7 August 2012

Pr samples I didn't like

I wasn't sure how this post was going to go down. But the last one i wrote a few months ago got a lot of love and i think a bad review is just as valued as a good review. 
I feel bad about writing negative reviews on products I've been sent as they've gone to a lot of effort to send me a product to try. Normally if i don't particularly like a product it either goes to the back of my shelf or to my mum! However, I've decided as long as i don't say 'This product will make your face drop off' (unless it does) giving an honest review of why something didn't work for you is fine. Just because a product doesn't work for you doesn't mean if won't work for someone else. And it's also good constructive criticism for the company. 
 So here are my opinions on some Pr samples I've been sent recently. 
Witch Blemish Stick £2.89
Firstly, I like this blemish stick. I think it does help reduce blemishes but the thing that really niggles me is the product design. At first i thought it was going to have a twisty applicator but no; you have to push the base of the product so the blemish stick comes out the top. Once that's happen you have no way of getting it back down again. So like when you twist a glue stick up too far and put the lid back on with twisting it back down - you have to do that! The product swishes in the lid and gets around the edges. Bit annoying! 
Trilogy Botanical Body Wash £16.50
This is the second Trilogy product i've tried. I love shower gels that smell nice & this one does however after using this my skin felt really dry and tight. I've never had this problem with a body wash before. I just can't seem to get on well with this brand, would love to hear your thoughts on Trilogy. Comes in a nice big 500ml bottle.
Collection 2000 naturally Matte Foundation in Ivory £2.99
I normally rave about Collection's products but this was such a fail. Ivory is the lightest shade & it's extremely dark! I have quite fair skin but this is ridiculous, no ones skin is this colour! Reviewed here.

GOSH On Stage Lip Jam £6.29
I'm not the biggest lip gloss lover, but i really didn't get on well with this. The formula is really heavy and sticky. I wore this whilst having my hair down and my hair kept sticking to my lips, not nice! Although i do like the bubblegum scent. 
Shizzle Lips Lip foils £12.50
Since reviewing these a few months ago, I haven't used them since. I really wanted to love these but i just couldn't get them to work. After 10 attempts it looked okay but the foil didn't cover my lips completely and my lips felt sore from trying to remove the foil and using the glue it came with. 

What do you think of these types of blog posts?


  1. I love these honest posts. I think it's a good thing to admit that something didn't work for you because the market is so competitive and there are only so many products that can be 'amazing' for everyone.

    THAT is the lightest shade that Collection 2000 came up with? Pffft. They must think everyone is permanently tanned! Glad I saw this now!

    Great post as always!

    Helen xxx

  2. honestly is key!!! great review!

  3. Props to you hun on this post, honesty is always best and there is no point in reviewing products that you don't like as it give false views to your readers. I can't believe the Collection 2000 foundation it's quite dark considering it's the lightest.


  4. these blog post's are sometimes better than the good reviews, it shows you what might not suit you so you don't waste your money on them!

  5. It so nice to see beauty bloggers who tell the truth and simply because we got it for free doesn't mean that we should love the products.

    great blogpost ^^

  6. Thanks for writing this post Kia, it Definitly stops people from wasting there money! :) x

  7. Honest reviews are the best - even if they are bad!! Great post x

  8. i think these types of reviews are great, you cant love everything! i used to use that witch blemish stick years and yeaarrsss ago, cant believe they havent fixed that push up bottom! twisty cap would be a lot easier :)

  9. I used to love the Witch blemish stick but I had the same problem! I also found it dries out so quickly! xo

  10. I Didnt like the trilogy wash either... And Im usually not fussy with body washes... Maybe they should change the formula as I read other negative reviews. :( x

  11. great review like your honesty

  12. I really didn't like the GOSH On Stage Lip Jam either

  13. Loved this post, thanks for the honesty! I felt exactly the same about the Witch Blemish Stick, it just didn't feel very hygienic for me either.

    A Muslimah's Little Blog


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