23 August 2012

Tips on applying and removing face masks.

I bloody love face masks. They are an essential part of my skincare routine and i try to use one at least once a week. Recently i've discovered a few tips that have made applying/removing face masks SO much more easier and enjoyable!
 The latest face mask i've been testing out is this Sea Mask from Mudd. It comes in a re-usable pack which gives you up to 5 applications- I think this is a great idea as I normally only use half of a face mask then have to leave the rest in the pack for another day! So, here's how I apply and remove face masks effortlessly.

  • After i've cleansed my skin, I soak a Moonie face cloth in warm water then rinse out and hold it up to my face for 15 seconds. The natural muslin fabric makes it perfect for a gentle face steam which opens up pores, allowing the face mask to penetrate deeper so my skin can get the full benefit.
  • Using a flat foundation brush, I squeeze the mask directly onto the brush and apply it to my face. This lets you control where you place the product and get a nice even coverage- no messy fingers! 
  • Once the mask has dried, I re-soak my Moonie in warm water and rinse out. I then place it over my face for 15 seconds to soften the mask, I find this makes it easier to remove. Next, with the same Moonie I wipe away the mask. 
  • Lastly, I splash my face with cool water to close pores. Hello smooth and refreshed skin!
Ta-dah! Ok, so it's not really exciting but i had to share it with you because it makes using face masks effortless! 

Mudd Sea Mask 5 pack retails for £3.05 from Boots/Superdrug. Moonie face cloths retail for £5.99 from www.moonie.bigcartel.com (FREE P&P & gift with every purchase) 

What are your face masks tips, do you use this method?


  1. I always have trouble getting face masks off, thanks for sharing x

  2. This is exactly what I do. I think the biggest difference is the easy mess-free application from using a foundation brush! xx

  3. I typically use my fingers but this sounds much more effective!
    The clarisonic provides a very deep clean as well :)

    xx Veronica


  4. I'd love to used face masks but I have really sensitive skin and I'm scared they will give me spots! But sounds a good idea! :)


  5. I usually use peel off masks to save all the washing off hassle, but I might try this next time!


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