots own Health & Beauty magazine. There was an article on a campaign they're doing this summer called 'Say YES to summer'. It really inspired me to be more spontaneous and think positively.

As a young person in this day and age, I know & empathise with how easy it is to feel negatively about things such as the future. Less and less jobs are available, more graduates are unable to find work and I feel that there's just not a lot of support for young people out there. So keeping motivated and saying yes isn't easy, but hopefully this post will help.

So my aim over these past couple of months was to say yes and to embrace those spontaneous moments.
1. I said yes to starting my own business 'Moonie'. I had to put aside negative thoughts and be brave. It was definitely worth taking the risk, and now it's up and running I'm so happy I turned my idea into a real business.
2. I've always enjoyed reading but I hadn't read a book in ages, I kept putting it off because I was just too busy. So, I donated some old books to a charity shop and replaced them with new ones. I make time for reading now and I have also said yes to buying a subscription to Company magazine.
3. This week I said yes to trying something new. I treated myself to a nail varnish, it's a dark purple colour - something I'd never really wear but it's a refreshing change from what I'd normally choose.(and it was half price!)
4. When asked if I wanted to take part in a charity walk for Macmillian Cancer Support I said yes! It's in October so I've got a bit of time to prepare my lazy body.

After just a few months of thinking more positively and saying yes it has changed me so much! Simple changes to your life can make a big difference. Even the little things like treating yourself to a pamper session or a bright lipstick. Why don't you call that friend you haven't spoken to for ages or take a day trip somewhere you've always wanted to go? Next month I'm going to say yes to clearing my wardrobe of old clothes - something I've been meaning to do for a year now! 

What will you say yes to this week?

* P.S It may look like it, but this is not a sponsored post! Boots haven't told me to write this, I'm not affiliated with the company. It's simply something I wanted to share with you!

23 August 2012

Tips on applying and removing face masks.

I bloody love face masks. They are an essential part of my skincare routine and i try to use one at least once a week. Recently i've discovered a few tips that have made applying/removing face masks SO much more easier and enjoyable!
 The latest face mask i've been testing out is this Sea Mask from Mudd. It comes in a re-usable pack which gives you up to 5 applications- I think this is a great idea as I normally only use half of a face mask then have to leave the rest in the pack for another day! So, here's how I apply and remove face masks effortlessly.

  • After i've cleansed my skin, I soak a Moonie face cloth in warm water then rinse out and hold it up to my face for 15 seconds. The natural muslin fabric makes it perfect for a gentle face steam which opens up pores, allowing the face mask to penetrate deeper so my skin can get the full benefit.
  • Using a flat foundation brush, I squeeze the mask directly onto the brush and apply it to my face. This lets you control where you place the product and get a nice even coverage- no messy fingers! 
  • Once the mask has dried, I re-soak my Moonie in warm water and rinse out. I then place it over my face for 15 seconds to soften the mask, I find this makes it easier to remove. Next, with the same Moonie I wipe away the mask. 
  • Lastly, I splash my face with cool water to close pores. Hello smooth and refreshed skin!
Ta-dah! Ok, so it's not really exciting but i had to share it with you because it makes using face masks effortless! 

Mudd Sea Mask 5 pack retails for £3.05 from Boots/Superdrug. Moonie face cloths retail for £5.99 from www.moonie.bigcartel.com (FREE P&P & gift with every purchase) 

What are your face masks tips, do you use this method?

21 August 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Lip Gloss in Honeysuckle Review

You probably already know that Liz Earle have recently launched a range of make up products. I like their skincare products so I was excited to find out about the new make up line!

I'm not really a fan of lip glosses, I'd rather wear lipstick or just a lip balm. I like the fact it comes in a blue box, makes it feel more expensive! However I don't like the tube packaging, the sparkly dark blue lid and silver line all feels a bit outdated to me. But, I guess their target audience is older women. I found this lip gloss applied smoothly and didn't feel too heavy on my lips.The gloss is quite sheer and adds a subtle hint of pink/gold. One thing I do like about this product is that it contains avocado oils and shea butter which makes it quite moisturising and not overly sticky. In my opinion this is a little pricey for a lipgloss. I like this, but I didn't think it was anything special, sorry Liz! 

Sheer Lip Gloss retails for £13.50 (5ml) and comes in 12 different shades.

What do you think of the new make up line from Liz Earle? Anything tickle your fancy?
Pr sample

10 August 2012

Xen-Tan Mist Intense Dark Review

That first day on the beach can be very daunting, baring all with pasty skin can make you wish you booked that skiing holiday in the Alps. Thank god for fake tan. I've discovered Xen-Tan through beauty blogs and i'm so glad i did!  I've been using the Xen Tan Mist Intense prior to my holiday to Corfu this week. It claims to be a weekly self tan, i'll let you know how i get on.
The product comes in a handy spray bottle. The colour is instant so it's easy to see where you have/haven't applied the fake tan. It has a lovely vanilla scent like the rest of the Xen-Tan range, however this doesn't last long on the skin which is a shame. My favourite thing about Xen-Tan which makes it different to other fake tans is that it creates a nice deep olive colour with no orange under tones. I use a mitt to apply this, bought a simple one from the 99p store which does the job. I'm really pleased with how natural the colour looks, it will definitely help boost my beach body confidence! I forgot to take a before and after picture but i'll get one on holiday. I really recommend Xen-Tan, possibly my favourite brand for fake tan!

Xen-Tan Mist Intense Dark retails for £21.95 but is £17.99 on the Feelunique Site!

