11 September 2012

How much is your face worth?

Yep another 'How much is your face worth' tag - I've seen a few of these lately! I have never done a tag on here before but it's been really interesting to see how much people are willing to spend on make up. I've seen some crazy prices from £300 to under £50. Hoping all mine comes to under £100!

MAC Pro Longwear - £24.00
GOSH concealer - £4.99
MAC Select moisturecover - £14.50
MUA Undressed Palette - £4
Benefit They're Real* - £18.50
MUA Lip Boom in Doin good* - £4
Collection Shimmer Shade in Blushalious & Way-To-Glow - £3.99 each

TOTAL - £77.97

Phew. I can cope with that amount. I spend the most on my foundation because I think it's important to get the base right. My mascara is VERY expensive but I love it and probably will purchase it when it dries out. I don't wear lipstick everyday, sometimes I'll just use a lip balm. If I don't want a full face on I'll pop on some mascara & a bit of concealer. I use two concealers because my under-eye dark circles are quite bad! The Undressed Palette is brilliant, the shades are so pretty & neutral - in the photo above I'm just wearing the lightest shade all over my lid. I've missed out highlighter as I only wear it once or twice a week; but my go to one is Benefit Sunbeam. Just lately, I've had the urge to but loads of new make up! Maybe because of the new season and new make up trends? I haven't bought anything yet but let me know what you've been loving lately ;)

Would love to know how much your face is worth?!


  1. I'm too scared to d this tag! Haha

  2. Nice number!!! I don't really wear lipstick every day either but included it for some reason haha! I don't use the things I chose every single day so one day my face might be really expensive, others it might be really cheap hehe!
    But agreed! You definitely need a good foundation to begin with :)

  3. that is a nice low number, mine came out at 388.. eek!
    I agree that getting a good base is important- I'm currently using YSL but am also a fan of the Mac pro longwear you're using.
    your eyes are beaut by the way!


  4. This is the first non faint worthy number I have seen! aha well done :)
    I somehow dont think Ill do so well on this one :P

    Beauty for Biochemists


  5. £77.97 is a good number! I did this tag on my blog a while ago and found it quite scary!


  6. I did this tag and I'll admit I got over £100! Haha was pretty surprised

    - Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  7. Oooh that's a low number -- mine came to over £100 :(

  8. I love this tag, I think I may have to do it too :) Have a feeling mine will be pretty high :(



  9. I think your total is a lot more reasonable than mine! I agree that splashing out on a more expensive foundation is often best if it's gives you a great base to work with x


  10. I'm going to be doing this tag soon and have no idea what mine will come to!
    PS I've featured you in the Weekly Wonders feature on my blog ;-)

  11. You looks amazing ! and £77! impressive!
    I'm going to do this asap! :) p.s. you have amazing hair!

    Check out my new fashion blog!

  12. You're so pretty!

    This is one of the least expensive ones i've seen, well done. I might do this soon although I change my makup a lot.



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