Are you going away on holiday this year? What are your beach beauty essentials?
UPDATE: I'm back from my holiday now and i can safely say applying this before i had to strip down to a bikini definitely gave me more confidence. This claims to be a weekly tan but i'd say on me it lasted around 4 days. I did also find with this the morning after you had to wash of the top layer to reveal a more natural looking tan. Overall, very impression with this & will continue to use it to keep my tan on longer! 
*item won in giveaway

7 August 2012

Pr samples I didn't like

I wasn't sure how this post was going to go down. But the last one i wrote a few months ago got a lot of love and i think a bad review is just as valued as a good review. 
I feel bad about writing negative reviews on products I've been sent as they've gone to a lot of effort to send me a product to try. Normally if i don't particularly like a product it either goes to the back of my shelf or to my mum! However, I've decided as long as i don't say 'This product will make your face drop off' (unless it does) giving an honest review of why something didn't work for you is fine. Just because a product doesn't work for you doesn't mean if won't work for someone else. And it's also good constructive criticism for the company. 
 So here are my opinions on some Pr samples I've been sent recently. 
Witch Blemish Stick £2.89
Firstly, I like this blemish stick. I think it does help reduce blemishes but the thing that really niggles me is the product design. At first i thought it was going to have a twisty applicator but no; you have to push the base of the product so the blemish stick comes out the top. Once that's happen you have no way of getting it back down again. So like when you twist a glue stick up too far and put the lid back on with twisting it back down - you have to do that! The product swishes in the lid and gets around the edges. Bit annoying! 
Trilogy Botanical Body Wash £16.50
This is the second Trilogy product i've tried. I love shower gels that smell nice & this one does however after using this my skin felt really dry and tight. I've never had this problem with a body wash before. I just can't seem to get on well with this brand, would love to hear your thoughts on Trilogy. Comes in a nice big 500ml bottle.
Collection 2000 naturally Matte Foundation in Ivory £2.99
I normally rave about Collection's products but this was such a fail. Ivory is the lightest shade & it's extremely dark! I have quite fair skin but this is ridiculous, no ones skin is this colour! Reviewed here.

GOSH On Stage Lip Jam £6.29
I'm not the biggest lip gloss lover, but i really didn't get on well with this. The formula is really heavy and sticky. I wore this whilst having my hair down and my hair kept sticking to my lips, not nice! Although i do like the bubblegum scent. 
Shizzle Lips Lip foils £12.50
Since reviewing these a few months ago, I haven't used them since. I really wanted to love these but i just couldn't get them to work. After 10 attempts it looked okay but the foil didn't cover my lips completely and my lips felt sore from trying to remove the foil and using the glue it came with. 

What do you think of these types of blog posts?

3 August 2012

The launch of MOONIE!

After months & months of keeping this under wraps, today is the official launch of my new handmade product, Moonie! A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that I was going to launch my own skincare product, so this is it! Probably not what you were expecting? A Moonie is a natural, un-bleached face cloth made from muslin. It's designed to revolutionise the way women look after the skin. I wanted to make people aware of the benefits using a Moonie has on the environment and of course, their skin. Using a Moonie is a great alternative to a half-hearted swipe of a face wipe and it has so many different uses. I've included some tips below on ways to use a Moonie.Those were just a few ways you could use your Moonie. They can be used as an everyday essential or a weekly treat. 

I just asked on twitter if you had any questions about Moonie, as promised here are my answers!
I decided to invent a Moonie as I wanted to make face cloths cool again. Nowadays, using a face wipe is really popular way to cleanse skin but the truth is it won't look after your skin as good as a Moonie will. I've also noticed recently a change in the sort of make up we buy and how we wear it. Sheer, light coverage foundations and BB creams have taken the market by storm. Some people have ditched foundation completely! I want you to be able to feel confident wearing a lighter base and I believe that all starts with a good skincare routine. Great skin doesn't have to be complicated, that's my inspiration behind Moonie.
Moonie is suitable for ALL skin types, they don't contain any nasty chemicals so wont irritate your skin. However if you have extremely sensitive skin I would recommend using a Moonie just 1-2 a week.
I was in my kitchen, looking for something to eat, as you do! The radio was on in the background and they were discussing how flannels aren't popular any more and how young people in particular never use them. I had a think about it & completely agreed with everything they were saying. I don't use a flannel & none of my friends do either. I kind of associate them with old people! I wanted to make flannels cool again so started brain storming different ideas, experimenting with designs, shapes, materials,names etc. After coming up with the final design I had to work out how to make it, this was the hardest part! I saved up some money & bought an overlocker sewing machine so I could hand make my Moonies. Once I figured out how to produce them I went about sourcing packaging, materials, labels and coming up with the brand name 'Moonie'. It took me a while to come up with my final design. Setting up a business is a lot harder then I ever imagined, but SO exciting! 
Moonie is currently only available to purchase in the UK. However I do have plans to ship international in the future! 
I really wanted to have a 'face' for the brand. So like Rimmel have Kate Moss and L'oreal have Cheryl Cole, I needed my own person! I didn't want it to be myself so I decided to make Neil. He's so cute & I think fit's in nicely with Moonie! 
Neil believes great skin shouldn't be complicated so he is a great ambassador for the product. He has his own twitter account so you can follow what he gets up too- @neilmoonie Or you can even add him as a friend on facebook
I hand make every single Moonie with care and the highest quality materials sourced in the UK. Moonies come in packs of three so you can alternate easily between washes. A pack of 3 Moonies retails for £5.99, that's just £1.99 per Moonie! Currently as a special offer, postage is completely FREE to UK residents! Be quick as this offer wont last forever & i have limited stock!
Kia & Neil x

So what do you think?!
Moonie All Design Rights Reserved Kia Simpson 2012
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